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‘Gotham Knights’ Achievements, Explained: Can You Achieve 100% In The Game?

100% in games is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to this hobby. While there’s always enjoyment when it comes to playing a new release and seeing the credits roll, there’s something extremely satisfying to see your achievements sitting at 100% and know that you have slowly but surely made your way here. Now, sometimes it can be quite a difficult, laborious, and taxing task, but other times, it’s quite fun and remarkable. Today’s game in question is “Gotham Knights,” the newest open-world superhero RPG that came to us from D.C. and W.B. Games Montreal, and I’ll immediately start by saying that this is not a bad game like the internet made it out to be. That doesn’t mean it’s great or exceptional either; it’s a good, short, and sweet superhero game that is quite easy to 100%, so let’s take a look at that and see what it’ll take to 100% “Gotham Knights.”

The Game

“Gotham Knights” is a third-person open-world action RPG set across Gotham City that lets you play as the hero of your choice, ranging from Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin. The game takes place after the death of Batman and tells a story revolving around the Court of Owls. There’s a lot to this game, from its approach to combat to how it handles progression and so on, and while I won’t get into detail about those things here as we do a review for “Gotham Knights” here on our website, I’ll say it’s anywhere between serviceable and good. As I mentioned in the beginning, this game is not the dumpster fire that the internet made it out to be and is quite fun and unique in the way it handles things. I absolutely love their version of Gotham City, which is shallow and lifeless, sure, but looks incredible and absolutely stunning. We also have a tour of the world of this game here on our site, so feel free to check that out as well if you are interested. Let’s leave all of this behind and focus on the achievements of the game now.

The Achievement Structure

Straightforward, simple, and easy with no missables, thankfully. A lot of the achievements will unlock for doing the story and side missions, while others will come in the form of finding collectibles. Not a single achievement in this game is hard or grindy; even so, those sections will be omitted, of course, and despite the nature of this game featuring co-op, everything can be unlocked solo, which is appreciated. You’ll have to beat the game twice to unlock an achievement, and trust me; it’s super quick and short. There’s a game mode called Heroic Assault, which was added post-launch and came with seven achievements, while the base game has 48, bringing the total to 55 achievements that you can unlock here.

The Story’s Achievements

Right off the bat, you have eight achievements for beating the eight-story missions, which are called “case files” here. “Loose Ends” unlocks for completing Case 1. “Whispered Words” unlocks for completing case 2. “Lock and Key” unlocks for completing Case 3. “Bad Apples in Every Orchard” unlocks for completing Case 4. “From Inside Gotham’s Walls” unlocks upon completing Case 5. “Voiceless” unlocks after completing Case 6. “Seeking Asylum” unlocks upon completing Case 7. Finally, “Gotham Knight” unlocks upon completing Case 8. That’s your story stuff done, and yes, it really is that short. There are side missions in the game called “Side Cases” that come with their own supervillains to tackle and their own achievements, so let’s take a look at that.

The first side case you’ll come across will revolve around Harley Quinn, and if you see it through to the end, you’ll unlock four achievements. “Har, Har, Har, Very Funny” unlocks visiting Harley in Blackgate prison and is part of the story. Then we have “Get ReQ’d,” “Working Hard or Harley Working?” and finally, “Universal Health Scare,” all three of which will unlock as you close Harley’s case file.

The second case involves Mr. Freeze and comes with four achievements of its own as well. “To The Victor Go The Spoils” unlocks for investigating a disturbance at S.T.A.R. Labs. “Quartzer Life Crisis” unlocks the ability to investigate a disturbance at Quartz Labs. “Snow Problem” for fighting and beating Mr. Freeze, and finally, “Cooldown” for fighting and beating M.R. freeze again; this time, he has a mech. 

Finally, we have the third case that involves Clayface and comes with three achievements. Nothing fancy or special here as it is the same as the above case files, and you’ll unlock “Something in the Clay,” “The Show Mud Go On,” and “Rock and a Hard Place” once you finally defeat Clayface.

