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‘Romancham’ Cast And Character Guide: Everything You Need To Know

“Romancham,” the new directorial feature from Jithu Madhavan, has been released and has started receiving critical praise for its fresh take on the horror-comedy genre. The plot revolves around 7 friends who are living as bachelors on the outskirts of Bangalore in 2007. The story begins when, out of boredom, one of the friends experiments with the Ouija board and invokes a spirit called Anamika, bringing chaos into each of their lives. The characters are what make this genre work, and this film is no exception. With extremely well-written characters that are wonderfully brought to the screen by the actors, “Romancham” is an absolute treat to watch. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast and the characters they portray:

Spoilers Ahead

Soubin Shahir As Jibin

Soubin Shahir plays Jibin, the one responsible for bringing the Ouija board into the house. Having a dislike for even slightly strenuous games such as volleyball, he prefers to sleep or invest his time in something less vigorous in nature, which is why he tries to involve everyone in playing the Ouija board. He first makes it out of rough cardboard but then finds an old cardboard board and etches symbols on it to make it resemble an Ouija board. Soubin Shahir has become a well-known name in Malayalam cinema with credits such as Netflix’s “Sudani from Nigeria,” “Parava”, and the critically acclaimed “Kumbalangi Nights” behind him. He was most recently seen in Amad Ali’s “Bheeshma Parvam”, where he played the role of Ajas Ali.

Sajin Gopu As Mukesh

Sajin Gopu plays Mukesh, the big brother in the house. He distributes household duties to fellow bachelors and keeps things from getting out of control. With a naturally heavy build, he often promises to beat others to a pulp, but more than that, he comes up to help, showing his care for them. Sajin plays the part well, with the right amount of authority and aggression. Sajin is known for the Chidambaram comedy “Jan.E.Man” and had a small part in the fantasy drama “Churuli.”

Anantharaman Ajay As Rivin

Anantharaman Ajay plays Rivin, the only hygienic and productive member of the lot. He has both a well-paying job and a girlfriend, which makes him cut off from the shenanigans of the rest of the housemates. It doesn’t help that he stays in a separate room all by himself, talking constantly with his girlfriend on the phone. He comes in handy, only to be ganged up on while playing the Ouija board. “Romancham” marks Ajay’s debut, and he has a promising career ahead of him.

Siju Sunny As Nirup

Siju Sunny plays Nirup, the tobacco addict with a loudmouth waiting to crack a job interview. He is the one who is beaten up the most by the gang because of his antics. Nirup’s budding alcohol addiction adds to the problems. Siju initially began his career as a writer on the TV series “Just Married Things” before moving into acting with “Romancham.”

Abin Bino As Shijappan

Abin Bino plays Shijappan, the man with dreams of becoming a dancer who is now stuck with good-for-nothing losers and has to do household chores. He goes along with Jibin in starting the mischief with the Ouija board and later has to face the consequences. Abin started his career with the TV miniseries “Othalanga Thuruthu” and later went on to act in the 2021 drama “Sara’s”. He will be seen in upcoming films such as ”Praharam” and “Aap Kaise Ho?”

Jagadeesh Kumar As Soman

Jagadeesh Kumar plays Soman, the business-minded one in the group. He runs his business of selling toilet seats, with the house basically acting as his storage unit. He is the first one to face the misfortune arising from invoking the spirit, breaking his leg in an accident. Jagadeesh marks his feature film debut with this film.

Afzal P.H. As Harikuttan

Afzal P.H. plays Harikuttan, a petrol pump attendant whose only vote of confidence comes from Mukesh, whom he treats like an elder brother. Perpetually afraid and constantly on the move, his cadence provides comic relief in the film. “Romancham” marks Afzal’s debut as well.

Arjun Ashokan As Sinu Solomon

Arjun Ashokan plays Sinu Solomon, Jibin’s cousin, who arrives at a crucial interval in the film. Having the most eccentric behavior of them all, his habit of zoning out midway through a conversation and speaking of ‘skull soup’ freaks the others. Sweet and well-spoken, his smile hides something disturbing. Arjun comes to this film with a wealth of experience behind him, having done films such as “Unda”, “Kaduva”, and “Thattassery Kootam.” Arjun was most recently seen in “Thuramukham” and has more than nine upcoming feature films.

With a great script and a great ensemble of natural performers who effortlessly portray the camaraderie among the characters, “Romancham” may soon go down as one of the best horror comedies made in recent times. Do catch it; it’s streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


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