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‘Ravanasura’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap

Ravi Teja, better known by his stage name “Mass Maha Raja,” stars in the most recent suspense film directed by Sudheer Varma, titled “Ravanasura.” This film features a narrative that has multiple tiers and more than a few unexpected turns. It never ceases to be fascinating to watch a well-known actor tackle the challenge of portraying a villain. In modern times, it has evolved into more of a declarative statement in this sense. On the other hand, the first half of the movie included so many unexpected turns that, as time went on, it began to lose the impression that it was intended to have on the audience. But before we get into the various problems with the script, including how one scene transitioned into the next without a coffee cup, let’s take a look at what the plot was actually about.

Spoiler Warning

‘Ravanasura’ Brief Summary

When we first meet Vijay Talwar, he is the proprietor of a pharmacy business called Syncox, and he is on his way to a meeting with Dr. Radhakrishna Chennuri. Mr. Talwar’s vehicle was detained by the police as they carried out a routine inspection. The driver exited the vehicle in order to present the documents to the officer in command. Talwar had to let the kid out of his automobile by opening the window in order to get rid of the child who was carrying balloons. After seeing the explosion of a balloon in front of him, the next scene focuses on Talwar’s conversation with Dr. Chennuri. When he starts talking about some deal, Vijay Talwar suddenly slams a bottle on his head and then stabs him with the bottle. He starts talking about some deal. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and the entire event was captured on camera by the surveillance system. After her father, Vijay Talwar, was taken into custody, Harika Talwar came to a law firm where she made contact with the younger lawyer Ravindra, and he, in turn, visited the detention facility to speak with Vijay Talwar. Every piece of evidence pointed to Vijay Talwar being guilty, making it an uphill battle to win the case. In the interim, the inquiry was entrusted to Inspector Hanumanth Rao, who was given the responsibility by the police commissioner, Narasimha. After looking over the case files, Hanumanth Rao discovered something that made him highly suspicious regarding the death of Dr. Chennuri. Therefore, he proceeded to go to the law firm where Ravindra worked and instructed them to move forward with the case despite the fact that there was a possibility that Vijay Talwar was innocent. After some time has passed, we see that Hanumanth Rao viewed a video recording of a convicted criminal named Goli Pahelwan. Similar charges as those brought against Vijay Talwar were brought against him. Hanumanth Rao went to meet with his brother Bandook Pahelwan, and during their conversation, he learned that a man named Saketh had visited Goli in order to take measurements of his face so that he might sculpt a statue of him. Later, Hanumanth Rao was able to apprehend Saketh after discovering his face in the CCTV recording. In a little while, we will witness Bandook come to Saketh’s aid and save him from that predicament. Almost immediately after that, the unexpected turn of events was exposed when we saw Bandook removing the prosthetic face and discovering Ravindra hiding behind it. Ravindra would be the one to don the disguise of a specific individual, such as Vijay Talwar, for example, before carrying out the murder and evading capture. As a lawyer, he has an excellent comprehension of the legal loopholes that exist. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for Hanumanth Rao to catch up to Ravindra. However, not too much longer after that, Hanumanth Rao came to the realization that Ravindra was the mastermind behind everything; however, since there was no evidence against Ravindra, Hanumanth Rao was unable to bring him before the court. 

He devised a scheme to get to him with the assistance of Harika, but Ravindra was far too astute to fall for such a trap. He was willing to kill anyone in order to accomplish his ultimate aim, and he was heartless in his pursuit of it. After that, he dons a new mask, this time that of Shekhar, and he murders Harika. In this part of the story, we learn how Ravindra sets a trap for Saketh. Ravindra was the one who had actually abducted Jaanu, the girlfriend of Saketh, and hidden her away in a secret location. Saketh was obligated to carry out Ravindra’s directives in order to protect Jaanu from any danger. Saketh was a skilled practitioner of prosthetics, and he could fashion a mask based on the features of any individual’s face. Therefore, administering the balloon to someone to render them unconscious in order to take facial measurements was an essential step in the process. Saketh was cornered, and with Ravindra’s assistance, unstoppable progress could be made. Hanumanth Rao held no ill will toward him in any way. Ravindra will not let anyone else aid him with the probe because he will kill them. A further illustration of this type is the physician who was murdered because he had information that implicated Ravindra. But ultimately, when Hanumanth Rao went to see Ravindra’s father, he was the first person Hanumanth Rao heard use the name, Shanti.

Who Was Dr. Shanti? What Was Her Connection To Ravindra?

The narrative has progressed backward, and we are now sent  twenty years in the past. Ravindra’s father was diagnosed with severe dementia and was taken to the hospital because of his condition. He was receiving treatment from Dr. Shanti. Because she was so kind to him, he began addressing her by her name on a consistent basis. Later on, when Dr. Shanti was treating patients whose conditions were similar to that of Ravindra’s father, she discovered a pattern in their respective situations. The cause of this was a medication that was made available by the Syncox pharmacy. As a result, she lodged a formal complaint about the medication with Harika Talwar, who is in charge of research and development at the drugstore. Harika requested that the doctor, who would later be murdered by Ravindra, participate in a clinical trial of the medication on a human subject. The physician tested the medication on a total of 35 orphans, and unfortunately, it proved fatal for several of them. Everyone involved in the trial was kept in the dark throughout its entirety. Because the drug was unsuccessful and Vijay Talwar had already spent a significant amount of money in order to obtain the patent for the drug, he was adamant that the drug be put on the market regardless of the adverse effects it might have. Dr. Shanti had opposing views, notwithstanding Syncox’s offer of financial compensation. She made it clear that she did not accept the deal and instead proceeded to court. In later years, Harika employed Bandook and Goli Talwar to carry out the murder of Dr. Shanti. Even the minister in charge of domestic affairs, Mudi Reddy, was deeply involved in the drug trade. Ravindra was unable to accept the loss of Dr. Shanti lightly, and after seeing that his father was also going through anguish as a result of these individuals, he made the decision to exact his vengeance on all of them. One by one, he began assassinating or framing the individuals who were involved in this racket with a solid case that had the potential to throw them behind bars for the rest of their lives. Saketh began assisting Ravindra in the pursuit of his ultimate objective, which was to assassinate Home Minister Mudi Reddy, once he realized the motivation behind all of Ravindra’s illegal activities and the crimes he had committed.

‘Ravanasura’ Movie Ending

After discovering the truth about Dr. Shanti, even Hanumanth Rao came to the conclusion that Ravindra had been partially correct in his assessment of the situation. On the other hand, he attempted to persuade Ravindra not to murder Mudi Reddy, but Ravindra had already progressed too far to turn back. After that, he devised a foolproof plan to assassinate Mudi Reddy in the presence of the crown, and Saketh assisted him in concealing or destroying the evidence. Saketh was the one who had crafted the mask of Ravindra and had purposefully given it to Mudi Reddy’s right-hand guy. Therefore, after the real Ravindra had Mudi Reddy murdered, they placed all of the blame on the right-hand man, saying that he had been using Ravindra’s face mask to commit all of the murders, including Mudi Reddy’s. This was done after the real Ravindra had already killed Mudi Reddy. Saketh went as far as displaying a video of the time when he was donning Ravindra’s face mask. The only evidence that the police and the media had was the evidence that was handed to them. There was not a single complaint leveled against Ravindra. As a result, Ravindra was successful in exacting his vengeance, and every villain was either put to death or imprisoned for the rest of their life.


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