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Top 5 Films Like ‘Pearl’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

“Pearl” is the latest movie directed by renowned Hollywood Filmmaker Ti West and paints a mesmerizing picture of beauty and darkness, set against the backdrop of an isolated farm. The movie delves into the intricate complexities of human desires and the collision of dreams and reality. 

With a captivating protagonist/antagonist, Pearl, burdened with familial responsibilities and yearning for a different life, the film delves into her internal struggle as she navigates the suffocating presence of her mother and cares for her ailing father. As her desires and lures intensify, Pearl’s journey becomes a tumultuous ride, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, leading to unexpected consequences. With that being said, here are five films like “Pearl” that capture similar themes of obsession and reality. 

Saint Maud (2019)

In the haunting and evocative film “Saint Maud,” director Rose Glass weaves a chilling tale of faith, obsession, and madness. At the heart of the story is Maud, a young nurse whose unwavering piety is matched only by her unwavering determination to save her dying patient, Amanda. Set against the backdrop of a decaying coastal mansion, where Amanda lives alone in a disabled state, Glass paints a mesmerizing picture of isolation and decay that serves as a metaphor for Maud’s own unraveling psyche. As Maud becomes more convinced that she has been chosen by Christ to save Amanda’s soul, her religious zeal takes on a dark and dangerous intensity. 

The director masterfully crafts a slow-burn narrative, using her directorial prowess to create a sense of mystery that lingers long after the movie is concluded. Her use of lighting, sound, and symbolism adds depth and nuance to the film, drawing the audience into Maud’s dark and distorted reality.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

This David Lynch masterpiece introduces cinephiles to the mesmerizing world of Betty Elms, a hopeful dreamer with stars in her eyes, as she embarks on an enigmatic and labyrinthine journey through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. With boundless ambition and unwavering determination, Betty arrives in Los Angeles, eager to make her mark in the entertainment industry. But fate has other plans in store when Betty’s path crosses with Rita, a mysterious woman who suffers from amnesia after a harrowing car crash on Mulholland Drive. In the act of kindness, Betty takes Rita under her wing, and together they delve into the dark underbelly of Tinseltown to uncover the truth about Rita’s past. As the duo sets out on their quest for answers, the line between dreams and reality becomes blurred, and the once-sparkling facade of Hollywood begins to crack, revealing a twisted and surreal realm lurking beneath the surface.

In this enthralling tale of mystery and deception, director David Lynch weaves a spellbinding narrative that defies conventions and pushes the boundaries of storytelling. With its spellbinding visuals, haunting score, and unforgettable performances, “Mulholland Drive” is a cinematic masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, leaving its audience captivated and entranced.

I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

“I Spit on Your Grave” is a 1978 movie helmed by Steven R. Monroe and stars Sarah Butler in the leading role. 

Once upon a time, in the quaint countryside, a budding author named Jennifer Hills sought solace in a charming cottage, eager to immerse herself in her work. But her idyllic retreat quickly turned into a nightmare when a gang of local thugs brutally attacked and violated her, leaving her for dead. Miraculously, Jennifer survived the heinous ordeal. Determined not to be silenced, Jennifer’s resolve was reignited as she vowed to take matters into her own hands. As Jennifer unleashed her wrath upon her assailants, her vengeance was nothing short of horrific and violent. She struck with cunning precision, turning the tables on her enemies and delivering justice in the most merciless ways. 

Camille Keaton’s breathtaking performance as Jennifer in the film is nothing short of mesmerizing. With a raw and honest portrayal, Keaton brings Jennifer’s complex character to life, capturing both her vulnerability and her unwavering determination for revenge with unparalleled skill. As Jennifer’s story unfolds on the screen, Keaton’s nuanced performance draws the audience into Jennifer’s world, eliciting empathy for her plight and admiration for her unyielding spirit. 

SAW (2004)

This James Wan masterpiece takes you deep into the heart of the city; amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where two strangers, Adam, and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, find themselves thrown into a nightmarish situation. They awaken in a filthy, dimly lit toilet with no memory of how they got there. The toilet chamber is not what it seems. It’s rigged with intricate traps, hidden pitfalls, and ingenious puzzles that challenge the victims’ wits and determination to survive. Secrets are revealed, regrets come to the surface, and buried emotions boil over in the claustrophobic confines of the toilet chamber. They realize that Jigsaw’s sadistic games are not just about physical survival but also about confronting their inner demons and facing the consequences of their choices.  

“Saw” is a riveting horror masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of the genre, pushing the limits of storytelling and challenging the audience’s perceptions. It’s not just another run-of-the-mill flick but a thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche and the consequences of our choices.

Pieces (1982)

“Pieces” is a 1982 work of art directed by Juan Piquer Simón and stars Christopher George  in the lead role. 

The halls of Boston University were usually filled with the echoes of laughter and the hum of academic pursuits. But now, a dark cloud of fear hung over the campus as a mysterious killer struck with precision and brutality. The victims, all young women with bright futures ahead of them, were found brutally murdered and their bodies gruesomely severed. The once vibrant campus turned into a hushed maze of suspicion and fear. As the body count mounted, so did the pressure on Bracken to solve the case. The killer seemed to always be one step ahead, taunting him with cryptic messages and leaving behind a trail of chilling clues.

The film is an intriguing mystery/horror narrative that will keep you wondering till the climax. The film succeeds in keeping its audience on edge by concealing the murderer’s identity and providing several false leads and twists. The killings are described brutally, with intricate and inventive killing sequences that are frightening and horrifying in equal measure.  


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