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Top 7 Series Like ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

If you enjoyed “Mayor of Kingstown” and want more suspense and political intrigue, you’re definitely searching for something similar. Fortunately, there are lots of other series that effectively capture similar ideas and vibes. Here’s a detailed list of seven series akin to “Mayor of Kingstown.”

Prison Break (2005)

The series follows the exploits of brilliant civil engineer and architect Michael Scofield as he schemes to free his brother Lincoln Burrows from jail when the latter is falsely charged with killing someone. Season one focuses on Michael’s preparation for his scheme by showing how he knowingly and willingly commits a crime to enter the same jail as Lincoln. In order to free Lincoln from jail, Michael enlists the aid of his fellow detainee, Sucre, and several other convicts. They face several challenges along the road, such as unscrupulous jail officials and other competing factions.

The Sopranos (1999)

The series follows the exploits the violent gangster Tony Soprano as he juggles his duties as a loving father, husband, caring son, and mafia leader. Marriage, substance abuse, and succession conflicts inside his own business are just some of the challenges he faces during the six seasons. He also has to deal with opposition from other criminals, the government, and even his own household. As compared to other television series, this one stands out because of its exceptional narrative, character growth, and aesthetics. It’s a must-see for Mafia fans because of its engaging storylines, nuanced protagonists, and accurate depiction of problems with mental health.

Yellowstone (2018)

This brilliant masterpiece chronicles the escapades of John Dutton, who controls the largest continuous acreage in the United States. The protagonist, John, spends much of the show fending against outsiders like builders, bureaucrats, and competing landowners who threaten his household and their property. Every person in the household has their own personal struggles and deceptions to deal with. John’s property is located on rich oil deposits, which makes it a priority for those who wish to develop the area and bring in huge money. The drama delves into topics like love, trust, and the conflict between old and contemporary ideals, all while maintaining its dynamic and engaging story arcs. The series’ distinctive allure stems in large part from its beautiful Montana backdrop and its examination of Western culture.

Mare Of Eastown (2021)

The series is set in the close-knit neighbourhood of Easttown, Pennsylvania, and puts the audience in the shoes of Mare Sheehan, an investigator who struggles to juggle her personal life with a professional life that comprises a homicide investigation of a notorious criminal. As Sheehan and her coworkers try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out the motive behind the killing, the inquiry gets more and more complicated. To get where they want to go, they have to go through the complex web of ties and hidden agendas that bind society together, especially Mare’s immediate family. The show examines a broad spectrum of subjects, from the aftereffects of small-town living to the healing processes of those who have experienced loss, dependency, or alcoholism.

Ozark (2017)

The series chronicles the exploits of wealth manager Marty Byrde, who uproots his household from the Chicago metropolitan area and migrates to the Ozarks, located in Missouri, in an attempt to flush millions of dollars on behalf of a Mexican crime syndicate. When Marty finally arrives in the neighbourhood, he has to deal with the nefarious underbelly there while still trying to protect his wife and kids and pay back his debt to the narco. The series has a reputation for its grim atmosphere and for tackling serious topics like dependency, trust, and kinship. The personalities are nuanced and dynamic, with the majority going through their own storylines as the show progresses.

The Shield (2002)

The series chronicles the exploits of the Strike Squad, a gang of unscrupulous law enforcement officers based in the fictitious Farmington neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The Strike Squad is commanded by Captain Vic Mackey, a cruel and unethical police officer who would do everything to maintain his dominance over the neighbourhood. The Strike Squad gets into progressively perilous circumstances during the course of seven seasons, and the repercussions of their deeds eventually become apparent. The series examines issues including police misconduct, moral ambiguity, and blind allegiance. Taking place in the shadowy and hazardous realm of criminal justice, the show is a gripping criminal thriller. It’s an essential pick for genre enthusiasts in search of a drama that doesn’t sugarcoat the bleak reality of the underworld.

Boardwalk Empire (2010)

The series is based on the life of Nucky Thompson, an influential drug dealer and crooked legislator in Atlantic City. Together with his partner-in-crime Eli and a group of friends, Nucky has amassed a great fortune and great influence as the chancellor of Atlantic City. Nucky’s enemies in the show range from other criminals and politicians to government officials eager for his blood. Apart from the difficulties in his marriage and the ambiguity of his emotions for his whore, he also has his own obsessions to fight. The series’ storylines, historicity, and knack for striking a fine balance between dramatic scenes and lighter ones earned it a lot of acclaims.

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