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‘Ranjithame’ Music Video: Cast, Production, and Where To Stream

With great grandeur and devotion, Pongal is celebrated in the South Indian states and “Varisu” is no less than a surprise gift on this auspicious occasion. The way of living in Deccan is unique and divergent in comparison to the rest of the Indian culture. Their culture has had a profound impact on their folk music and art, which is unparalleled. Tamil folk songs are incredible because of the constant application of ancient melodies and symphonic ragas. “Ranjithame,” the newly-released song is the perfect treat for all your community gatherings. With great movies comes great music. Along with the synchronized, lively beats of “Ranjithame,” it represents the masterly hand movements and gestures in a contemporary style.

What Happens In The Music Video?

A unique set location has been chosen for the filming of the track. This refreshing song portrays the on-screen duo in vibrant outfits, dancing along with the troupes. The lead star, Rashmika Mandanna, looks so stunning in her sparkling, gorgeous dance costume. Vijay looks as lively as a grasshopper in his quirky outfits. The song follows a total of four sets where the dance floor is bedecked with different looks. Vijay Rajendran (Vijay), the son of Rajendran (Sarathkumar), lives with his siblings in his extended family.Vijay was asked to leave the house when he disagreed with his father about committing to their family business. But Rajendran’s life becomes miserable after he learns that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. To celebrate the 65th birthday of his dad, Vijay, the savior, returns home, and that is when the plot takes a major turn. The film has enough family drama, romance, intervention, twists, and humor to satisfy all the fans to the core. The filmmakers spared no expense while designing the dance platform with tinsels, flowers, chandeliers, and it is absolutely perfect. The co-dancers are wearing colorful dresses and crafted masks, which represent the authenticity of the culture. “Ranjithame” gives a sense of fulfillment to our earbuds and is an exceptional addition to the playlist.


The music video stars the on-screen duo of Vijay and Rashmika Mandanna. The soundtrack is fitting for traditional dances, and Vijay’s involvement has yielded a totally separate fan following for the beats. Vijay, one of the highest-paid performers in the South Indian industry, started his career at a very early age with a lead role in “Naalaiya”. Later, he made big blockbusters such as “Sivakasi,” and “Pokkiri.” While he signed up for action-packed movies earlier, his recent films have segued into thrillers which 

depict the modernization of India’s socio economic and political factors. The Pushpa girl Rashmika, recently seen in “Mission Majnu” as Nasreen, is equally involved in the video of “Ranjithame.” The bubbly and beautiful actress has worked on various hits like “Devadas,” “Pushpa: The Rise,” “Animal,” “Sita Ramam,” “Pogaru,” etc. Rashmika appears to originate her Bollywood career with a silver lining, as she becomes lucky to work with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in “Goodbye” (2022). Raja Sundaram, Shobi, and Jani had done justice to “Ranjithame” with their choreography. The cast of the film also includes Jayasudha, Srikanth, Shaam, Yogi Babu, Prakash Raj, Nandini Rai, Sangeetha Krish, and many more artists.

Music Production

The family entertainer film “Varisu,” directed by Vamshi Paidipally, posted the music video of “Ranjithame” on the T-Series YouTube channel. The energetic song is voiced by Thalapathy Vijay alongside M. M. Manasi. Thalapathy Vijay is not just an actor but a famous Tamil singer who has composed “Yaar Indha Saalai Oram,” “Kelamal Kaiyile,” “Bloody Sweet,” etc. M. M. Manasi, popular on social media, has crooned more than 170 songs. “Ranjithame” is penned down by Vivek and programmed by Thaman S. The song carries a lot of instrumental sounds with such a playful voice. The Gongura Band and Thamania are on the drums, while Godfrey plays the guitar. Tape, Tavil, Thalam, Nadaswaram, and other classical musical instruments have been used to make the song perkier. Sahiti Chagati, Sruthi Ranjani, and Ramya Behera are the vocalists behind the female chorus. The amazing use of live percussion is followed by Anandan Sivamani and Krishna Kishore, along with Karthik Vamsi and Guberan, in the Rural and Ethnic Percussions. “Ranjithame” has been recorded in association with Prasad Studio, Uno Records Studios, Osho V & Biju James, and V Studio.

Streaming Platform

The music video was published on February 6, while the movie had its theatrical release on January 11 worldwide. The five minutes of the song is a whole mood. You can get access to the song over Spotify, Amazon Music, Wynk, and other musical apps. It has amassed box-office earnings of Rs 300 crore and will soon be streaming on Amazon Prime on February 22, as per the reports. Within a few hours, the song received a huge response from the audience, crossing more than two million views and trending on Youtube.

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