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Five DC And Marvel Movies To Watch While You Wait For ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania’

Who doesn’t adore superhero movies, the good guys in capes, sometimes donning a mask to save innocents? Well, everyone does. I’ve watched the vast majority of Marvel and DC’s productions throughout my cinephile career, with a few notable exclusions owing to my lack of enthusiasm or an excess of poor reception.

With that being said, here are five DC and Marvel movies you could rewatch again while you wait for “Ant-Man & Wasp: Quantumia” to hit theatres.

‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ By Christopher Nolan

Batman: The Dark Knight, directed by “Inception” alum Christopher Nolan, is hands down one of the best DC movies to ever hit the big screen. The flick is also among the best-written of its era and has outstanding visuals to boot. This screenplay never fails to hold cinephiles on the edge of their seats because it is so witty, intelligent, and succinct. The story questions whether humans are inherently empathic or greedy and wicked. The instant Heath Ledger entered the picture as the Crime Prince of Gotham; I was blown away by his mesmerizing portrayal. The protagonist declares himself an instrument of anarchy, but rather than seeking material gain; his motivations are more abstract and lighthearted. He is in direct opposition to the Dark Knight, who works to restore order in a corrupt society.

‘Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse’ By Peter Ramsey And Rodney Rothman

Over and over again, this movie has left me unable to articulate my thoughts. The artwork is so good that it could easily be mistaken for a Marvel comic illustration, which would guarantee it a spot on any list of the greatest superhero blockbusters. In spite of that, this masterpiece is more than just a pretty face; it also has excellent screenwriting to complement its aesthetic splendour. The story follows a young and hopeful teenage kid named Miles Morales, who one day finds himself having the same strength and abilities as Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. As he grows into his newfound abilities and name, he finds himself in the middle of an interdimensional conflict with a wide variety of villains. The writing is excellent, the characters are credible, and the story’s intentions are pure.

‘Logan’ Directed By James Mangold

My favourite thing about this movie is the way it injects a colder, bleaker tone into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The screenplay is brilliantly done, deep, and intelligent, yet it nevertheless deals with timeless issues like death and relationships. For the famously sour and reclusive Wolverine, the sudden appearance of a young girl with powers identical to his own presents a significant challenge. Charles Xavier begs him to come to her aid, and he does, saving her from a variety of dangers. It’s wonderful to see Logan blossom from a loose cannon into a paternal figure over the course of the story. It’s not always funny, but what it lacks in lighthearted moments, it makes up for in character development and an uplifting spirit. Marvel fans who like their tales grounded in realism with mature themes should definitely check this one out.

‘Joker’ Directed By Todd Phillips

Unlike other entries on our list, “Joker” leaves no stone unturned in being a grim, nasty, and uncompromising masterpiece. Rather than witnessing the protagonist’s satisfactory climax, we get to see the beginning of DC’s most villainous antagonist. The movie is a true work of art. Joker succeeds where its predecessors have faltered owing to its stunning acting, flawless script, and treatment of pressing societal issues. It gives fans a glimpse into the past of perhaps the scariest characters in comics. Here we see a regular, hard-working guy at his lowest point, broken both mentally and physically by his traumas. The terrible system under which he lives is a gradual torment that has eroded his mental soundness. Although I do not approve of the violence and killings, I appreciate the movie’s ability to stir up strong emotions and make its viewers reflect. It prompts us to think about the society and the culture in which we exist and how we may alter to stop any more “Jokers” from becoming the “embodiment of chaos.”

‘Captain America: The Civil War’ Directed By Russo Brothers

Just like the preceding flicks on this list, Civil War was crafted with care and attention, delving further into the franchise’s underlying subjects while also adding a more emotional and intimate twist. The Sokovia Accords, a federal initiative to strictly control the Avengers, has driven a wedge between them. After Ultron laid waste to the city of Sokovia, many people thought the government ought to be in charge of the superhero squad. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, paralyzed by sorrow, was firm in his acceptance of the need for oversight from a broader institution. However, Steve is concerned about the implications of agreeing to a figurative harness and blindfold. For the sake of not giving anything away, I won’t elaborate more on the narrative. Seeing meaningful relationships dissolve due to ideological differences is a fascinating narrative device, a depressing reflection of reality, and a painful experience to see firsthand.

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