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‘Aazam’ Ending Explained: Is Javed Ali Going To Be The Next Nawab? 

Aazam is a story based on the underworld in Mumbai. It stars some underrated but renowned actors. Jimmy Shergill has played a phenomenal role, and this might be his comeback. It is full of suspense, thrillers, and underworld activities. It showcases a different side of Mumbai, which a lot of people might not be aware of. There used to be a time when the underworld was a thing in Mumbai, and few people still believe that. 

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Movie?

The movie is about an underworld don who is struggling with cancer and wants to make his son the next son. But there are a lot of people fighting and conspiring about this position. But unexpectedly, the don has an illegitimate son who is already preparing to be the next Nawab. He is sharp and proves that blood is always thicker than water. There are a lot of unexpected plots and twists. This movie is a must-watch. 

Who Are Javed And Kadar, And How Are They Related To Nawab?

Javed Ali is the son of Kadar Pathan’s father, Nawab. Nawab is one of the biggest men in the underworld. Nawab’s health has not been great, and people are talking about how he is going to survive only a few days. Anya Shetty is a hardcore hater of Kadar Khan because he feels he is a better leader than him. He is questioning Kadar Khan’s capabilities and whether he is good enough to take over the position after Nawab passes away. Anya Shetty is involved with Pratab Singh [his dad], Tatiya, Firoz Namazi, Shakir, and the Home Minister, Mr. Madan Shirke. 

Javed and his friend, Vishal, are keeping an eye on people who are conspiring against them. Javed gets a video where Anya Shetty is talking about giving a contract to somebody for killing Kadar Khan. Once Anya succeeds, he wants to take over the position. Kadar has called Anya Shetty for a private meeting. If Kadar is the face of the underworld, then Javed is the brain of the underworld. They both decide to kill all the people conspiring against them for the position. Javed is trying to tell Kadar how the underworld works; he will have to go against your principles sometimes to survive. 

Kadar and Javed are confronting Anya about the video. He is beseeching both of them for his life. He is ready to become a slave to Kadar and worship him for the rest of his life, just like Anya’s father did for Nawab. Kadar leans to give Anya a tight hug and ends up shooting him in the abdomen. Anya is out of the way now.

Who Is The Next Target?

DCP Ajay Joshi is the person assigned to the investigation. He is shocked to know that Anya Shetty has been killed. He informs the Home Minister, Mr. Madan Shirke, and asks if they should inform Anya’s dad, Pratab Shetty. But Madan has some suspicion of Kadar, as he is aware that Anya wants to replace Kadar and take over his position. Madan informs Ajay to care for the body, and this news should not be out, or else there will be another gang war between people. Javed calls Pratab to tell him that he is unable to reach Anya. He wanted to create a suspicion in the mind of Pratab that Anya was missing. But after calling several people, Pratab finds out that Javed was the one who was seen last with Anya. Pratab heads directly to Nawab’s house. He meets and greets everyone and asks Javed why he was looking for Anya. What was so important?

Pratab has figured out by looking at Kadar that he is the one who killed Anya. Pratab wants to take revenge, but he is scared now. He immediately informs Firoz and makes sure that all of the people who were conspiring against Kadar are informed. He knows that Javed and Kadar have planned something big for them. He calls Madan and tells him that they have to kill Javed and Kadar before they both kill them. Madan suggests to Pratab that the elections are very close and they cannot take the risk of another bloodshed. He should keep his calm. Shergill tries to sabotage Pratab’s revenge plan by saying that he has no evidence against Javed or Kadar. Pratab calls DCP Ajay and tells him that Kadar has killed Anya. He sees that DCP was not shocked, which makes him believe that DCP knows Anya is dead. But DCP Ajay says he has no role to play in this scenario unless he gets a yes from the Home Minister. 

Will Pratab Take His Revenge? 

Javed and Kadar have plotted two people for the next targets, Shakir and XX. Javed is constantly triggering Pratab to take revenge and take action against Anya’s death. Pratab is getting mad and sending the photo of Anya’s death to everybody. Madan is trying to calm Pratab down by telling him that Nawab has a network and power. They all should be scared of him. Madan has asked DCP Ajay to keep an eye on Javed. He also wants the rest of the members to be safe now and also wants to see what Nawab, Kadar, and Javed are up to. 

DCP Ajay has assigned Inspector Ankit to the security of Firoz, Tatiya, Nawab, Shakir, and Pratab. On the other hand, Pratab has started to gather people and take the matter into his own hands. But Javed is always a step ahead of Pratab. He calls Pratab and tells him that Kadar has killed Anya and that he is going to kill Kadar on Pratab’s behalf. In return, Javed wants 1 crore rupees for killing Kadar. Pratab has said yes to this offer and is planning to meet Javed. Javed is reassuring Kadar that everything is going to work out, and by the next sunrise, the new mayor of Mumbai is going to be Kadar Pathaan. Javed tells him how psychologically they have played Pratab, and now all he wants is to be dead. 