Complete all three of these case files, and you’ll unlock “End Of An Era” for completing all villain cases. I must say, these side cases were the standout moments in the game, with good boss fights and set-piece moments, and I wish they did more of these and peppered in even more villains from the Batman mythos. Either way, on to the next section.

Miscellaneous Achievements

I say miscellaneous, but these achievements will unlock without even you knowing or trying to get them, so let me jot them down really quickly. “The Batman Family,” asks you to play as all four members at once, who are Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing. “Practice Makes Perfect,” asks you to complete all 16 training missions that can be found in the Belfry. “Knighthood” unlocks for reaching knighthood with one of the characters, a simple side mission that unlocks in the beginning. “First Step Into the Knight” unlocks your first ability from the skill tree. “Unstoppable Force” unlocks all four-momentum bars for one character and will come naturally as you play the game. “Protector of Gotham” unlocks for completing 50 challenges, which I didn’t even realize as I got them done. “Fusion Expert” unlocks the ability to acquire 50 modchips via mod fusion. You’ll be showering with useless mods in no time, and to get a mod chip from Fusion, all you have to do is fuse four chips into one from the menu. Finally, “Not on My Watch” can be unlocked to successfully stop all premeditated crimes in one night. Remember, you have to be successful in stopping them, so if you fail, even a single one, try the next night again. That’s it pretty much, and as you can probably see, most of these will unlock without even you putting in a lot of effort into them.

The Combat/Collectables Achievements

As I mentioned in the beginning, none of the achievements in this game are hard, so I’ll be listing all of them (and most of the remaining ones) here in this section. I’ll separate them into groups like collectibles, progression, combat, and more, so let’s take a look at that.

The achievements tied to combat are as follows:

“Family Meeting” unlocks after defeating 30 Mob Godmothers.

“Shock Till They Drop” unlocks after defeating 45 regulator shockers.

“Drone You Out” unlocks after defeating 30 regulator drone experts.

“Bulldozed” unlocks after defeating 30 Freak Bulldozers.

“Out of Their League” unlocks after defeating 45 League of Shadow Assassins and 30 Rocketeers.

“Talonted” unlocks after defeating 40 feral talons, 25 gladiator talons, and 15 hunter talons from The Court of Owls.

“The Man-Bat Family” unlocks for defeating 10 Man Bats, 5 of which you’ll fight throughout the story, and the remaining five can be found on top of Gotham’s buildings as you patrol. 

“In Your Element” will unlock the ability to inflict elemental damage on 50 enemies.

The achievements tied to collectibles are as follows:

“Read Owl About It” unlocks for finding all pages of the Historia Strigade; there are 42 of them.

“Batarang Collector” unlocks the search for all Batarangs; there are 60 of them.

“History Major” unlocks the location of all the landmarks of Gotham City; there are 40 of them.

“Claiming The Mural High Ground” unlocks the location of all the murals across the city; there are 12 of them.

These have been collectible-based achievements, but there are a few more that fit this description, so I’ll note them down here.

“Bat Out Of Hell” unlocks for completing all Batcycle time trials; there are seven of them.

“Gotham City Confidential” unlocks the search for all of Bruce’s audio recordings (caches); there are 12 of them.

Finally, “Solid Alibi” unlocks for completing the Hidden Identity thing; there are 5 of them. This is the only achievement that might be bugged, as I haven’t unlocked it despite meeting the requirements, so tread carefully for this one.

Finally, we have “A Worthy Successor,” which asks you to unlock all Knighthood abilities for a single character. This means you’ll have to buy all seven skills from the Knighthood tree of the character, and since this didn’t fit anywhere else, I decided to put it here. Onto the next section

The Somewhat Grindy Achievements

I say they are somewhat gritty, but once again, they really aren’t. These will just take you a tad extra time to unlock, but they are super easy. “A Momentum Occasion,” asks you to unlock all momentum abilities for a single character. There are eight of them per character, and most will unlock as you progress through the story; the remaining will be unlocked by completing specific challenges that can be found on the menu.

