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‘The Crossover’ Season 1: Story Recap And Ending

“The Crossover” is the latest eight-episode series created by Kwame Alexander and follows the struggles and triumphs of the Bell family as they navigate through their challenges and strive to find joy in their lives. The series packs an explosive ensemble and features the likes of Derek Luke as Chuck Bell, Jalyn Hall as Josh Bell, Amir O’Neil as Jordan Bell, Sabrina Revelle as Crystal Bell, Deja Monique Cruz as Maya, Trevor Raine Bush as Vondie, Elijah Jacob as Zuma, Will Koberg as Coach Howard, and more.

Spoilers Ahead

The Bell Family

The story moves in a non-linear fashion and opens with Jordan Bell, sporting the Lakers jersey and preparing to take a final shot, being encouraged by his mother and his brother Josh, who also once shared the same dream. The story then shifts to the past, revealing the events leading up to Jordan joining the Lakers and Josh’s severe injury that hampered his career.

Josh and Jordan Bell didn’t just see basketball as a way to avoid doing homework; it was their passion and driving force. They had big dreams of becoming the best basketball players they could be and making a name for themselves in the NBA Hall of Fame. For them, the sport was more than just a game; it was a way of life. Their father, Chuck Bell, had once been a pro-NBA player himself, but his career was tragically cut short by a career-ending injury. Despite this setback, Chuck found a new purpose in life: passing on his love and knowledge of the game to his sons. Completing the Bell family is Dr. Crystal Bell, Chuck’s wife, who also happens to be the principal of her kids’ school. She played a vital role in ensuring that Josh and Jordan did not neglect their studies while pursuing their passion for basketball.

As a concerned mother, Crystal knew the importance of a well-rounded education and encouraged her sons to maintain an equilibrium between their academic pursuits and their love for the sport. Her constant reminders and gentle prodding served as a guiding light for the boys, helping them excel in both domains. The brothers’ friend circle includes Maya and Vondie, who also happen to be Josh and Jordan’s biggest fans and desperately want to see them succeed. The father of the boys, however, had a severe episode of asthma and was sent to the hospital, throwing the family into turmoil. Even though Chuck was discharged the same day, seeing his father struggling to breathe scared Josh to the core, which eventually resulted in him losing focus on his game. Zuma was Josh’s fiercest adversary and opponent on the basketball court. The duo was always going head-to-head, trying to outdo each other and prove who was the better player.

The Trouble Is Brewing

As if the Bell family didn’t have enough on their plates already, drama struck when Jordan started seeing Alexis—the very same girl that Josh had a massive crush on. Meanwhile, Chuck was also informed by his doctor that his diabetes has worsened and that he’s looking at renal failure and needs a transplant as soon as possible. Jordan also became irritated after he stopped taking his ADHD medicine to feel like a normal person. He welcomed the aid it gave, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was losing something. It was as if he always had on a pair of glasses that severely skewed his perspective. The news that his father had seen a kidney specialist only added to Josh’s already mounting anxiety. The prospect of his father’s declining health weighed heavily on his mind, making him feel powerless and worried.

The news of Chuck’s worsening condition hit Crystal hard, and she was determined to find a solution. She pleaded with Chuck to tell their sons, hoping that one of them could be a potential donor in the future. However, Chuck was adamant that he would never put his sons in harm’s way and refused to consider the idea. Despite Chuck’s best efforts, his boys learned the truth about his failing health from a video he had recorded earlier for them to see in case things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped.

The tension grows when Josh and Aniq are thrown into a squall when the latter starts badmouthing Josh’s dad and his failed basketball career. It was like a strong wind that blew out of nowhere, shaking the already shaky foundations and setting Josh’s feelings ablaze. The Bell family was going through a rough patch as Jordan started to feel like he was living in a world of his brother’s making. Josh’s constant advice on everything, from his academic assignments to his love life, made Jordan feel like he had no say in his own life. He was a bird in a cage, and Josh held the key. This only made the rift between the brothers grow wider, adding to their already tense relationship.

Aniq, being the mischief-maker that he is, tries to seize Jordan’s girl by inviting her to homecoming. She was already in a serious relationship with Jordan, but it seemed like he was attempting to convince her with lavish gestures and his sports jargon. However, the altercation put Josh at risk, as he was due to join coach Howard’s team the next year, the team of which Aniq was the star player. The fight with Aniq created a possible barrier to Josh’s future endeavors. Josh hoped to make Coach Howard’s squad next year; however, with Aniq as the top player, he may have to rethink that goal. Moreover, Josh’s online bragging about beating Aniq did not help, as Aniq was dealing with a serious fracture that put his athletic scholarship at risk. Unfortunately, Crystal Bell, Josh’s mom and the school principal had no choice but to suspend Josh from the basketball team. Chuck tried everything in his power to get his wife to change her mind, but it was in vain. Josh’s ego played against him and put both his and Aniq’s futures at risk.

‘The Crossover’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Was Jordan Able To Win The Game? What Happened To Josh?

Chuck collapsed on the school’s basketball court and was rushed to the hospital, leaving Crystal Bell worried sick. The doctors informed her that Chuck’s bloodwork revealed a dangerous depletion in red blood cells, and they needed to start dialysis immediately once he woke up. Meanwhile, the brothers tracked their father’s daughter, trying to convince her to get tested to see if she was a possible donor. In reality, Chuck became a father at a young age and had to go through a lot of challenges to gain custody of his daughter, Keli. However, despite his efforts, the court ultimately decided that Keli’s mother would be a better fit as her guardian. Unlike Josh and Jordan, Keli never had the luxury of knowing her father.

The pressure to perform well on game day falls squarely on Jordan’s shoulders as his brother Josh remains at home to tend to their ailing father. Jordan bears the weight of expectations to play well for his squad and his loved ones, realizing that victory would offer much-needed joy in the midst of their trying circumstances. Keli drives to Bell’s estate and questions his father’s intention of reaching out after all these years. But in reality, Chuck would do anything in his power to keep his kids away from harm’s way, and the reason he had reached Keli was to see his family together and united again before he died.

Meanwhile, Jordan and his team were having trouble securing many much-needed points, but a rousing speech from Josh instilled new life into their game. Jordan, inspired and confident, made the game-winning dunk, catching Coach Howard’s attention. Keli also called Chuck’s doctor to inquire about being tested to see whether or not she is a viable donor for her father. Unfortunately, in the following years, Josh got into a severe accident and was left paralyzed from the waist down. But Josh didn’t let his disability hinder his world, and even though he wasn’t able to play anymore, he wrote one of the best-selling books ever. Jordan, on the other hand, trained himself to the extent that he joined one of the most prestigious basketball teams ever, the Los Angeles Lakers.


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