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Movies Like ‘Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam’ That You Must Watch

Lijo Jose Pellissery and Netflix have blessed us with another masterpiece. “Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam” follows the story of James (played by Mammootty), who, during a return trip to Kerala, dons someone else’s persona. If you loved the movie and are scouring the web for a similar flick, you’re at the right place. Below is the list of the best movies to stream if you like “Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam.”

Pizza (2012)

The film puts the audience in the shoes of Michael, a middle-aged pizza delivery man who, following a delivery gone wrong, gets embroiled in a sequence of paranormal happenings. At the beginning of the film, Michael is like any ordinary man with dreams in his heart. At some point, he gets a phone call telling him to bring pizza to a home in the middle of nowhere. Reaching the residence, he discovers that it is  deserted, and a stunning young lady called Shwetha accepts the takeout. Strange occurrences begin to occur while Michael agrees to wait while Sweta goes inside to fetch cash, and he soon learns that he is stuck within the property. As the night wears on, Michael learns a disturbing truth about the home’s former occupants. At the same time, he learns a disturbing secret about Shwetha, who’s not what she appears to be.

Dora (2017)

The story follows Pavalakodi, an ambitious girl who receives a classic car as a gift from her taxicab dad. But the vehicle has a sinister history, and its interiors are plagued by an angry ghost. When Pavalakodi and her pals investigate the strange happenings surrounding the vehicle and the ghost, they quickly find themselves in peril. The picture is an excellent example of the horror-thriller genre, with a compelling story and plenty of thrilling moments. Nayanthara’s acting as Pavalakodi is impressive and is likewise the movie’s unifying force. The film’s spooky tune and use of moody camerawork contribute to the movie’s overarching unsettling atmosphere.

Airaa (2019)

Yamuna, a columnist, is the movie’s protagonist; she is tormented by a mysterious persona with ties to her past. Meanwhile, a little girl called Amudha in a far-flung hamlet begins to have unusual experiences and comes to think that she is inhabited by a ghost. When Yamuna investigates the ghost and its possible role in her past, the two narratives begin to intersect. The storytelling style of the movie, which alternates between the two stories, isn’t necessarily likely to be appreciated by everyone. Nonetheless, the film’s exploration of classism and the persecution of vulnerable populations gives the plot more dimension and contemporary resonance.

Petromax (2019)

In this movie, our protagonists are a cast of characters who decide to live in the iron age in a deserted home that has a reputation for being cursed. Varun, one member of the group, is inclined to market the house, while Nandhini, another member, would like to utilize it as a setting in her future horror movie. In any case, they quickly come to terms with the fact that the house is, in fact, cursed by a vindictive ghost, and they’re forced to collaborate in order to learn the truth about the spirit’s history and finally lay it to rest. It’s safe to say that Petromax is one of the most enjoyable horror comedies of recent memory.

Eeram (2009)

A residential community is the setting for a string of unsolved killings in this suspenseful drama. The cops discover no evidence of a scuffle or forceful entrance when the bodies of the victims are discovered in their respective bathtubs. Vasudevan and Malini, a married couple, get involved in the inquiry and put themselves in harm’s way as they strive to find out what exactly happened on that ominous day. This film is a masterful psychological drama that will have the audience questioning everything from beginning to end. The enigma is well constructed, and the movie’s idea is compelling. The tense mood of the picture is bolstered by its use of moody film techniques and a disturbing soundscape. The movie isn’t perfect; for instance, the manner in which some of the story elements are presented could have been handled better. Yet, this is nitpicking about an otherwise strong drama.

Aval (2017)

We accompany Krish and Lakshmi as they settle into their beautiful hilltop house. The newlyweds begin to experience unexplainable phenomena as they ease into their new beginning and conclude that their new house is inhabited by an evil entity. The pair, as the paranormal activity increases in frequency and severity, must face their anxieties in order to learn the truth about the ghosts that torment them. The film is a masterwork in its genre, successfully blending otherworldly horror with a humanistic narrative about loving one another. The box office success is due in large part to the outstanding portrayals of its cast, especially those of Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah, who bring a lot of depth and sincerity to the key characters.

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