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‘Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist’ Ending, Explained: Did Buck Showed The World Stongal’s True Colors?

“Left Behind: The Rise of the Antichrist” is the latest movie by Kevin Sorbo and features the likes of Mark Bellamy as Pastor Billings, Corbin Bernsen as Steve Plank, Celestial as Fern, Bailey Chase as Nicolae Carpathia, Paul Cowling as Cothran, Sarah Fisher as Chloe, and more. The movie is an enthralling ride that takes the audience into a world left shocked by a mysterious disappearance, revealing throughout the course of the movie that some people will not fail to seize any opportunity to cash in on the crisis.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist’ Story And Plot

The movie explores the time when millions of people on the planet mysteriously vanished into thin air, sending the world into a state of chaos, widespread anarchy, and anxiety. The event was termed “vanishing,” and security forces were hard at work trying to thwart the worldwide violence and slowly rejuvenate the world. While half of the world believes that the disappearance happened without a warning or any kind of explanation, according to some, there have been sufficient warnings and explanations, but the closes minds weren’t able to see them.

Everything from the mysterious disappearance of the people to the ensuing chaos is documented in the dusty old book lying on the shelf. The event changed the world compared to the same time last year; murders have risen by 300%, and suicides have seen a surge of more than 1000%. However, it’s common knowledge that disasters and accidents open the doors for power and control. Jonathan Stonagal is one of those men who’s pouring money into Project Eden, the biggest social media platform in history, and is buying up every news channel he can get his hands on. His unchecked spending threw him towards the board, where he offered them a chance to side with him as something big was on the horizon.

The Web Of Lies And Deceits

The movie introduces us to Rayford Steel, a pilot who was warned about the disappearance. Steel has lost his wife and son to the vanishing and tells his daughter Chloe that they’re still alive and are possibly lost to serve a greater purpose. Steel was piloting the Atlantic flight when people vanished into thin air, leaving their belongings and clothes behind. On the other hand, according to Ruby Kincaid, the boss of the multinational investigation into the disappearance, scientists predict that another disappearance is certain. Ruby and her team have been feeding all the data they’ve gathered into a computer and have utilised a sophisticated algorithm to create predictive scenarios. These scenarios suggest that the second wave is almost certain. The report is available to the public and is verified by the United Nations. Buck, a news reporter, is heading his own investigation into the matter, but the closer he gets to the truth, the more his network pushes him back. Buck is on the fence about his network’s attempts to strike terror into people’s hearts, labelling it as their “civic duty.”

Buck pays a visit to his old friend Dirk and learns that the data about the vanishing is provided to the UN by Cothran and his Dominator analytics, everything from the numbers of casualties to surveys, polls, and so on. They are offering them the sweet spot if they wish to alter or compromise any data without any risk of scrutiny. With that influence on information, one could turn anything into a crisis. This web of lies and deceit is headed by an interconnected corporation, including movie studios, newspaper companies, news networks, television networks, magazines, and pharmaceutical companies, all of which are, in one way or another, owned by Jonathan Stonagal. After the crisis, Stonagal began working on the “Great Reset” project to establish a new world order. Stonagal has gotten rich by cashing in on people’s crises and has tripled his wealth during the COVID and then tripled again after the disappearance.

The Second Wave

The entire populace receives a notification informing them that the world has been struck by a second wave of disappearance. However, Buck is on the fence about this one since it has been hard to track any witnesses, and the only witness they’ve got is a senator. Buck believes that this isn’t a work of God but rather men in control of a sinister weapon. The Second Wave pushed Stonagal’s “Great Reset” project further and struck fear into the population, convincing them that in two months, more than 100 countries would be bankrupt and 90 percent of the world’s population would be living in poverty. Stonagal even pushed a solution to avoid the looming risk by switching to OTM. With unanimous consent, the United Nations has voted to approve and implement the above mentioned electronic payment method created by an Israeli scientist, and Stonagal’s company, Eden, has agreed to back OTM with its resources. But for Buck, it’s a little too coincidental that just days after Ruby predicted the second wave, the world was struck with another vanishing. In reality, people at the top have always wanted a one-world government to meet their agendas and have been patiently waiting for a world-breaking disaster to strike so they could push their plans further and make the people accept changes that they would’ve never accepted under normal circumstances. But as always, he was told that this was just another of his wild goose chases.

The Rapture, Seven-Year Trial, And OTM

Steel decides to find answers in the church and learns that the disappearance was indeed a “rapture.” Religious people argue that at some point in the future, Jesus will come back to this planet and Rapture (or take away) all genuine Christians into his presence. Everyone who has perished would be brought back to life at the Tribulation, and all those who have put their faith in Jesus will be taken up to heaven at the same time. Steel is relieved to learn that his wife and son are alive and well in Christ’s presence. From a recorded sermon by Pastor Billings, Steel learns that those who are left behind will face the seven-year trial of darkness, Tribulation, and terror, which is still alien to the world, and the only way to enter heaven is to believe in the power of Christ. In the middle of the trial, an antichrist will rise and declare himself as God. And Jonathan Stonagal will rise and take up that mantle.

Meanwhile, Chloe is too strongly advised by her mother’s friend to devote herself to God. Buck learns from his old source and former friend that OTM is more than just an electronic pay app, thanks to the millions of lines of dubious codes he found in the algorithm. Its utilisation for transferring money is just a cover; in reality, the app is capable of surveillance, tracking, and social control, meaning they could kick anyone out of the system, and since there’s only one currency, the ill-starred won’t even have enough to buy a loaf of bread. But before Buck could run this on the news, his show was cancelled, and he was kicked out of the office. Buck also learns that the OTM codes were written three days before the new disappearance, meaning they faked the entire ordeal. Unfortunately, Buck’s friend was killed in a car explosion on their way to see their mysterious source.

‘Left Behind: Rise Of The Antichrist’ Ending Explained – Did Buck Show The World Stongal’s True Colours?

Chloe and Buck dug up her grandmother’s grave and were finally convinced that God is real and the event was indeed the Rapture after not finding his grandmother’s body in her coffin. Afterwards, Buck gives a call to Chaim and tells them that Stonagal has been using him and Nicolia to push his own agenda. In the Bible, it is mentioned that during the seven-year trial, a Jewish temple would replace the doom of rock, and the upcoming new peace treaty with Israel would pave the way for it. Buck contacts his colleague and requests his help to expose Stonagal’s lies. Buck, during the emergency meeting, floods the floor with the mountain of evidence he and Dirk had gathered against Stonagal, believing that this would put an end to Stonagal’s plans. Unfortunately, Nicolai uses the opportunity to push himself as the leader of the plan and kills Jonathan Cothran, manipulating everyone’s mind into thinking Jonathan has been killed by a security guard, revealing there are more superior powers at play. But Buck isn’t ready to give up now that he has found his faith and sends an emergency broadcast from his van, informing people that the disappearance is, in fact, the Rapture mentioned in the Bible. In the final moments, Buck also showers the city with flyers to make sure the truth gets to everyone. Even though it is not revealed whether Nicolai was the Devil or possessed by him, I will take a guess. Since the Devil chooses people with influence, there’s a chance that Nicolai was being controlled by the Devil, and the voice ringing inside his head during the meeting also suggested as much. It’s “fear” that makes people perform things one would never do in a sane mind, and Nicolai and Stonagan knew that. They jointly made people lose their faith in God by debunking “The Rapture,” so they could reset the whole world and the entire economy just like they always wished, but thanks to Buck, Drik, and others who still had their faith vested in them, they showed the world their true colors.


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