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‘Marvel’s Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending: A Battle Between Moon Girl And Aftershock

Marvel’s “Moon Girl,” aka Lunella Lafayette, is a brilliant and gifted prodigy and possibly the most intelligent being to ever appear on the pages of Marvel Comics. Marvel Moon Girl is the female equivalent of Marvel Moon Boy. Moon Girl is a genius innovator who excels at mathematics and engineering at an age when other people are still learning the basics. Even at the tender age of four, she was already creating complex mechanisms.

Additionally, “Moon Girl” is a sympathetic and kind protagonist. When it comes to her loved ones, she’ll do everything to ensure their safety. She has a deep commitment to fairness and will risk her own safety to aid those who are struggling. With this expertise, she can also enhance and optimize the performance of already existing devices. Moon Girl is a smart and resourceful young woman who frequently solves complex technical issues with her own unique ideas. Moon Girl is an expert creator as well. She has created several machines, from robotic arms to teleporters to a time portal. Her creations primarily aid her in her heroic duties, although many of them have broader uses as well. Here’s a detailed recap of “Moon Girl,” Season 1, Episode 1.

Spoilers Ahead

The Supervillain And The Dinosaur

Towards the outset of “Moon Girl” Episode 1, the audience learns that the city has been dealing with an untimely power outage, which is a lingering issue for local business owners such as her father, whose entire establishment runs on electricity. Little did they know that someone mysterious had been stealing electricity from the city grid. To add to their problems, people are using the blackout to rob people. Lunella got hold of some incomplete blueprints from the internet and believed that if she could crack them, it would fix the electricity issues. According to Lunella, the blueprints were a remnant of a top-secret space project, which was later shelved and eventually vanished. Like Batman, Lunella also has a secret underground lab built in her room, a place she uses to carry out her genius experiments.

The secret generator machine actually turns out to be a portal generator, which brings a giant red dinosaur into Lunella’s world. The dinosaur turned out to be good and even saved Lunella’s classmate from getting crushed under the falling debris. Lunella hid the dinosaur in her secret lab, which she had secured with a fusion generator, electromagnetic shielding, and whatnot. What Lunella thought was a power generator was, in reality, a rip in the space-time continuum, and every trip uses almost half of the juice.

Lunella gets a brilliant idea and decides to become a superhero with the help of his newfound dino buddy. With her brains and Dino’s brawl, she could finally tackle the supervillain named “Aftershock,” who stole the city’s electricity. However, Lunella is forced to include Casey in her superhero plan after she learns her secret. The duo joined forces and began working on the superhero costume and name, and the duo settled on “Moon Girl” as the superhero handle. Lunella took on her name in honour of her idol, the space scientist who worked on the top-secret space mission.

Moon Girl Vs. Aftershock

After hitting a few hiccups, Moon Girl finally manages to train the dinosaur and apprehend a couple of robbers who are trying to auction off the stone merchandise.

Lunella designs a multispectrum moon scanner from garbage to isolate Aftershock’s energy signature, but since it is going to take some time, Moon Girl decides to help folks around the city. Moon Girl traces Aftershock’s location to an abandoned subway station but is defeated. In addition, Aftershock also joins Lunella’s school as her new science teacher, and both instantly recognize the other as their nemesis. Aftershock has been stealing the city’s power because if she fails to get her daily dose of electricity, she’ll lose her special abilities. She also threatens Moon Girl to hang her cape; otherwise, she’ll hurt both her family and her devil dinosaur.

Moon Girl decides to end her superhero career to save the Devil Dinosaur, his parents, and friends. Lunella even sends Devil back after listening to her nana’s monologue and decides to give it another try. Moon Girl puts on her superhero costume once again and plans to expose her science teacher, Ms. Dilon, as Aftershock. Once again, the two exchange blows, but just as Aftershock is about to electrocute Moon Girl, the Devil Dinosaur intervenes and saves her superhero friend. Since Aftershock was made out of real electricity, Moon Girl decides to ground her by hitting her with a metal lightning rod that is connected to a wire leading to a grid under the ground. If the plan works, all her electricity will be dissipated safely, leaving her powerless. The plan works, and all the electricity powering Aftershock is dissipated, returning power to every shop and house in the city. Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur save the day!


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