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‘Shahmaran’ Release Date, Cast, Mythology, And Everything Else About The Upcoming Show

Turkish tradition talks about a mysterious woman who has the power to transform into a snake. According to the mythology, she fell in love with a man who lived with them in their cave. The brand-new Netflix series “Shahmaran” is a contemporary story with a beautiful story leaning toward enigmatic elements. Umar Turagay, who helmed “Portrait of Beauty” and “Love is Colder than Death,” is the series director. This show will feature drama, romance, suspense, and treachery. By the end of January this year, the show will be online.

On Netflix, the viewer can find a selection of international programming. In addition, a few outstanding Turkish television programs, such as “Resurrection: Erdugal,” “Fatma,” “Midnight at the Pera Palace,” “As the Crow Flies,” and others, are available for the viewers.

Additionally, “Shahmaran” is among the most eagerly anticipated dramas on the streaming service since viewers will get to watch their favorite folktale transformed into a Netflix drama. There are some excellent stars in the series who have earlier worked in successful series available on television in Turkey. The trailer has indeed captured the interest of several admirers all over the world. The show’s main character encounters mystical aspects, which gently hints at the trailer’s enigmatic tone. There is gentle piano music playing in the video, which sets the mood for the love story and the following betrayal.

Release Date

Check out the highly anticipated Turkish series “Shahmaran” on Netflix if you like romance. The “Shahmaran” drama, written by the talented Pinar Bulut, will be released on January 20, 2023.

Star Cast

The new Netflix series has one of the most talented Turkish stars, Serenay Sarikaya, who plays the role of Sahsu. The actress cum model is mostly known for her versatile roles in “Lale Devri,” “Ikimizin Yerine,” and so on. Furthermore, there is “The Ignorant Angels” and “Don’t Leave” actor Burak Deniz in the main role opposite Sarikaya. The star of “UFO,” “Naked,” and Mert Ramazan Demir will be seen in a supporting role in the television series. Ebru Zkan, who has appeared in “Ben Bu Cihana Smazam” and “Türkler Geliyor: Adaletin KLC,” will also appear. Mahir Günsiray from “Leonce ile Lena” and “Seni Seviyorum Rosa” will also perform. Additionally, Mustafa Ugurlu, who starred in the 2012 television series “Bir Zamanlar Osmanl,” will be seen in the film.

The Mythology Around ‘Shahmaran’

Children and others are often told a story about a mysterious woman who is said to live alone in a cave beneath the sea. She is a half lady and half snake, and she possesses certain unique abilities that can cure many diseases in the world. She also meets a man by chance, and they fall in love. They coexist in the cave together, and the girl teaches the man her medical trade secrets. The man departs the location in order to be with his family, but he makes a vow to the woman that he won’t reveal any secrets to anybody else. However, Camasb informs the sick king about Shahmaran. The guy kills the beast by devouring her flesh, which makes him healthy. There are a lot of versions of the tale. In one version, the beast takes revenge on the man.

Plot And Trailer

The series’ star actress, who hasn’t seen her grandfather in a while, has the chance to do so in Adana, a place in Turkey. She travels there full of anticipation and hope. There, she becomes entangled in a mystery, complicating and endangering her life. She will also achieve something for which she has always been destined but was unaware. She will be haunted by the “Shamaran” legend as she searches for answers to the story she has unintentionally joined. The mythology of a woman who is said to be half woman and half serpent is the central theme of the narrative. She can assist people by using her healing abilities and certain supernatural powers. Similarly, she unintentionally gets attracted to a man, which will help fulfill the fate she was unaware of. She meets the person of her dreams but is predicted to be duped, loses her composure, and becomes uncontrollable.

The trailer shows a beautiful woman in a dreamlike setting. She suffers from nightmares and tremors, which keeps her awake during the night. Similarly, there is a voiceover that warns her not to fall in love, as it can lead to a destiny that will be costly to her. The scenes from the video are beautiful and mystifying, and the music has added to that. There is a young couple, and there is an old man who has some connection with the main lead, Sahsu. Moreover, the narration talks about the revenge that has been pending for a long time. However, no one can change the past, and history will repeat itself. The lovers of mysteries and folktales will have a delightful experience watching this marvelous tale unfold on the small screen in January 2023.

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