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‘Chaudhary’ Music Video: Cast, Music Production, And Everything You Need To Know

You can vibe with folk music anytime, and if it is the music of Rajasthan, then your legs won’t stop spinning. With its extraordinary location, dazzling ensembles, and bright hues, the music video of “Chaudhary” obtained positive feedback from its followers. The music director Amit Trivedi with Mame Khan decided to style “Chaudhary,” which was already broadcasted in the Coke Studio and fused with electronic instruments. If you get back to the history of the song, you will see that it centers on a man’s steadfast love for a young girl. ‘Chaudhary,’ is  an upper-class clan in Haryana and Rajasthan who own lands – the title has been given to the Indians by British rulers. The pure yet helpless feelings of the lover are being teased; the bittersweet love song depicts the social barriers between them through the song.

What Happens In The Music Video?

Jubin surprised fans with the latest updates of “Chaudhary” over an Instagram post announcing that the wait is over as the song is on its way to awaken the richness of the Rajasthani folklore into you. The video starts with the entry of a young couple who keeps on knocking at the door of an old palace with immense enthusiasm. With that, an old man warns them in his Rajasthani accent that it is forbidden to go inside the building as it is the abode of ghosts. But, young blood is always overflowing with adventure, passion, and ultimate courage- thus, you will see them entering the house by ladder. The deceased building is filled with art and crafts, the puppets are at full energy, and the walls are stocked with unlimited colored canvases and local paintings. All of a sudden, the whole vibe brings out the artistic traditions and heritage of Rajasthan that will surely bedazzle you. Jubin Nautiyal and Yohani will come to light in black, embroidered costumes. The wonderful traditional outfits, in contrast with the beautiful oxidized necklace, intensify the gravity of the song. With his graceful smile, Mame Khan is singing to the beats of the harmonium, sarangi, dhol, and other musical instruments played by his folk. The land of kings has a long history of relatively sophisticated music and dance styles. The cinematography truly depicts the authenticity of their customs and cultures, whereas the lyrics are on point to perfume the air with love and romance. It sounds like the track is a mixture of a few more songs—like a song within a song! The combined folk fusion is a celebration of warmth, delight, colors, and royalty.


The video of the folk song portrays the on-screen romance between Bhavin Bhanushali and Aayushi Verma. Bhavin Bhanushali participated in MTV Splitsvilla and is a rising actor in the film industry. Other than the pair, the music video features Jubin Nautiyal, the most renowned face in the Indian film industry, who has paid tribute as a playback singer. A few of his popular tracks are as follows – “Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata – Reprise,” “Bawara Mann,” “Tu Jo Mila – Raabta,” “Tum Hi Aana,” “Akh Lad Jave,” and so on. Alongside Jubin, Yohani, the YouTube sensation, will be seen caroling cheerfully. Coming to the best and most interesting part of the music has to be Mame Khan, widely known for his Sufi and traditional folk music. Mame Khan, the Rajasthani playback artist, was a dholak player earlier. He belongs to a culturally rich Rajasthani community called “Manganiyar,” which has carried the legacy of music for over fourteen generations. With the release of “Bawre” and “Kesariya Balam,” he gained acceptance from all over the world. Mame Khan was honored with the “Best Traditional Folk Single” award for his masterpiece “Chaudhary,” a collaboration with Coke Studio (MTV S2) back in 2016.

Music Production

Jubin Nautiyal, Yohani, and Mame Khan have created a marvelous feat on the T-Series channel with music composed by Amit Trivedi. Recently, “Ghodey Pe Sawaar” (Qala) was trending all over Instagram and was also a sensation from Trivedi’s plate. With the elegance and jingles of Mame Khan and Amit, Jubin and Yohani, who initially teamed up on superhit melodies such as “Manike” and “Tu Saamne Aaye,” have geared up for “Chaudhary.” The credits for the lyrics go to Shellee. Helmed by Video Brains, Sunny M.R. and ZIA at Chordfather Productions have produced the song with the help of executive producer Krutee Trivedi. With the choreography of Debo Suresh Nair, “Chaudhary” literally set a benchmark for the rest of the music industry.

The most-awaited song titled “Chaudhary” hit the screen on January 25th, picturing an old haveli in Mandawa, Rajasthan. The song is a fusion of classic, traditional, and contemporary elements. After its premiere on YouTube, the views crossed millions within a few hours. The fans started posting and dropping emojis as soon as they saw the poster. Reportedly, the team members enjoyed making this track, and they are also hoping for the best responses from the listeners. The song is easily accessible to play and download through YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Wynk, Jio Saavn, etc. Some people think that with a filmy touch, the real essence of a song will be totally lost, but with every piece of music comes a story of love, or separation, with every full-throated voice a generation lives by.

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