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‘Gunther’s Millions’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

While we are dreaming of wealth, Gunther is sitting over millions—but how so? “Gunther’s Millions” is a controversial docuseries about the world’s wealthiest poodle and the deceitful, unexpected events behind his back. Gunther, the innocent being among all the human beings, has no clue of what he has, something behind which the civilization is running every day.

Who Is Gunther?

Gunther VI, an oofy German shepherd—or call him the richest canine in the world—inherited $400 million from an anonymous empress in Miami. There is no trace of the countess from whom Gunther received the estate and a trust fund as well. With no heirs, the countess (possibly Karlotta Leibenstein) left her fortune worth $80 million to her beloved dog Gunther III (the great-grandfather of Gunther VI) in 1992, and now it has been passed to his beloved son Gunther VI. Maurizio Mian, the pharmaceutical successor, and ambitious money man was quite close to Gunther. Entrusting and leaving everything under the care of Mian, the countess secured the well-being of her beloved dog and its future generation. Mian has established a full-fledged kingdom for his German boss over the last 30 years, which includes top real estate investments, one of the largest financial fraud schemes in history, and lots of social debates around it. It got published in the headline, everywhere in local news, as the incident was such an oddball to the public. But as was common before social networking sites, the story kicked the bucket almost immediately after it became public. In 2021, there was another piece of news that hit the directors: Gunther VI was attempting to sell the Miami mansion, a 1.2-acre area with waterfront, that once belonged to American singer Madonna (“Into the Groove”). Over the last three decades, the dog’s windfall has cultivated into a global empire spanning two continents, complete with exquisite villas, a private jet, a yacht, trips to Milan and the Bahamas, properties in Italy, exotic escorts, and even a pop music band.

‘Gunther’s Millions’ Plot

With the pampering of twenty-seven employees, Gunther is having the time of his life. As the trailer says, the canine boss must live the best lifestyle possible. The dog is surrounded by a group of spokesmodels, dishes curated by renowned chefs, and a life filled with extravaganza, but what about the advantages that the Gunther group is enjoying with Gunther VI? The trailer shows how Gunther’s group took advantage of his vast wealth, with a rock band led by the dog morphing into something much more egregious. But most of the time, we believe what we see, which might not be the truth. It could be more than what the world has ever thought of. This seems so suspicious that executive producers Aurelien Leturgie and Emilie Dumay started digging up the roots. The trailer pauses at the exact point where the mystery begins. The people around Gunther would be seen in the trailer talking about the mansion and the millions. One of them stated how they were being watched 24*7, like lab rats, and how they were forced to be intimate, whereas enjoying in millions was plus. A woman said to herself that if she spoke the truth, she would be shackled. The trailer emphasizes the fundamentalist nature of society and worries about wealth. The teaser ends with an undiscovered Gunther scar and a voice from behind proclaiming that the dogs were cloned. Is it confidential research going on inside the villa while the rest of the world is busy imagining the regal life of Gunther? How are they going to create a human version out of a dog’s clone? Inside the grand country house, it is a bizarre enclave—but all your valid questions will soon be resolved with the premiere of “Gunther’s Millions.”

‘Gunther’s Millions’ Cast

The Netflix documentary “Gunther’s Millions” is based on a true story and directed by Aurelien Leturgie, the world-famous development executive who had worked with multiple brands and studios earlier. While finding out about Gunther’s inheritance, Leturgie goes too far in trying to unravel the mystery of how everything works in Madonna’s mansion. Having all the money and a lavish lifestyle is still acceptable, but doing real estate and other business is out of the ordinary for a dog. There must be some other human resources taking control of things. This is where the journey begins for the executive producer Emilie Dumay as well, who is famous for the TV series called “Expedition Unknown” (2015) and “Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts” (2021). Maurizio Mian, who looks after Gunther, will play his character in “Gunther’s Millions.” It is executive produced by co-owners of NOBO Productions, Aurelien Leturgie, and Emilie Dumay, respectively.

Release Date

“Gunther’s Millions,” which will be released globally on February 1, 2023, on Netflix, is not like the random thriller series you come across usually. It is rather an investigation with a twist and turns. The trailer, lasting for 2:30 minutes, was dropped by Netflix on social media on January 10, 2023. It will have four episodes of 60 minutes each. The documentary is more than what it showed in the trailer. It’s time to sit back and relax. It may not be special treatment, but you can borrow some business strategies from the Gunther gang!

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