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Top 7 Series Like ‘A Town Called Malice’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

Binge-watchers from all walks of life have long enjoyed watching crime dramas, and with good reason. The big prizes, sophisticated plots, and compelling protagonists in these series never fail to excite and intrigue their audiences, and “A Town Called Malice” is no stranger to the abovementioned goodies. The series centres on a thieving household that relocates to Spain after receiving an unanticipated windfall. Here’s a list of 7 shows that you’ll adore if you loved “A Town Called Malice.”

Peaky Blinders (2013)

The show chronicles the escapades of the Shelby clan, a prominent criminal household led by Tommy Shelby, as they struggle to extend their kingdom against challenges from other groups and kleptocrats, as well as their character flaws. The Shelby clan struggles to adjust to an unfamiliar society and preserve their dominance against the background of societal and economic transformation in the wake of World War I. They run across law enforcement agents, legislators, entrepreneurs, and even other criminals throughout the course of multiple seasons. Fidelity, loyalty, leadership, and atonement are all major ideas in the series. Morally ambiguous characters, breathtaking cinematography, and engaging plots have earned the show high praise from critics. The program has received high marks for its compelling storytelling, which has been said to be both historically and visually accurate, in addition to how it employs a soundtrack and camerawork.

Power (2014)

James, the miniseries’ protagonist, is a former gangster turned affluent nightclub mogul who is striving to straighten up his life. As the story picks up pace, James faces attacks from other gangsters, crooked authorities, and his own sordid past while attempting to retain his reputation as a shrewd businessman. The program explores motifs like friendship, devotion, authority, and treachery. Seeing the story unfold, we witness James’ world crumble apart as his greatest friends betray him and his adversaries move in. Its compelling plot, excellent acting, and realistic, grungy setting have all earned the program high marks. The series’ depiction of the cocaine business as well as the clandestine underground, is both intriguing and dangerous, enticing audiences with its blend of high-octane action and extreme violence.

Queen Of The South (2016)

The plot puts the audience into the shoes of Teresa Mendoza, a Colombian lady who takes the reins of a crime syndicate following the death of her lover, who also happened to be a Mafia Boss. As the show unfolds, we witness Teresa contend with a wide variety of threats, from other organizations to crooked authorities, in addition to her troubled background. The show follows Teresa as she traverses the perilous realm of narcotics smuggling and creates her own enterprise, going from a naive and harmless middle-aged woman to a powerful and vicious mafia leader. Characters and plot points explore the weighty topics of leadership, devotion, treachery, and endurance. Fans of the genre, as well as those seeking a compelling and well-made show, owe it to themselves to tune in.

Shantaram (2022)

The plot chronicles Lin as he makes his way through Mumbai’s seedy underbelly. From his humble beginnings in the ghetto to his affiliation with numerous illegal networks, especially the regional gang, On his travels, he makes friends with an eclectic group of people, notably his Indian buddy and advisor Prabhakar, a gorgeous Swiss lady named Karla, as well as a formidable and dreaded mobster named Abdullah. As Lin continues to immerse himself in the underworld, he must reconcile the ethical difficulties of his life and the repercussions of his acts. The destiny of his friendships and the course of his life depend on the choices he makes. In sum, “Shantaram” is an exciting and sometimes terrifying story of action, romance, and atonement unfolding in one of the planet’s most dynamic and complicated places.

The Deuce (2017)

It follows a variety of personalities, from whores to hustlers to directors to policemen, all of whom have some connection to the pornographic entertainment business. In order to supplement his income, a nightclub manager and proprietor, Vincent Martino (the protagonist), gets engaged in the pornography industry. Vincent’s brother, Frankie, is a hustler and has a good dose of strife. The show provides an honest and compelling portrait of a period and setting that have too frequently been glossed over or romanticized in the media. The series doesn’t sugarcoat the brutality, abuse, or substance dependency that are all too common in the adult business. Yet it also reveals the protagonists’ compassion as well as their efforts to make it in a harsh and merciless environment.

Babylon Berlin (2017)

Gereon Rath, a promising detective hailing from Cologne, is assigned to Berlin to look into an embezzlement racket in this drama inspired by Volker Kutscher’s best-selling classics. Rath’s investigation leads him further into a labyrinth of deceit, bloodshed, and governmental machinations. He forms an alliance with Charlotte Ritter, a beautiful and ambitious lady harbouring a desire to become a sleuth like him. Complex storylines, beautiful animation, and fully realised personalities have made this show a fan favourite. As the series delves into the luxury and debauchery of Berlin’s privileged, in addition to the destitution and despair of its employed population, it paints a contrasting picture of the highly controversial Weimar administrative period that is both harsh and sumptuous.

Tokyo Vice (2022)

Jake is a journalist from the United States who travels to Tokyo to write for a prominent magazine but soon finds himself entangled in the murky underside of the lively city. Adelstein finds a network of illegal practices as well as corporate criminality involving the legendary yakuza as he pursues several homicides. His journey takes him through the intricate web of Japanese history and government, in addition to his own inner turmoil. The viewers of the series have pointed out that the series’s subject matter, which includes human smuggling, adultery, and substance use, can render the series harsh and violent at times. However, the frank presentation of these problems increases the authenticity and resonance, of the series.

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