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Top 6 Films Like ‘Living’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

While 2022 was a banner year for moviegoers, there was one film dubbed “Living,” starring Bill Nighy, that stood out from the crowd. The film, which portrays Williams as he deals with his dysfunctional household, is certain to move viewers deeply and hold their attention. If you’re browsing for films with the same emotional effect as “Living,” look no further than our suggestions of the best movies like “Living.”

Life Of Pi (2012)

At the start of the movie, Pi recounts his experience to a Canadian journalist. Pi describes his upbringing in India, along with how he grew fascinated with spirituality as a teenager and also how he eventually came to learn about the spectrum of religions in his nation. When Pi and his parents make the decision to relocate to Canada, they take Richard Parker, as well as the rest of their critters, with them on a container vessel.

The vessel goes down in a storm, leaving Pi and the tiger stranded in a raft together. The remainder of the film follows Pi as he tries to stay alive aboard the raft by finding sustenance and staying away from the wild beast. Following their time in the Caribbean, the duo eventually made it to the Mexican mainland. When Pi lies weary on the beach, the tiger leaps off the dinghy and vanishes into the bush without even a moment’s hesitation.

The Truman Show (1998)

Truman has spent his whole life in Seahaven, a quiet, idyllic hamlet that is really a gigantic stage erected within a sphere. Truman’s whole existence, spanning from his infancy through his romances, has been filmed around the clock by a crew of filmmakers and performers for the last couple of decades. Truman has a series of bizarre occurrences just as he starts to doubt the veracity of his existence. He keeps having the same experiences, namely seeing the same lady in a scarlet bonnet, and he starts to feel alone. On his journey for freedom, he meets a lady named Sylvia, who attempts to persuade him that everything he knows is just a deception.

Schindler’s List (1998)

The film chronicles the life of Schindler, a German industrialist who rescued countless Jewish immigrants throughout World War II. Schindler’s awareness of the Third Reich’s cruel treatment of Jews grows as the conflict advances. He hears the Nazis pick up hundreds of Jews from the ghetto and send them to extermination centres or gas chambers. Schindler, touched by the plight of his innocent employees, plans to utilise his business as a shelter for those fleeing the Nazis. As the struggle progresses, Schindler’s attempts to rescue his employees grow more perilous. He risks his own safety by bribing Nazi authorities and spending his private assets to save his employees from being deported.

The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015)

The story of genius mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan serves as inspiration for this literary masterwork, from his modest upbringing in a rural hamlet to his tenure at the prestigious university, where he contributed significantly to mathematics. Upon receiving Ramanujan’s paper, many professional researchers immediately discounted it as the musings of a novice. At last, Professor Hardy acknowledges Ramanujan’s talent and extends an invitation to Cambridge. However, Ramanujan has a hard time settling into English society because of the prejudice he faces because of his ethnicity and faith. Nonetheless, he survives in his theoretical studies under Prof. Hardy’s tutelage, ultimately producing significant advances in areas such as arithmetic and indefinite series.

Into The Wild (2007)

The film follows Christopher McCandless, an optimistic, freshly graduated university student, as he embarks on a trip across the planet to discover his purpose in life. McCandless journeys to Alaska with the goal of making a living from agriculture and finding pleasure for himself. A blizzard hits, leaving McCandless alone in the woods. He starts to feel remorse for his choice to isolate himself from society and to miss out on the joy of sharing life with loved ones. Eventually, McCandless starves to death, and his corpse is found by a band of poachers. Insightful and emotionally gripping, the movie forces viewers to contemplate the importance of human relationships and the purpose of life.

Gran Torino (2008)

Walt, a cynical and bigoted war veteran, is at a loss to understand the transformation of his community. Things change for the old man when a young man named Thao attempts to hijack his truck in lieu of a gang-hazing ritual. Walt finds Thao red-handed and gives him a beating, yet he begins to like and guide the young man. Thao’s parents are so appreciative of Walt for taking care of their kid that they decide to treat him to supper as a thank you. Walt invests himself heavily in Thao’s group in the following weeks. He mentors Thao into manhood and protects his household from the local thugs. Through the interactions with his Hmong companions, Walt is challenged to examine his own biases and overcome his afflictions.

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