Next, we have “He’d Be So Proud Of You,” which asks you to reach max level with a single character. Remember in the beginning when I told you that you’d need to do two playthroughs? That’s for this achievement. The maximum level you can reach in your save is level 30, but in order to unlock this achievement, you must reach level 40, which can only be reached by playing New Game+. The good news is that since you carry your gear and weapons, you can practically one-shot everybody and beat the entire campaign once again in a couple of hours, and somewhere along the way, you’ll hit Level 40 and unlock this achievement.

Now we have “Expert Crime Fighter,” which asks you to stop 250 crimes across Gotham City. These can be anything from premeditated crimes to the random crimes that you come across, and they are cumulative, so this can take you a minute, but it is super simple and self-explanatory.

Finally, we have “Dressed to Impress,” which asks you to craft a full set of legendary gear (armor, melee weapons, and ranged weapons). In order to get legendary blueprints, you’ll have to defeat wanted targets that have a chance to spawn in the premeditated crimes that are on “very hard” difficulty. You’ll know you are fighting a most-wanted target if you see a name above them. Beat them, get the blueprints, and have tons of resources to craft your gear. Do so, and the achievement is yours.

Congratulations! You have 100%’d the base game of “Gotham Knights.” However, they added two free game modes post-launch called “Showdown” and “Heroic Assault,” which came with seven achievements that are relatively self-explanatory, so allow me to note them down for you as well.

Heroic Assault/Showdown Achievements

Showdown is a mode where you can fight all the bosses from the game once again, alone or with a buddy, and the difficulty here will be much harder than it was in the campaign. Out of the seven achievements added in this mode, 6 of them are tied to Showdown and are as follows:

“A Sophisticated Mallet” unlocks, defeating Harley Quinn in a showdown.

“Icebreaker” unlocks after defeating Mr. Freeze in a showdown.

“Don’t Mecha Big Deal About It” unlocks for defeating Mecha Freeze in a Showdown.

“That’s showbiz, Clayby,” unlocks Clayface’s defeat in a showdown.

“Confronting Your Demon” unlocks after defeating Talia Al Ghul in a showdown.

Finally, “Showdown Sovereign” unlocks, defeating all of the villains in Showdown.

The Showdown fights are just a smidge difficult, but I was able to beat all of them by myself while playing as Redhood, so it’s not too crazy.

Finally, the last achievement is tied to “Heroic Assault,” which is a horde mode with 30 floors and can be played with up to 4 players in co-op. The achievement in question is “Gotham’s Greatest Depths,” and it asks you to beat all 30 floors in Heroic Assault. These can be done in any order, and I’d highly recommend having at least one more person to get these done faster. It can be soloed but will take you much longer and will get a little hard on certain floors, so having a buddy or two will make this mode relatively fun and quick.

Voila, “Gotham Knights” has been 100% completed, and I am not going to lie to you—it’s a pretty fun game to get completion on. Will they add more content that will come with more achievements in the future? Hard to say, but I would definitely love to see more villains and case files added to the game, as they were the most fun part of the game for me personally. Imagine seeing the likes of Bane, Deathstroke, KingShark, Solomon Grundy, Firefly, Prometheus, and more added so we can duke it out with them. Or how about villains who we won’t fight using fists (they’ll get wrecked in a single punch if we do) but in some other way with the addition of Two-Face, Scarecrow, Ventriloquist, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, and more? The possibilities are endless, but I don’t think that will ever happen; but hey! We can all hope!

Final Thoughts

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. “Gotham Knights” is not a bad game; it’s a good game that could have been great, and the criticisms got blown out of proportion thanks to the internet and the constant comparison to “Arkham.” For a completionist, this game is simple, easy, and fun and doesn’t ask a lot. I’ll take the challenge over unnecessary grind any time of the day, and while this game offers neither, it’s still a fun journey, and having a superhero game sitting at 100% is something I always love to see.

The score below is not for the game itself but for its completion and is a mixture of difficulty, skill, and time consumption.


40-50 hours.

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