If Pratab Is Dead, Then Who Is The Next Target?

Pratab reaches the location given by Javed and gives him the money. Kadar confesses that he has killed Anya, and now he is going to kill Pratab as well. He asks Javed to shoot him, but instead, Javed shoots Kadar. What has happened???

Javed was playing all the way along. Kadar could never see it coming because Javed had that trust. Javed Ali is the son of a prostitute who was born to her by having intercourse with Nawab Pathaan. This was Javed’s world, and they were all pawns playing along. Javed calls Vishal to circulate the picture of Kadar to everyone. Madan asks DCP Ajay to make a decision based on the dead body and evidence. If this is done by Pratab, then he has to die alone, and if not, then Javed is in trouble. DCP Joshi has found the body through Pratab. He gets a call from Nawab, asking if it is true that Kadar is dead. But DCP is scared to say anything, but nobody can lie in front of Nawab. He tells him that Pratab has killed Kadar. 

How beautifully has Javed plotted every move? He must have been planning this for years. DCP Ajay makes sure that the police are divided into two groups. One group is focusing on arresting Javed, and the other is on making sure Pratab is safe. Javed has entered the police station like a hero, and I don’t understand why. But he goes there and sits on a table quietly. Nawab has meanwhile given responsibility to Jagtap for killing Pratab, despite the high security. Do you guys know how Javed plotted two people to kill Firoz and Shakir? They are on their toes, and it is time to do the job. 

DCP Ajay is shocked to see Javed at the station. He informs the home minister about it. Javed is telling them how he is going to be the next Nawab. He is sure that, despite the security, each one of them is going to die before sunrise. They are all laughing at him because they have no clue what kind of mastermind he is. Meanwhile, the police get scared by the number of people who have come to kill Pratab on Nawab’s order. But even DCP Ajay can’t say anything on this as the orders are by Nawab. Jagtap calls Nawab when he is about to kill Pratab. The entire crowd, along with the police, witnessed Pratab dying in front of their eyes. 

Will Javed Manage To Kill Everybody?

Javed informs DCP Ajay that in the next thirty minutes, Firoz is going to die. Ankit and his team are relieved that Firoz is safe, but the next moment they hear a gunshot. They run to see what has happened. Javed is doing this with the help of Vishal and his hacking skills. Javed observes how this is going to help me be the next Nawab and the amount of information a cell phone can contain. He had been planning for this day for more than a year. He blackmailed people with their dirty secrets and got his job done. Javed did the same to Vishal as well, and in return for his dirty secret, they became partners. 

Javed and Kadar were looking for a weak link in everybody’s life, and they used it against them at the right time. But Kadar was unsure about the next steps of the plan that Javed was plotting. Javed is truly a son of Nawaab. Murad kills Firoz successfully. And Javed says that even Shakir is going to be dead in the next 20 minutes. The police are not able to figure out how this was executed so well. They reach Shakir’s place, and boom, the victim and the killer are both dead. 

Will Tatiya Die Too? 

Javed is threatening everybody, but the only thing he wants is to be the next Nawab. He says that in the next few minutes, Tatiya is also going to be dead. DCP Ajay decides to go there and supervise everything himself. Meanwhile, the Home Minister is planning to speak to the CM. Madan tells Ajay that this reminds him of the night when Nawab killed the Sultan. The pattern is the same. Ajay is in front of Tatiya’s house, and he asks Tatiya to come with him. Tatiya is dead, and he was killed by DCP Ajay. The plot has been completely twisted because even DCP Ajay was blackmailed by Javed for his extramarital affair. Madan Shirke and CM are having a discussion where he is telling CM what has happened in a single night. And whom should they keep as the next successor to Nawab? The CM replies that when he went to sleep last night, everything was fine in the underworld, but by the sunrise, boom, everybody was dead. He thinks Javed is the next Nawab. 

Is Javed Going To Be The Next Nawab? 

Madan calls Nawab’s place to confirm who Javed is and how he is related to Nawab, and everything else makes sense now. DCP Ajay is taking Javed to meet Nawab for the last time, and then they are going to the CM’s house to have a little chat. Madan has informed Nasir to wake Nawab. Nawab has finally accepted Javed as his son. He hands him the weapon that the Sultan gave him. He tells him Javed is the new king of the underworld. Without a second thought, he kills the Nawab. Javed and DCP Ajay are headed towards CM’s house when, all of a sudden, DCP Ajay shoots in the window. He calls Madan and tells them that he is a better fit for the Nawab. 

Will Javed Fall Back Or Stand Up? 

Madan has called DCP to CM’s house and asked him to let Javed go. But common it is Javed. He has already told Vishal to send DCP a clip where he is shooting Tatiya. The sunrise has happened and the new don of the underworld is Javed Ali. 


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