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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ – What Is The Exact Kill Count So Far Of The Franchise?

The John Wick installment has captivated people all over the world with its stylish action scenes, complex world-building, and, of course, the main character’s legendary ability to take down trained killers. In this article, we’ll talk about how many people John Wick killed in the latest movie in the series, “John Wick: Chapter 4.” We can promise that no matter what number you’re thinking of, the final count will blow your mind. Before we get into that, let’s go back to the first movie in the series, where it all began.

In the first movie, “John Wick,” the protagonist kills numerous individuals because Viggo’s son stole his car and killed his dog. Helen, John’s wife, gave him the dog as her last gift. In this movie, he kills a total of 77 people to get his revenge. Well, we’ve seen in movies that killing just one person can have deadly outcomes, and since John had already killed 77, we can assume that the number will only go up the next time.

So, without much surprise, in the second movie, John Wick, however, decides to retire but is still required to kill a total of 128 people, including members of the Italian mafia and a group of vicious assassins. This gave him time to finally announce his retirement from being a killing machine. Although he had already disturbed the total environment by killing more than 200 people by now, So, he was declared excommunicado by the ‘High Table, and now everyone under the High Table now wants to kill him. How will John survive? Well, only by killing whoever comes after him, of course.

So, in “Parabellum,” however, the number decreases, but the position of the people held whom John Wick had killed in this film was remarkable. Some were directly associated with the ‘High Table.’ So, a total of 94 people were killed in the third film.

As of now, the total count is almost 300. Let’s move on to the fourth and latest chapter of ‘John Wick.’ 

He has already killed top assassins—highly trained professionals—so it’s not like John now has to fight against a robot assassin or something. But there’s always an upgrade in such scenarios. So, in Chapter 4, the professionals who came or the assassins are all very capable of killing John Wick. What does John do? He kills them all.

In the opening scenes, he starts by killing four men, including the Elder, a person who has influence over the High Table. So, you already get the sense that in this film, John Wick will be much more ruthless than ever before. Then we follow the action sequence in the Continental Hotel of Japan. With the help of Akira, daughter of Shimazu, he first kills 3 men sent from High Table. Later, while helping Akira and Shimazu, John kills another 3–4 people. Akira and Shimazu both were shot, and Shimazu gave John an escape route. After that, we see a grand fight sequence in the art gallery. There, before confronting Caine, John kills at least six men sent by the High Table and seven of the Marquis’ men. While leaving, he kills one of Marquis’ guys.

After that, we move to the sequence where John was asked by Katia to kill Killa. Before even getting in one on one with Killa, John had already killed 9 of his men. Later, while the fierce duel between Killa and John was taking place, he killed another nine men. Finally, after a close encounter, John and Killa jumped from the floor, and in this process, Killa’s skull broke. Then we find John in a situation like before, where everyone wants to kill him in the open. As the High Table has raised the amount of the bounty, everyone tries to take a shot at killing John Wick. A massacre was about to take place. The music changes, and John Wick is on a killing spree. From bidding goodbye to Winston and the Bowery King to riding a bike, John Wick had killed or severely injured more than 20 men. You may think that this is the beginning of the end, but let me tell you, we are far from it.

Yes, we are closing in on the climax, but not on the head count. John Wick enters an old building, and before grabbing the most dangerous gun ever shown in the franchise, Dragon’s Breath, he kills six people. After holding Dragon’s Breath, we get a bird’s-eye view of the killings. When he finally got out of the building, he killed approximately 27 people with the gun and the pistol. Now, we are getting closer to the final number.

Just before reaching the church, where the duel between Caine and John will take place, John finds hundreds of stairs. He needs to climb those stairs to go to the church. Well, people with the intention of killing John arrived to spoil that. But John, being the killing machine that he is, starts killing at random. He killed almost 22 men when he reached the last round of stairs. But one of Marquis’ guys kicked him so hard that he fell down all those stairs and landed at the very bottom. We see Caine had come to help John, and together they climbed up the stairs, killing one guy after another. After killing almost six to eight guys together, John and Caine finally arrived at the church. There, after the shots were fired between John and Caine, John shot the last bullet to kill Marquis.

Marquis is, as of now, the final killer of John Wick. Counting him in, we get an estimated 130 to 140 kills. We cannot state an exact figure because many were left injured, while some of them were killed by both John and Caine. But, anyway, if we count the kill count of the whole franchise, well, then you will be awestruck. The total kill count of the John Wick franchise should remain one of the highest kill counts ever, as the number is more than 430, or 439, if we count the 140 in the latest film. So, what happens in the next film? When will the killing spree stop? Maybe a thousand in the next film? We will see.


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