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What Is Marvel Studios Doing With ‘Nova’? Insiders Offer Contrasting Data On The Rumored Project

What is going on with “Nova”? That’s what the MCU fandom is enquiring about. The only official information we got regarding the project was back in March 2022, when Deadline confirmed that Marvel Studios was indeed developing a project based on the spaceman. It was also announced that Disney+ show “Moon Knight” writer Sabir Pirzada was attached to it too. But after that, it has been crickets from Marvel Studios and Disney. However, fans are still thirsting for knowledge about the long-ago-announced project. As such, Marvel insiders and Twitter scoopers have filled in the gaps with rumors and speculation. However, most of the reputed scoopers are saying different things about the state of the “Nova” project. So let us try to make some sense from it all.

Contrasting Information Offered By Insiders On Nova

When Deadline reported about the “Nova” project back in March 2022, the publication hinted that the chances of it ultimately becoming a Disney+ show were high. But it didn’t say what exactly it was going to be a TV show or a Special Presentation. Since then, about ten months have passed, and industry insiders have offered more insight into the status of “Nova.”

The immediate rumor a few months after the release of the Deadline report was that Marvel Studios was reworking on the project as a Special Presentation like the one-hour Disney+ offering called “Werewolf By Night.” But now, no one is sure what the future plans for “Nova” are. The Cosmic Circus’ Lizzie Hill recently reported that “Nova” was going to be a Disney+ project, but she wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a Special Presentation or a TV show. But another reputed scooper, @MyTimeToShineHello, said on December 27, 2022, that the “Nova” project was being developed to be a full-length film and not a TV show or Special Presentation. Another insider named @FilmOdysseyMCU said it was leaning more towards becoming a Special Presentation rather than a film. However, the scooper wasn’t sure about the information and stated that news surrounding “Nova” was conflicting.

What’s The Reason Behind Such Contradictory Rumors?

Such contrasting reports from different insiders possibly indicate that Marvel Studios isn’t sure how to best adapt “Nova.” After all, the mantle of Nova has been held by multiple characters. But out of them, two are the most famous. One is Richard Rider, and the other is Sam Alexander. So, Marvel could be confused about the best way to honor both of them. Ideally, a TV show would have allowed Marvel to showcase Richard Rider’s exploits before giving Sam Alexander the mantle. However, looking at the cosmic scope of the character, giving him a movie would work great as well. In fact, there are already rumors that Nova will show up in “The Marvels” film. However, a special presentation will also work to set up the character so that he can be explored in later shows and movies.

Now, the initial Deadline report of March 2022 had hinted that Marvel Studios was leaning towards adapting Richard Rider. But plans might have changed since then. This is because Richard Rider belongs to another era of Marvel’s heroes. He was first introduced by writer Marv Wolfman in issue one of the 1976 comic book titled “The Man Called Nova.” The Sam Alexander version first appeared in issue one of “Marvel Point One” in 2011. It was written by Jeph Loeb. Alexander is part of the current crop of heroes like the Young Avengers. He is also a part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” team.

The MCU has already introduced several such new-generation heroes as Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, Ms. Marvel, Wiccan, and others who are a part of the Young Avengers. As such, it makes sense to bring in the Sam Alexander version of Nova. Additionally, since “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3” is the last movie to feature the current Guardian team, it makes sense to introduce Sam Alexander so that he can be part of the next one. However, bringing him in without paying the appropriate respects to the Richard Rider version would be disrespectful. This is the dilemma that Marvel could be in. 

Plans to include Nova in the MCU date back to “Avengers: Infinity War.” He was originally supposed to warn Stephen Strange of the purple villain’s arrival. But that spot went to the Hulk. Ultimately, “Nova” is definitely happening. The only question is what form it will take. Once Marvel Studios decides, we will have concrete reports on it, whether through official or insider information. But it will take some time for this information to come through. After all, Marvel Studios is busy developing multiple projects. The number of shows and movies in development has increased with each phase, and the current Phase 5 (as well as Phase 6) will probably see the highest number of Marvel Studios projects getting made. As such, it’s a game of wait and watch for “Nova.”

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