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‘Every Breath She Takes’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Every Breath She Takes,” starring Tamala Jones, Brian White, Lamon Archery, and others, is a psychological thriller. The film starts with Jules hidden in the bathroom, injured, as she was abused by her husband Billy when she handed in the divorce papers. Billy, who was abusive and manipulative and had set the house on fire to stop her. Billy pleads with his wife but Jules somehow escapes, the fire destroys the house and kills Billy. Six months later, Jules is in therapy, trying to heal from the traumatic experience of her husband getting killed as well as the abuse she has suffered. While going through the process of healing, Jules had been renovating her house and had made a new friend, Naomi, who is a neighbor, but the thoughts of her husband still haunted her. At times, she hallucinates Billy playing his tricks on her. All of these events scared Jules, and things started to get out of hand when the detectives accused Jules of murdering her husband, as the fire was started by tampering with the gas pipeline.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Every Breath She Takes’ Story

After the death of her husband, Jules tries to heal by renovating her house, through her art class, and with the help of a friend, Dana. But the detectives and the insurance company did not let her go as the evidence made Jules look like the killer of her husband. Jules started to hallucinate her husband’s presence thinking she was crazy even though she was getting better, but then her therapist died in a car accident, making things more suspicious. We do not know if Jules was actually hallucinating or if Billy was alive; her friends were having a hard time believing her, as were we. She tries to move on from the relationship by going on a date with one of her students in the art class, yet she can see Billy and gets convinced that Billy is somehow alive.To this date, she talks about how she used to be abused, with the minor example that her husband wouldn’t allow her to have tacos, and tacos were her favorite. With the death of the therapist, her conviction grows that Billy is alive and that he had faked his death to get back at her. Meanwhile, she finds out that her husband was associated with illegal activities and brought illegal money home, and they had joint accounts from which money was being withdrawn in the name of Jules. Billy was a rich entrepreneur, and the motive for killing him could be seen from a distance, and the detectives suspected the same.

Did Jules Actually Kill Billy? What Happened On The Night Of The Fire?

When Jules’ therapist got killed in a car accident, Jules started to believe that Billy was alive and trying to control her like before. She gets convinced that Billy is alive and pushes her date, Paul, away from her. One night, when Jules was alone in her art class, she got attacked by Billy, which proved that Billy was alive. A couple of days before she got attacked, Jules found out that money was being extracted from her and Billy’s joint account, which was shocking as a dead man could not do bank transactions. On the night of the fire, Billy had kept the body of a person named John Franklin, whose absence wouldn’t bother anyone; Billy had planned it all. Billy wanted to live a rich life with Jules, but all hell broke loose when he was given divorce papers, as the property would have been divided, and Billy’s plans wouldn’t have been fruitful. Billy had always been abusive towards Jules, and Jules reported the verbal abuse, yet the police would not bother listening to her. When Jules found out that Billy had faked his own death, nobody would believe her, as everyone thought she had been hallucinating because there were no witnesses. In the process of finding a witness, Jules’s friend Dana tried to unravel the mystery, but Billy also killed her.

Does Jules Win In This Game Of Cat And Mouse? What Happens To Billy In The End?

Billy had always had control over Jules, and he was hurting people close to her and anyone else who wanted to help Jules move on. Jules had lost her therapist and best friend, and at the time, she felt she would even lose her new boyfriend, Paul. So they laid a trap for Billy in order to punish him and prove to the police that he was alive. Billy had always controlled Jules, and Jules just changed the scenario and played the game not by Billy’s rules but on her terms. She had put herself and Paul as bait for Billy to hurt them, changed the passwords for the joint bank accounts and set up the cameras in the house—all to prove that Billy was alive. Billy first attacks Paul and knocks him out, then tries to hurt Jules by grabbing her throat, but we see a twist. Naomi, who was Jules’ neighbor, had an affair with Billy; she was the one who tampered with the gas line to cause the fire that night. Naomi did everything from scaring Jules to helping Billy dig up the body of John Franklin because she loved Billy, but Billy had used her and then shot her when things didn’t turn out in his favor. With the course of events, Jules somehow managed to escape, and in the end, Jules won the game. She came out alive, winning, even though Paul was injured, but nothing fatal happened to him, and Jules could start again. The film ends on a happy note with the success party of Jules’ art, and the investigation against her is officially over.


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