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‘Sharper’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

We are all head over heels for the streaming platforms. Netflix is one of the popular streaming platforms that has shared incredible content on various genres. However, in recent times, Apple TV+ has been providing content that is winning hearts globally. To mention a few of the incredible thrillers, we have “Echo 3,” “Emancipation,” and “Slow Horses.” They recently launched the trailer for their newest album, “Sharper.” “Sharper” sharply divulges the action thriller genre and is set to explore the comedic thriller genre. The trailer is promising and jam-packed with thrills and comic relief, which makes this one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

If you liked “Ocean’s Eleven,” “American Hustle,” or “Now You See Me,” you will appreciate Apple TV+’s latest “Sharper.” It is about a con artist targeting billionaires, especially those who deceive others. Director Benjamin Caron goes neo-noir with this film, which is bound to give the audience a few delicious visual treats. This is an archetypal heist film with terrific actors. In a nutshell, “Sharper’s” trailer has moved the audience.

‘Sharper’ Plot

Richard Hobbes (John Lithgow) is a Manhattan-based billionaire who is, of course, one who loves to overspend and is always playing a game. The trailer opens with Richard having a conversation with Madeline (Julianne Morre) when a staff rushes in to say a man is planning to rob them. The man is Max (Sebastian Stan), a seemingly ill-fated thief who gets caught and is scorned by Richard for not having his bar set high. Richards told him that if he steals, he should steal a lot. Miraculously, Richard drops all charges against Max. But Richard, who loves games, wants something from Max in return. Madaline’s love for Richard is questionable, as she describes him as lovable for being a billionaire. We also meet Richard’s son, Tom (Justice Smith), who seems to be a very different person from his father. Also, his father seems pretty convinced that Tim will not be able to hold on to the empire that he has built. Soon enough, the mad game of cat and mouse starts among Max, Richard, Tom, Madeline, and Sandra (Briana Middleton). The trailer raises a lot of questions. Are Tom and Sandra budding lovers, or is it just some sort of game where Tom’s father, Richard, pulls the strings? Is everyone being played by Richard, or is he being played? So far, the trailer has given a clear picture of the plot. It is a story of dangerous ambition, lust, greed, and jealousy, where each player has to be sharper than the other. In a nutshell, it’s a powerplay of deadly sins that will keep the audience rooted to the screens from beginning to end.

‘Sharper’ Cast

If you are excited about the plot, you must be elated about the cast. “Sharper” has a star-studded cast. Undoubtedly, if you are a Marvel fan, each time you see Sebastian Stan, you immediately go back and think about “Bucky Barnes,” aka “Winter Soldier.” Stan has played a prominent role in the MCU since “Captain America: The First Avenger,” followed by “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and then appeared in “Captain America: The Civil War” and in the blockbusters “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.” He also made a very prominent presence in the Disney+ Hotstar original series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Although he received fame as “Winter Soldier,” however, since his debut in the 1990s “Law & Order” as “Justin Capshaw,” he showcased his versatility. He has been a part of critically acclaimed movies and series, including “Black Swan,” “Pam & Tommy,” “The Martian,” and “Tony & Tina’s Wedding.” In this film, Stan is a master con artist who takes on a Manhattan billionaire.

You definitely can’t miss Julianne Moore, who was nominated for three Oscars and finally won the award a fourth time for Best Performance for her leading role in “Still Alice” in 2014. It is outrageous to comment on her acting, as she aces any role to its prime. Here in the film, she plays the role of a rich wife. It, however, doesn’t seem that she is all loving and caring; rather, she has her own game. Until the release, we just have to wait to see what this brilliant actor has to offer her audience.

You definitely recognize “Franklin Webb” from “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”—by Justice Smith. A brilliant actor who plays the role of the son of the billionaire. He is well known for his roles as “Tim Goodman” in “Pokemon Detective Pikachu” and “Theodore Finch” in “All the Bright Places.” Sandra is played by Briana Middleton, who is known for her roles in “The Tender Bar,” “Augustus,” and many others. John Lithgow plays the billionaire Richard, who is famous for movies including “Pet Sematary,” “The Old Man,” “Shrek,” “Footloose,” and “The Manhattan Project.”

Release Date

Apple TV+ will release the film on February 17. Anticipations about the film are skyrocketing at the moment, as the trailer seems pretty intense and amazing.

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