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‘Family Dinner’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Family Dinner” is the latest movie directed by Peter Hengl, starring the likes of Pia Hiezegger as Claudia, Michael Pink as Stefan, Nina Katlein as Simi, and Alexander Sladek as Filipp. The movie puts the audience into the shoes of Simi, an overweight teenager who decides to enlist the help of her aunt to lose some weight. Little did she know, she was about to make the worst decision of her life, as her caring aunt is more than she lets on.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Family Dinner’ Story

Simi, a spirited teenager with a love for art and literature, found herself grappling with a challenge that weighed heavily on her heart. Her peers at school had cruelly mocked her about her weight, and Simi felt the sting of their hurtful words piercing her confidence like a thousand arrows. The once vibrant and carefree girl had become desperate to shed a few pounds, hoping that it would somehow shield her from the ridicule and restore her sense of self-worth. With the Easter holiday just around the corner, Simi found herself longing for a change of scenery and a fresh start on her journey to better health. She came up with a brilliant idea: why not spend her Easter break with her beloved Aunt Claudia, who lives in a charming country cottage nestled among rolling hills? However, when Simi arrived, she was surprised to learn that Aunt Claudia had unexpected family plans for the Easter weekend, and she would need to return home after just four days. Claudia spends her days trekking across the woods to shed some extra pounds. One day, as Claudia trekked deeper into the woods, she stumbled upon a sight that left her in awe. Standing before her was a colossal shrine, an intricately crafted one made entirely of sticks. Her uncle, Stefan explained that the shrine was a wooden structure that was traditionally burned every year on Easter as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

The Double Trouble

Claudia’s decision to subject Simi to a drastic detox plan proved to be a recipe for trouble. Claudia puts Simi on a fasting challenge, choosing not to feed her anything until Saturday. Simi’s days were filled with envy as she watched her cousin indulge in a tantalizing array of delicious foods. The smell of pasta and the sight of creamy desserts taunted her, but she was forbidden from partaking in any of them due to her aunt’s strict detox rules. Claudia’s frustration peaked when she stumbled upon a pile of chocolate wrappers hidden away in Simi’s room. She was ready to kick her out of her life-changing diet plan, but Simi’s earnest promises to follow the diet plan tugged at Claudia’s heartstrings, prompting her to reconsider. Simi also bore the weight of Filipp’s constant taunts and insults, which chipped away at her self-esteem day by day. His words were like sharp arrows that pierced Simi’s heart, leaving her feeling dejected and humiliated. Unfortunately, Filipp is also a victim in his own house and believes that his mother is a psychopath. Claudia’s controlling behavior forced him to change schools and move to the secluded countryside, far away from any familiar faces and all his friends. However, as per Claudia’s account, her son is suffering from paranoia and has grown extremely aggressive. Claudia continues to say that Filipp’s paranoia has turned him into a constant source of trouble at school. He was convinced that his teachers and classmates were out to get him, and his erratic behavior often escalated into violent outbursts, leaving Claudia with no choice but to pull Filipp out of the school.

‘Family Dinner’ Ending Explained

Simi is having a hard time believing anyone, especially after she finds Claudia burying a couple of voodoo dolls in her garden. Simi also contacts her mother, asking her to come and pick her up, but has to disconnect the call after her aunt barges into her room. Afterward, while looking for her phone, Simi stumped upon a book filled with pictures of satanic sacrifices and child-devouring devils. In an effort to protect herself, Simi approaches his cousin for help, but he rejects her, thinking she is a spy sent by his mother. The duo manages to find common ground and decides to catch the first train to Vienna in an effort to escape the hellhole. Unfortunately, Simi is shocked to see that Filipp has ditched her and has run away on his own. Feeling abandoned and vulnerable, Simi knew she needed to come up with a new plan. With no choice left, she begged Stefan to drive her to her mother’s house in Vienna. However, Claudia caught wind of Simi’s plans to go back and seized upon her deepest insecurity—her weight—manipulating her into staying.

On Easter Saturday, Claudia prepared an extravagant feast for her family gathering, and she wanted her niece, Simi, to be a part of it. Claudia had spared no expense, dressing Simi in a stunning white robe that glistened with detailed lace. Claudia, after a long three days, gave Simi permission to indulge in the feast, tempting her with succulent meat dishes that were a far cry from the meager biscuits she had been subsisting on. Simi savored each mouthful and felt the flavors exploding on her tongue after days of bland biscuits. Unfortunately, Simi was met with a harrowing revelation a couple of hours later. After finding Filipp’s decapitated body in the attic, Simi realized that her aunt Claudia and Uncle Stefan had fed him his cousin. In a desperate attempt to defend herself, Simi lunged at Stefan with a sharp object she had found nearby, catching him off guard. Without wasting any time, Simi rushed towards the wood and hid around the giant wooden shrine she had encountered earlier. Claudia eventually catches up to her and desperately tries to convince her that she made her eat Filipp so he could be with her forever. However, Simi could take no more. She had seen the madness in Claudia’s eyes, and she knew she couldn’t trust her anymore. Simi poured the gasoline around Claudia and the shrine, lighting it on fire and finally putting an end to this madness.

Final Words 

Simi’s desperation to lose weight led her to seek help from her aunt Claudia, believing her to be caring and nurturing like her mother. Little did she know that Claudia’s dark side was lurking just beneath the surface. Claudia wasted no time in subjecting Simi to a strict detox regimen, depriving her of food for days on end. Meanwhile, she indulged herself in lavish meals, savoring every bite. In a climactic showdown, Simi managed to escape from Claudia’s clutches, but it was too late for Filipp, as Claudia had already killed him and fed him to the entire family.


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