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‘In Love All Over Again’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

Georgina Amorós, wearing a cool green top, with tied-up hair and plugged earbuds, is writing a story—is that a story about her life or the story she wishes to live? “In Love All Over Again,” the Spanish rom-com primarily starring Georgina Amorós (Irene) and Franco Masini (Julio), travels over their lives—an unstable journey from 2003 to 2021. There are thousands of factors that could fragment any relationship to pieces, but love is the only constant where one could risk to pick up the pieces and fix them on the way. Some films are unique in their own way; they surpass the clichés and instead discover the enormously more fascinating world of love and compassion. As Valentine’s Day draws nearer, it’s that time of the year to feast on cutesy rom-coms and make your home-night date remarkable. Memories never evaporate, it gets tattooed inside your brain cells- then why not make your binge-watch extra special with a backyard BBQ party along with Trinity cream, Tempranillo, and lots of warmth?

‘In Love All Over Again’ Plot

The one-minute clip of “In Love All Over Again” is not enough to please your tastebuds; it puts a question mark on exactly when you would start developing a keen interest. The central theme of the series is the balance of love and separation. Set in Madrid, the story explores the nostalgic romantic relationship between Julio and Irene. “In Love All Over Again” does not have a typical happy ending where the leading characters tie the knot after many squabbles. It will give a whole new definition to the concept of love. The teaser shows a lively university campus packed with students, crossing each other’s paths as Julio and Irene did. In 2003, the two of them made contact over a movie show and fell head over heels in love with one another. The more the breakups happen, the more they find themselves sharing an unusual and exceptional bond in between. The bubbly student Irene plans to make a short film where she wants to star with Julio, that will make their bond stronger than before. Regrettably, the teaser quickly clarifies that crash, and the inflicting of inclination will not occur right away with time. They will eventually be separated. The movie scenes fluctuate in flashbacks and present times. A decade later, On September 14, 2021, Irene is found typing something on her keyboard, backspacing and rephrasing it again. The trailer tells you that even if the plot seems so predictable, you still need to know what brought the couple to a place where they are no longer digging into the past. And if you don’t know the backstory already, the plot will be even better, says Irene. The female protagonist is no longer living her fantasy life, but she is reliving the memories in front of the screen. All throughout the clip, she narrates the basics of it—as much as the audience needs to know before the show appears in real life.

‘In Love All Over Again’ Cast

The Spanish rom-com series “In Love All Over Again,” helmed by Carlos Montero, is coming soon to Netflix with a fantastic cast. “The Mess You Leave Behind” (2020) and “Elite” are famous thriller shows by Carlos that filled the audience with awe. Georgina Amorós, who played the role of Cayetana in “Elite” season 6, is the protagonist of this series. The charming lady has been seen previously in “Locked Up,” “Welcome To The Family,” “Code Name Emperor,” and “Velvet.” In “In Love All Over Again,” Georgina will play the character Irene. Opposite her, the male lead cast will be portrayed by Franco Masini as Julio. This Argentine actor has worked on many Spanish movies and TV series, such as “Just Love,” “My Lovely Hope,” “Love After Loving,” “The Clan,” etc. Masini debuted as an actor in the Peter Punk series in 2011 and portrayed the lead hero in “Rebelde,” a teen drama available on Netflix. This Netflix series also stars Albert Salazar (“They Remained Silent”), Carlos González (“Dangerous Moms”), Jorge Suquet (“Elite”), Albert Salazar (“They Remained Silent”), Blanca Martnez (“The Invisible Guest”), Roser Vilajosana (“The Tunnel”), and several others. The script has been penned down by Montero in collaboration with Guillermo J. Escribano and Almudena Ocaa. Apart from the main director, the show has been supervised by Ginesta Guindal, Barbara Farré, Carlota Pereda, and Mateo Gil.

‘In Love All Over Again’ Release Date

The makers announced that the brand-new romantic series would premiere on February 14 on Netflix, which looks like a perfect Valentine’s Day present! The streamer released the teaser on January 16. A total of eight episodes will make up the first season of “In Love All Over Again.” The project got wrapped up on July 3, 2022. Spain and Madrid have been chosen as the filming spots under the production of Netflix itself. The show is an ideal watch to spend valentine’s day curling up inside the blanket or partying with your squad.

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