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‘A Sunday Affair’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

You can plan your date—Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be like how you see it on the TV screen; rather, it could be a good Netflix watch with your date, pet, or maybe your clan, with a tray filled with cheese and munchies. You might not have planned anything for Valentine’s Day, but Netflix is never running out of options to satisfy your appetite. It’s time to take a look at the trailer for “A Sunday Affair” and wait for your eyes to feast upon it. “A Sunday Affair,” from the Nollywood world, is a blend of intense romance, lustful desires, heartfelt emotions, and a whirlwind of your feelings.

‘A Sunday Affair’ Plot

The plotline revolves around the story of two best friends, Toyin and Uche, who unknowingly fall in love with the same handsome man named Sunday. The synopsis describes Sunday as a flawed, eligible bachelor. The two women are entirely ignorant of the fact that they are dating the same man. The love triangle keeps developing, as shown in the first look at the trailer. The scene is probably of a family function where Kelechi, the sister of Uche, is ready to cut the cake. Meanwhile, her buddy Toyin pops up in the frame, where Uche introduced her to Sunday. With a bold gaze on her face, Toyin teases Sunday, saying that she might have met his wife and daughter earlier. The trailer doesn’t show much about the moves, but the clip from the event seems showy, with lots of lights and embellished white outfits. The amount of concern on Toyin’s side shows the affection and love she has for Uche. It seems like this is the first encounter between the three of them; if not, then it’s the first meeting between Sunday and Uche for sure, so says the trailer. In the very first set, Sunday and Uche are flirting with each other. Uche mentions that Sunday’s wife looks quite displeased, and with that, we can comprehend why she stole him from the crowd to have a moment together. The on-screen chemistry between  Uche and Sunday looks magical but would be complex afterwards. “A Sunday Affair” is a contemplative drama about longing, desire, companionship, and the ultimate selflessness. With whom Sunday will be settling is a mystery to the viewers, but undoubtedly this cross-linking will reach a surprising pinnacle. The creative producer Heidi Uys stated that with the fantastic performance, the movie is going to add a contemporary connotation to the so-called phrase, “It’s complicated.” While Sunday, Uche, and Toyin explore the peaks and troughs of life, eventually, all their choices will meet their consequences, which will cross-examine their internal relationships and bonds.

‘A Sunday Affair’ Cast

“A Sunday Affair” is soon going to be on your watchlist this Valentine’s Day. It’s a Nigerian movie produced by EbonyLife Media. The romantic movie will cast well-known actors from Nollywood, like Dakore Akande and Oris Erhuero. The multiple-award-winning actress Akande gained recognition for her role in “Fifty,” “Isoken,” “Chief Daddy 2,” “The Set Up,” etc., and will play the character of Toyin in this film. Akande marked her role in the law firm-based drama “Castle & Castle” (2018), which premiered on Netflix for two consecutive seasons. Oris Erhuero, who is a British actor and model, will portray the role of Sunday. He came to prominence for his character in “Highlander: The Game” (2000) and “Road to Yesterday.” Including two of them, the main cast also includes Nse Ikpe-Etim as Uche in “A Sunday Affair.” The very talented Nollywood actress received much appreciation for her role in “Reloaded” (2008) and shows such as “Glamour Girls,” “Fifty,” “Fine Wine,” and so on. Together with the protagonists, the cast will also include Alexx Ekubo, Chris Iheuwa, Hilda Dokubo, and Uzor Osimkpa. The film is directed by the brilliant Nigerian creator Walter Taylaur, who is well-known for films like “Jolly Roger” (2022), “Gbomo Gbomo Express” (2015), and “The Wages” (2013). “A Sunday Affair” is written by Darrel Bristow-Bovey. Already, Netflix has signed up with EbonyLife for many projects, one of which is “Blood Sisters,” a massive hit with 11 million hours viewed since its release in 2022. Mo Abudu, the executive producer and CEO of EbonyLife Media, asserted that the notion of making a film like this had been lingering in his head for over ten years. She is hoping that the story of the multi-layered bounty will be considered an evergreen classic and watched over and over again by the fans.

Release Date

The film, with a runtime of 96 minutes, will premiere worldwide on February 14 on the OTT platform. In a few scenes, Pidgin phrases have been used to enrich the content, but the movie will be voiced in English with proper subtitles. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, EbonyLife Media will organize a special screening of “A Sunday Affair” on February 12 in Lagos, Nigeria. Netflix made the trailer viral on YouTube on January 17 in association with Moët & Chandon. For the rest, you have to wait for the cozy evening of February with a mug of beer in hand to witness the twirl.

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