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Top 10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions That You Should Know Of

Regardless of the platform, Google Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers in the world. What makes its demand so high is the fact that it allows easy synchronization of data across several Chrome devices. If you are a heavy Chrome user and love to spend more time in the browser than on desktop apps, then there are several Chrome extensions that can not only increase your productivity and functionality but also improve your web experience. Now in the ocean of Chrome extensions available, here is a list of extensions that can help you do a range of things.


Do you often visit e-commerce websites for shopping and struggle to find the best discount coupons? Install the Honey Chrome extension for free, which will automatically search and apply the best and biggest discount coupons while you check out from your cart. Honey has a database of over 30,000 websites from which it can search and provide coupons for everything ranging from travel reservations to food ordering. You can also add items to the droplist if you are low on budget or wish to buy things later, and Honey will notify you if there is a price drop. This extension even offers features to compare sellers for better pricing while taking memberships and shipping factors into consideration. Honey users are already enjoying annual savings of $126 and a 17.9% average discount.


Probably one of the best grammar-checking tools on the market, Grammarly helps you write with confidence and clarity. You can save a great deal of time from polishing and proofreading as the Grammarly extension offers suggestions in real-time on multiple platforms like Google Docs, LinkedIn, and Twitter, among many others. The extension’s tone detector is extremely useful and helps you understand how your writing will sound to the intended audience. Though grammatically correct, sometimes long sentences often confuse the audience. Grammarly provides alternative sentences for those to make things simple yet elegant. The Basic plan for Grammarly is free and includes features like tone detection, punctuation, conciseness, and spell check. The Premium and Business plans have a price tag of $12 and $15 per month, respectively, and have features like full sentence rewrites, citations, a style guide, an analytics dashboard, and many more.


When you are using multiple platforms, it can become a tough job to remember all the passwords correctly. LastPass is here to save you a lot of trouble and do the memorization of passwords for you. Along with passwords, you can also store your credit card details, email address, shipping address, and any other important credentials, and when you require them, you can just use the autofill option and LastPass will take care of everything. This also eliminates the chance of any error when we are typing or filling in important credentials in a hurry. The extension comes with a security dashboard that detects reused and weak passwords and offers solutions to fix them. You can even fix these passwords using LastPass’s online password generator, which offers the creation of random and secure passwords. If your information is at any risk, the dark web monitoring feature of LastPass will even notify you of it.


Looking for a clean and crisp project management Chrome extension that can help you scale up your productivity? ClickUp has got you covered. Create your own dashboard and add specific widgets according to your needs to check on performance and share results easily. The time-tracking feature of the extension can be used to understand billable time, prioritize tasks, and edit timings as needed. Implementation of clear SOPs and new tasks is not a headache anymore and can be done using the automation present in the extension. With its notepad, you can write down any important information and can even use the screenshot feature to take a picture of a whole screen or a particular area. The Free plan comes with 100 MB of free storage, while other plans include Unlimited, Business, and Business Plus and cost $5, $12, and $19 per month, respectively.


It often occurs that we come across interesting articles or videos while surfing the web and want to save them to follow up later. But mostly we forget to do so due to our busy schedules. The best way to save these interesting things is by using a web clipper by the name of Pocket. The clean and crisp layout of this web extension is extremely soothing to the eyes, which lets you focus on the information and is highly customizable. You can even turn any stories, articles, or blogs into audio and listen to them while commuting. The contents can be accessed from multiple devices and even in offline mode. The recommendation engine of the Pocket provides the best-curated content available, where you can categorize the content accordingly using tags and also highlight key information. The extension is free to use, but if you want to get a premium account in Pocket, you will have to pay $45 per year or $5 per month.


Today, the internet has become one of the most important components of our daily life, without which it is quite impossible to thrive. But when we browse the internet, it often leaves traces of data, and that can become a potential threat to our privacy. To avoid such a threat, install the Click&Clean extension, which tactically protects your privacy by deleting your browsing history, download history, and cookies, absolutely removing your trace from the internet session. The extension clears temporary files and cache files, which are responsible for making your machine slow, and thereby enhances your web experience. Other than all these functions, Click&Clean also scans for malware, notifies you if it detects any, and provides all-around security.


Unable to keep track of your emails and require a personal assistant? Try the Mailbutler extension, which will take care of your emails and save you some of your precious time. The extension easily integrates into your mail account, and with its simple and clean interface, you can just get started with it. With its tracking feature, you can easily gauge where, when, and how often your mail was opened and accordingly schedule the right time to send emails or let Mailbutler take care of the timing for you. With this extension, you can create your own professional signature or use the already-created template available for your emails. You can automate tasks, add notes to your emails, and get insights into your contacts using Mailbutler. You can also undo sent mail if you find an error before it is delivered, and can even snooze mail activities for some time to improve communication. 


Loom is a video-managing Chrome extension that can be used to record your screen, microphone, internal audio, and camera effortlessly. The extension has already become a leading screen recorder and is trusted by more than 14 million users across 200,000 companies. You can use the extension to provide feedback, create demos, or record meetings, and Loom will provide you with a link instantly, which you can use to share the content, or you can also save the video inside Loom HQ. You can record the content in 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or 4K and also add camera effects, background, and frames to the video. The starter plan for Loom is absolutely free, while the business plan costs $8 per month.

The Great Suspender 

While working or researching a topic, we often forget how many tabs we have opened at once. Opening multiple tabs in Chrome can slow down the performance and hamper the battery efficiency and RAM usage of the device. This is where you can use the Great Suspender extension and save yourself a lot of trouble. The unused tabs are suspended or put into sleep mode by this extension, freeing up memory on your machine. The Great Suspender has an intelligent algorithm to detect forms or audio playing tabs and prevent them from suspending, which is quite advantageous. The extension can also be configured to work differently when on battery power or in offline browsing mode.


With busy work schedules, it is not surprising how often one can get bored or see a decline in their productivity. To get that extra boost for making your work schedule a bit more bearable, you can install the Momentum extension. Momentum allows you to create customizable tab pages, which helps you stay focused, organized, and motivated. It is already being used by over 3 million users and comes with a plethora of features to make your day more productive. Momentum allows you to set soundscapes of your choosing to focus on what you are working on and comes with the option to set up a Pomodoro timer. The autofocus mode will notify you of the most important tasks, and you can also track your progress using Momentum’s metric options. Features like weather updates, notes, and to-do lists are also available with this extension.

Wrapping Up

The list here boasts some of the finest extensions one can have and provides features that you probably thought could not have been done by any tool. Most of the basic plans for these extensions are free to use, but be aware that extensions take up quite a bit of space, and installing too many can cause problems. Understand your requirements and install the ones that would help you on a daily basis, adding value to your work.

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