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‘Tangos Tequilas Y Algunas Mentiras’ Ending, Explained: A Love Story Made In Mexico Or Argentina?

“Tangos Tequilas y Algunas Mentiras” is a film about a young couple, Lu (played by Cassandra Sanchez Navarro) and Diego (played by David Chocarro), who belong to two different countries, yet fate had different plans. Lu, a Mexican girl who likes to pretend that she has a perfect life and believes in the American saying ‘fake it until you make it,’ projected a fake perfect life for her followers on social media and her two close friends with whom she had opened a bar. But in reality, she is unable to pay her share of the bar and hence works there as a bartender. Diego, on the other hand, is a rich, handsome Argentinian who visits Mexico and gets involved in a story with Lu. Lu decides to create a bet with her friends that she would get him head over heels in love with him, and in order to make this impossible bet happen, she leaves for Argentina to win Diego back and make him fall in love.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Tangos, Tequilas Y Algunas Mentiras’ Story

Lu leaves for Argentina to make the impossible happen, spending her last savings and having put all her money on a bet with friends; she does not have the means to come back to her home. While in Argentina, she meets with the guy and is faced with the real question of what she was doing there, tailing a random stranger, yet she finds herself in the most bizarre situation of meeting with the guy’s mother. Diego’s mother is rich, intimidating, and very protective of her son, and Lu is projected as Diego’s fiancée. Diego’s mother came down to meet her son before he got married,as DIego’s mother would have been unavailable for the wedding day; and thus Lu’s entry into Diego’s family happened without any planning. With the bizarre series of events, Lu becomes a part of Diego’s family and participates in the lie of being the fiancée for three days until his mother leaves the city. Over the course of events, we get to see that Diego’s mother dislikes Mexicans, and Lu tries hard to impress her fake mother-in-law with her Argentinian accent, which sounds weird to the mother. The irony of all this is that Lu’s creation of fake scenarios to live her life became her reality now. However, no matter how hard she tried to fit in, something fell short, and Diego’s mother found it difficult to accept her. Despite the fact that Diego’s mother disliked her, Lu gradually won her heart and thus was finally accepted by her as family. The acceptance of Lu followed further drama in all of their lives.

Do They End Up Together?

To uphold the lie that Lu and Diego projected in front of his mother, they go through a series of exciting events together. During the first encounter with Diego’s mother, Lu had to eat non-veg even though she was a vegetarian because of Diego’s mother’s preferences.From the beginning of the film, the chemistry between Diego and Lu ensures that they are going to end up together, but that happens through a series of events. Lu stays at one of her friends’ uncles’ place in Argentina, named Tona, who plays the part of Lu’s father in front of Diego’s mother. In the film, we get to see that the four of them become quite the family, and Lu gets accepted by Diego’s mother gradually. In one sequence, the four of them go out for dinner, and Diego’s mother questions the relationship between Diego and Lu, saying they don’t seem to be in love enough, which leads to one of the most beautiful musical sequences in the film. Lu wears a red dress, which is impressive in itself, and Diego, looking handsome as ever, asks for Lu’s hand in dancing, which creates an intimate moment for both of them that is not orchestrated in their game of lies. The intimate scene between Lu and Diego impresses Diego’s mother who finally believes  that they are in love, which further strengthens the lies. Diego’s mother is all in for their fake marriage.

In the story, it seems that Diego is engaged to someone, but we never get to see her presence in the film. From this, we can analyze the importance of the actual fiancée in the film and how Lu is the lead character of the film. Lu and Diego got caught up in their lies and started having intimate, real moments in their fake relationship. In the red dress sequence, Diego helps Lu learn to dance in a tango bar, and they are closely watched by Diego’s mother and Tona, establishing the idea that they are going to end up together. Meanwhile, Diego’s mother starts to become close with Tona, who pretends to be Lu’s father because Lu is staying with him in the country. Diego’s mother has always been insecure about money and feels everyone is after her huge possession, so Lu is being scrutinized like a hawk, and she seems to be passing the tests with flying colors. In another sequence, where Diego and Lu are rearranging books for the bookstore, they talk about their parental stories. Diego was brought up by his single mother as his father left when he was a kid with a lover, and Lu seldom had a father, and she keeps making up lies that her father is going to pay her share of the bar to her partners. In these fleeting moments, the truths come out and make their relationship real, even without their own understanding. Lu’s confession about her father can be analyzed, and it can be said that she talked about her father out loud for the first time and could not make any proper stories revolving around her father. In the end, when they decided to get married just to ensure Diego’s mother, Lu, probably for the first time in her life, took the platform and confessed the lies that they had been building and how she is not an Argentinian but a Mexican, among other stories about her life. But in the end, Lu runs away from the fake wedding and leaves the country, but this time she is followed by Diego, who decides to fight for the love of his life.

Ending Explained – Are They Meant To Be Together?

From the course of the events in the film, it became quite evident that Lu and Diego were meant to be together from the very beginning, and this is what a romantic comedy film does to us: it creates unrealistic scenarios, and we try to fit the characters into such scenarios. From the beginning of the film, this modern story between a young boy and a girl hints towards a fulfilling romantic relationship, and thus the story is successful from the beginning till the end. This is a successful romantic comedy-drama with two very captivating leads in the film; they end up together in the end. When Diego comes down to Mexico to propose to Lu, he tells everyone that he is ready to fight the fight this time and denounces his inheritance in order to start afresh with Lu. This is a big romantic gesture for Lu, as she finds confidence in him and accepts the proposal.

“Tangos Tequilas y Algunas Mentiras” is a 2023 Spanish romance drama film directed by Celso R. Garcia.


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