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Top 7 Series Like ‘Extrapolations’ That You Can Watch

The recently launched drama “Extrapolations” is available on Apple TV in various parts of the world. It is based on a futuristic scenario and manifests climate change issues. The drama brings forth the issue of global warming, the melting of glaciers, forest fires, and the rise of sea levels all in one place. The lovers of science fiction and the environment can check out the series for its thriller elements and depth of research into the various issues. Moreover, you can also watch the following based on the future. 

The Expanse (2015-2022)

The new Apple TV drama “Extrapolations” showed a futuristic world. Similarly, the show “The Expanse” will highlight the future time when humans have set foot outside the planet. “The Expanse” is a sci-fi television series that was created by “Children of Men” writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. The show is adapted from the book written by James Corey, who wrote other books like “Babylon’s Ashes.” The plot is based on a fictional world where humanity can expand its grasp outside the earth and take over the entire solar system. Several people are trying to uncover the truth about a conspiracy to destroy the human race and advance alien technology. It has an overall run of six seasons, which began in 2015, and the last season was launched in 2022. The series has been successful in receiving praise from audiences and critics for its plot, performances, and direction.

The Head (2020)

The viewers of the show “Extrapolations” will understand the devastation of climate change and global warming, which have led to several disasters and the deaths of organisms. Similarly, the show “The Head,” which was released in 2020, showed the snow and ice melting on the south pole of the planet. It is a thriller series that focuses on the behavioral changes of the people who are together for some time when they are researching the data concerning the melting of glaciers. In the land where the sun is not visible for half an year, people are trapped inside the station and thereby undergo several temperamental and personality changes. It has suspense and mystery to it and unravels shocking details that could fascinate and entertain several fans of the mystery genre.

Women At War (2022)

The Netflix show “Women at War” is a drama that highlights the time when the German army invaded the French territory and depicts the condition of women from different spheres of life. These people face the consequences of fruitless wars, which brings perpetual agony, pain, deaths, destruction, and poverty all around. The show is set in France during World War I in 1914 and shows the psychology of women at that time who were trying to cope with the man-made disaster. The show was created by Alexander Laurent, who also created “La Mante,” “Elise Secret,” and other shows. The first season of the show was released in September last year.

Snowpiercer (2020-2022)

The thriller series “Snowpiercer” takes place after the disaster which has destroyed most of the world. It is a sequel to a 2013 film by the same name. The story revolves around a never-ending train that moves passengers through the globe in circles. It has been more than five years since the world was frozen; there is no greenery or food, and everything seems to be a wasteland.

Sweet Tooth (2021)

The fantasy show “Sweet Tooth” depicts a time when the world has been destroyed by an epidemic, and only a few individuals are left. The drama was created by “We Are What We Are” filmmaker Jim Mickle. It is a beautiful show that highlights the journey of a young boy who is a hybrid, which is a mix of human and animal genes. The boy and his companion face several challenges on the journey. The first season was available on Netflix from June 2021. The show is based on a comic book of the same name. The fans of the series should be delighted to know that Netflix has renewed the show for next season, which could be available in 2023.

The Last Of Us (2023)

The drama “The Last of Us” shows the time after the world witnessed a disaster and every country faced ruins. The show was made by Craig Mazin (“Chernobyl”) and Neil Druckmann (“Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”) for HBO. The entire world has been shattered by the fungal infections that affected people who have been turned into zombies. The series is based on the 2013 video game and is set in the year 2023. The first season of the show was available to viewers in January 2023.

The Rain (2018-2020)

The thriller show “The Rain” has been available on Netflix since 2018. It has completed its three seasons. It is based on a post-apocalyptic scenario where humanity has been killed by the deadly virus that was present in the rain. Certain people escaped the pandemic when they were in hiding. It is the story of a family where the children are left in a bunker by their father, and several years later, they set out to find him. The show depicts mystery, melodrama, action, and suspense.


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