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‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ Ending, Explained: What Was Georgia’s Real Intentions?

“The Hillsdale Adoption Scam” is the latest movie starring the likes of Kesia Knight Pulliam, Danika Fredrick, Michael Strickland, David Tomlinson, Solange Sookram, and more. The movie follows Georgia, who, along with her boyfriend and associate, runs an adoption scam, duping vulnerable parents out of their riches and sometimes their lives. Now the group has their sights fixed on Bethany, a vulnerable mother who also happens to be the owner of a successful business.

Spoilers Ahead

A Void To Fill

Bethany and Terrence are devoted guardians of two adopted kids, Gavin and Mila, dividing their hours between their job and kids. Terrence is a marketing agent, whereas Bethany, his spouse, owns a decorating business that she inherited from her dad. Bethany is still coming to terms with her father’s death and the responsibility of running an entire business. On the other hand, Terrence is also being sucked dry by his superiors, who often establish unrealistic targets for their employees to achieve. However, both parents, being responsible guardians, keep their professional lives separate from their children.

Unfortunately, their happiness is cut short when Terrence, one day after returning from work, reveals to Bethany that the court has decided to rule against them and they’ll have to return Gavin (one of Bethany’s adopted kids) to his mother. Bethany argued against the decision, claiming that the adoption procedure was almost final, but unfortunately, she was left with no choice but to follow the order. Gavin’s absence left the couple devastated, which often resulted in a heated conversation when Bethany brought up the topic of trying to conceive again. In reality, Bethany has been trying to get pregnant for years, but according to doctors, she’s barren and will never be able to conceive. Terrance also wishes the same, but the pain of constant defeat and disappointment is too much for him, and he can’t go through it again. Meanwhile, Gavin’s absence from the house has left Bethany believing that there’s a void in her life, and she must do everything in her power to fill it. Fortunately, destiny has something in store for her.

A Godsend 

A couple of days later, while Bethany was taking out the trash, she overheard a girl screaming, asking for help. The girl knocks on Terrance’s door, revealing that her boyfriend is chasing her, and begs him to let her inside. Terrance is hesitant but eventually lets her in. On the contrary, Bethany decides to take her to a hotel so she can be safe from her crazy boyfriend but offers to let her stay in her home after learning that she’s pregnant and plans to give up the child for adoption. Bethany believed in fate and genuinely felt that her run-in with Georgia was part of a bigger plan. On the other hand, Terrance is rational and doesn’t concur with Bethany’s decision to allow Georgia to sleep in their home, fearing that she might be dangerous. Georgia is running from her boyfriend, Puck, who has gone berserk after learning that Georgia is planning to give up the baby for adoption. Meanwhile, Puck is knocking on the doors of every house in the neighbourhood, looking for his missing girlfriend.

Bethany takes Georgia to her office and encounters Kyle Morgan, who verbally scolds her for not adhering to his instructions. Bethany has been ignoring Kyle for weeks, but thanks to Georgia, she finally conjured the courage to terminate the contract with Morgan’s company. As icing on the cake, Bethany also offers Georgia a job to help her get back on her feet. Even though Bethany has yet to discuss the topic, she’s doing everything in her power so Georgia will consider her a potential guardian for her unborn. Georgia is more than happy to comply with Beth’s request, but she requests $30000 in return so she can relocate to Florida. Bethany is exceptionally excited, but Terrance is still having trouble trusting Georgia.

The Brewing Suspicion

Puck finally manages to track Georgia to Beth’s house, forcing Bethany, Georgia, and the pregnancy coach, Karmen, to hide in the basement. Bethany uses her quick wit and triggers the house alarm using her phone, leaving Puck with no choice but to run. Meanwhile, Bethany is still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that a confident and self-assured woman like Georgia is allowing Puck to treat her like that. In reality, Georgia’s ex-boyfriend Gavin passed away in a car accident. Gavin’s death left Georgia heartbroken, and Puck cashed in on her vulnerability, convincing her to move in with him. Georgia plans to move out of Bethany’s house to avoid sudden visits from her boyfriend but decides to stay after Bethany offers to help her rent a luxurious apartment and buy a car. However, Bethany couldn’t help but start to suspect Georgia’s intentions. In reality, Georgia is trying to hoodwink Bethany with the help of her crazy ex-boyfriend, who often pays a visit to Georgia’s new apartment.  

On the other hand, Daisy is onto Georgia after learning that she has been stealing from the inventory. Georgia, fearing her plan will go awry, asks Puck to get rid of Daisy, but fortunately, she survives. However, she’s having second thoughts after realising that Bethany needs the baby now more than ever to save her marriage. Bethany saw Terrence having lunch with an attractive woman, which led her to believe that he was having an affair behind her back since he had been unfaithful to her in the past. But on the contrary, Terrence had lost his job, and the woman he’d met in the cafe was a potential employer.

‘The Hillsdale Adoption Scam’ Ending Explained – What Were Georgia’s Real Intentions?

Georgia, Puck, and Karmen are in the business of duping people looking to adopt children, and this isn’t their first stint, as they’ve already swindled multiple vulnerable people in the past. Karmen, the group’s leader, is a sociopath and someone who doesn’t think twice before killing someone for her own benefit. She has a sordid history and has murdered an innocent woman named Grace Goldstein, who contacted Georgia to be her surrogate. On the other hand, Puck is nothing more than a pawn, driven to obey Karmen and Georgia’s orders out of pure terror. Now the trio plans to rob Beth’s company truck, which is carrying expensive art worth more than half a million dollars. Also, the most shocking thing is that Georgia isn’t even pregnant and has been wearing a fake pregnant belly all this time.

Bethany managed to figure out that Georgia was lying and visited her apartment to confront her but was attacked and rendered incapacitated. Bethany managed to strike a common ground with Puck and convince him to let her go. Unfortunately, Karmen finds out about Puck’s betrayal and wounds him. Meanwhile, Terrence arrived at his wife’s location after not finding her with Desi. Unfortunately, Karmen holds Mila at gunpoint, forcing Bethany to reveal herself. However, Puck intervenes and kills Karmen in self-defense. On the other hand, Bethany also manages to make use of the situation to subdue Georgia, giving herself and her family time to escape. The cops finally arrive at the scene and arrest Georgia, and send Puck to the hospital for treatment. 


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