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Series Like ‘The Glory’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

“The Glory,” a 2022 Korean thriller, has captured the attention of viewers all across the globe with its innovative plot, outstanding acting, and stunning visuals. The story depicts a teenage girl who, after being tormented to the extent that she considers dropping out of class, plots her best course of action to get her vengeance. After achieving her goal of becoming a first-grade schoolteacher, she exacts her revenge by adopting the kid of her arch-nemesis. If you’re a fan of “The Glory” and want something similar to stream, we’ve compiled a list of the top revenge thrillers for you to savor.

Iris (2009)

Analyst Choi Seung-hee, a key member of the NSS, is looking into rumors of an espionage mission in North Korea. When she investigates more, she finds evidence of a plot involving a formidable clandestine agency codenamed “IRIS,” which aims to destabilize the Korean Republic’s peace. Hyun-jun reemerges as the probe picks up steam, disclosing that he managed to escape the Hungarian assault and has been hiding out ever since. Along with Seung-hee, he forms an unexpected partnership to investigate IRIS’s true intentions and foil the organisation’s goals. The story develops, revealing a labyrinth of deception and treachery that ensnares Pyongyang and Seoul and different illicit groups. Hyun-jun, as well as Seung-hee, are in a clockwork battle to discover the facts and halt IRIS before they accomplish their mission, and with every passing second, the stakes become higher.

The Innocent Man (2009)

The show centers on Ma-ru, a surgical trainee who is wrongfully convicted of an offence and sent to jail. After being set free, he goes after his former lover and a rich entrepreneur who he believes harmed him. The story examines romance, remorse, and forgiveness through the lens of Ma-ru as he gets embroiled in a labyrinth of deception and wrongdoing. To add insult to injury, he becomes involved in a romantic dilemma with his former lover and the magnate of the firm he’s attempting to destroy. Excellent writing and pacing throughout the program culminated in a gratifying ending that neatly wrapped up all the plot threads. You should watch it if you like revenge stories or Korean operas.

The Innocent Defendant (2017)

Park Jung-woo, a prominent attorney, is falsely accused of murdering his spouse and child and ultimately condemned to the electric chair. Although Jung-woo has no recollection of the evening that the murder occurred, he is desperate to establish his innocence and identify the true perpetrator before he’s sent to the chair. But he has to achieve this inside the prison, where he is at risk from both unscrupulous authorities and his fellow convicts. In trying to determine what led to the deaths of his family, Jung-woo comes across startling information about himself and others surrounding him. It delves into the concepts related to equality, second chances, and the strength of the mortal psyche despite hardship.

Mad Dogs (2017)

The plot centers on a group of insurers who make it their business to track down criminals. Choi Kang-woo, a retired investigator who buried his spouse and child because of an aircraft tragedy brought on by predatory capitalism, is the captain of the squad. Choi assembles a crack squad of experts to figure out what’s causing all the mishaps. As their investigation continues, they get embroiled in a labyrinth of fraud and intrigue. There is a time constraint, and the risks are rising, so Choi and his squad must work quickly to haul the offenders to prison in order to prevent more catastrophes from happening.

Mine (2021)

The show centres on the lifestyles of Seo Hee-soo as well as Jung Seo-hyun, two socialites who, despite having wed into rich families, are unable to feel fulfilled in their relationships with their husbands. While trying to figure out how to interact with their spouses, in-laws, and one another, the two ladies stumble into dirty mysteries and controversies that might have a devastating effect on everyone involved. Along the journey, the duo has to deal with their own personal demons and the pressures of society if they want to discover who they really are and what counts more in their lives. The program is well-directed and scripted, providing a fresh look into the lifestyles of the rich and the challenges women face when trying to assert themselves in a male-dominated household.

Tell Me What You Saw (2020)

The show depicts a group of investigators as they look into the return of a prolific murderer who had been dormant for half a decade. Oh Hyun-Jae, the group’s leader, is a skilled but quirky investigator who has trouble recognizing people’s features. As time goes on, the group discovers more and more evidence of a bigger scheme, including crooked authorities and violent criminals. It’s a clockwork race as they try to figure out the perpetrator of the murders and stop the murderer from picking out any more innocent people. The program is well-known for its exciting storyline, surprising detours, and excellent acting from an ensemble that gives each personality rich dimensions. In doing so, it examines the concepts of trauma, the motivations for seeking vengeance, and the significance of memories.

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