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‘Home Not Alone’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Home Not Alone” is a 2023 mystery thriller film directed by Amy Barrett. The film tries to describe a man’s possessiveness in a different way. We see a family struggling to settle in a new house while the previous owner of the house is finding it very hard to let go of it. So, let’s jump right into the story.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Home Not Alone’ Story

The film starts with a sequence where Sara is being chased down by someone. She slips and falls, and then she tries to save her life from the person. Later, we see the storyline move to three weeks earlier, when Sara had just purchased this new house and was ready to enter it with her daughter, Jordyn. We are also introduced to Kendall, the broker who helped Sara get the house in the first place. Jordyn did not like the house much as she had to move to a whole new place, leaving behind her college and friends. She was struggling hard to fit in when she met with Noah, a local resident. Soon they became friends. However, the relationship between Sara and Jordyn still needed a lot of work. Sara has a friend named Lucy in her office with whom she shares everything. Frank, Sara’s husband, had the court order to leave them be.

Sara started moving the pre-installed furniture here and there. One day she found a guy named Colin ringing the bell. Sara learned that Colin was the previous owner of the house. She invited him in, and Colin saw that Sara had moved the sofa to a different place. He did not seem to like the new look of the house much. However, they shared a laugh together, and Colin described to Sara before leaving that he adored the house not because of its age but because he was born and brought up in it. Interestingly, that night Sara found out that the sofa had been moved to its earlier position. She ignored it, thinking that Jordyn must have had something to do with it. However, the next morning, she found out that Jordyn was not involved in moving the sofa. There was a chance that someone broke into the house and moved the furniture. Sara was confused and sought Colin’s help in this matter. She also talked about this with Lucy in the office. Soon, this started to become more random. Every night Sara started to hear noises around the house like someone was fixing something.

Meanwhile, Sara tried to introduce Colin to Jordyn. Sara was spending a great deal of alone time in this new setup. Colin’s entry gave her a chance to find solace after all. Jordyn had learned already that her mother was interested in Colin, whom she is not fond of as even after Colin had to sell the house, he spent most of the time inside it. This was turning out to be a great bother for Jordyn. Colin had sensed that, and while Sara was away, he confronted Jordyn rudely. The next day, when Jordyn told Sara about Colin’s rudeness, Sara could not believe her as she used to lie about things earlier. The fact that Sara was interested in Colin mainly because she had no friends in this new place. She did not want Colin to get out of her life. She had already suffered a broken marriage; her daughter did not give much care about her well-being; Colin was the only person who cared for her. But the nights did not stop haunting Sara, as we saw a person moving in the shadows.

‘Home Not Alone’ Ending Explained: How Many Persons Were Involved In Making Sara and Jordyn Leave The House?

As time progressed, Sara became more and more clear on her thoughts about selling the house and moving to a new place. She even contacted Kendall about this. Kendall had promised her to find a new buyer, and a couple of days later, she came to Sara with the news of a buyer. Sara told her that she would give her final decision regarding selling the house in a day or two. Later that night, Sara found a wicked drawing of her and her daughter lying on the doorstep. She was very afraid and called Colin. Later, Lucy found something interesting about the house and wanted to tell Sara. As Sara was not picking up the phone, she decided to visit her place. Since Sara already gave her a key to the house, Lucy entered the house and, surprisingly, found Colin there. Lucy had heard about Colin from Sara. She thought it was normal to have him here. But soon Colin hit her from behind. Lucy had already sent a voicemail to Sara before all of this took place. Sara found Lucy’s car outside her house, but she was unable to find her anywhere near the house. So she called the police, and a detective named Bryant paid a visit. Jordyn told Detective Bryant about the happenings in the house, and he concluded that there must be someone who broke into the house on a daily basis. He then searched the premises and found a secret place where someone was living discreetly. When he told Sara about that, Colin suddenly escaped from the house. The police thought surrounding the area would be enough, but Colin was hiding inside the property. Later that night, Sara found a hole in the wall, and she took a peek. There she found Lucy lying with her hands tied. She found a way inside and set her free. It was then Colin attacked her and we got the glimpse of the scene that we saw at the beginning. Lucy and Jordyn helped Sara fight against Colin together. Colin was arrested by the police.

But, later, we see Kendall’s weird reaction when Sara tells her that she decided not to sell the house. Kendall attacked her with a knife, as she was the buyer herself. She wanted to buy the house because a giant conglomerate named Mary Weather Industries had decided to invest a huge sum to revitalize the area. This particular house sits in the heart of their project. So it was inevitable that the industry would pay a huge amount of money to the owner of the property to sell it. This was the reason Kendall wanted Sara removed from the property. It was Kendall who put the drawing on the doorstep. And Kendall knew about Colin’s obsession with his house. So, when Sara told her about staff being moved at night, she knew that Colin was breaking in every night to see if his house was okay. However, Jordyn came just in time, and once again, mother and daughter together managed to successfully fight against evil. In the end, we see Sara and Jordyn deciding to stay in the house together. They are all set to start their new lives.


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