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‘Tooth Pari’ Cast And Character Guide, Explained

Vampire web series have become a popular theme in recent years, drawing in viewers with their dark and often supernatural storylines. These series typically focus on the lives of vampires, depicting their struggles with immortality, bloodlust, and the constant danger of being discovered by humans. One of the most notable aspects of vampire web series is their ability to explore the complex and often taboo themes such as sexuality, power dynamics, and morality. Many of these shows challenge traditional notions of good and evil, portraying vampires as complex and nuanced characters with their own unique motivations and desires.

Released on April 20, 2023, “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites” is a new Netflix series that explores the intriguing parallels between the vampire and human worlds. The show follows the romantic journey of a human and a vampire as they navigate the challenges that arise from their vastly different existences in Kolkata. Fans of vampire-themed movies and series, such as “Twilight” and “Vampire Diaries,” are sure to find this show captivating. In this brief introduction, we’ll take a look at the important characters featured in the first season of “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites.”

Spoilers Ahead

Tanya Maniktala As Rumi

In this series, Rumi, played by Tanya Maniktala, is a vampire who lost her sense of purpose when she was a human. She used to be in a relationship, but when she became pregnant, her boyfriend abandoned her, forcing her to have an abortion. Her parents then arranged a marriage with an abusive husband who tortured her daily. Though she gives birth to a baby, the child dies soon after. Devastated, Rumi attempted suicide by jumping into a river but got saved by a vampire named David (Saswata Chatterjee), who converted her into a vampire. Rumi is depicted as a rebellious vampire who is known as a “baghini” (tigress) and cherishes her freedom. However, everything changes when she meets Dr. Roy (Shantanu Maheswari), with whom she falls in love. However, being from different worlds, their romantic involvement proves challenging. Despite Dr. Roy’s initial fear and harsh words toward her, Rumi wins his heart and embarks on a journey to be with him. When Rumi’s vampire friend Sreela dies at the hands of Luna Luka (Revathi), the leader of an extremist group called “Kathmandus” that beheads vampires, Rumi takes revenge by killing Luna Luka. Through her actions, Rumi undergoes remarkable character development, exhibiting her deep affection for Dr. Roy, her care for her vampire friends, and her underlying kindness despite being labeled a monster.

Shantanu Maheswari As Dr. Roy

Dr. Roy, a humble dentist by profession, is a simple man with a passion for cooking. He shares his culinary skills through his YouTube channel, “The Anonymous Chef.” Throughout the series, Dr. Roy is portrayed as someone who values his parents’ teachings and always tries to see the good in people. When he first meets Rumi at his clinic, he is instantly drawn to her, eventually falling in love with her after meeting her multiple times. However, when he discovers that Rumi is a vampire, he is initially terrified and starts to view her as a monster. Despite his fear, Dr. Roy decides to give importance to his feelings for Rumi, and he accepts her for who she is. When Rumi is imprisoned in the underground world of vampires for breaking the rules, Dr. Roy musters up the courage to visit her, even though he knows the dangers involved. In the final episode of “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites,” we see him not only overcome his fear but also reveal his true identity as “The Anonymous Chef” to his audience, proudly embracing his love for cooking.

Revathi As Luna Luka

Luna Luka, the leader of a group called the “Kathmandus,” is portrayed as a powerful witch who holds a grudge against vampires. Her hatred stems from a past relationship with a man who became a vampire, leaving her heartbroken. Along with her clan members, Luna Luka has been fighting against vampires for years, using her mastery of witchcraft to gain the upper hand. When Luna Luka learns that some vampires have been sneaking into the human world despite restrictions, she beheads one named Sreela to send a message. However, her efforts go in vain, as she is ultimately killed by Rumi. Luna Luka’s death serves as a catalyst for the rest of the “Kathmandus,” who become enraged and vow to avenge her.

Adil Hussain As AD (Adi Deb)

AD is an elderly man who has created an underground world specifically for vampires in order to keep them separated from the human world. He takes care of all their needs and has designed different chambers, books, and games to keep them occupied. AD has even gone so far as to source the blood the vampires need from a hospital’s blood bank, all while keeping it a secret. He is a mastermind with connections to both the vampires and the “Kathmandus,” and it is he who sends Rumi to assassinate Luna Luka. AD’s primary motivation for all of this is to protect his wife, who suffers from a rare blood disease. He secretly runs his operations to create a component called “hematin,” which is a mixture of vampire blood and helps his wife stay alive.

Sikandar Kher As Kartik Pal

Kartik Pal serves as a sub-inspector in the Lake Police Department. His father, Biren Pal (Anjan Dutt), was a renowned police inspector. However, due to Biren’s fascination with vampires and his habit of sharing stories about them with others, people began to view him as insane. Biren’s mental condition deteriorated further as he developed Alzheimer’s disease. Kartik takes care of his father but is tired of his mundane life and often drinks, even while at work. Everything changes for Kartik when he meets Rumi and falls in love with her. As he investigates the murder of Sreela, he discovers a vampire and starts to believe in the stories his father used to tell. By the end of season 1 of “Tooth Pari: When Love Bites,” Kartik has redeemed himself and his father’s reputation by revealing the existence of vampires to the media and assisting Rumi in killing Luna Luka.


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