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‘Still Missing Morgan’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending: Who Is Charles Ray Vines?

How do you define pain? A strong feeling that overpowers every other sense and numbs you. If the pain is physical, you have treatments and medicines. If the pain is mental, it takes ages to explain it firsthand; thus, the cure for it, most of the time, remains unknown. Losing a child is the most painful thing that can happen to someone. But when you lose a child and never find him or her again, as if they have vanished from the face of the earth, the pain is indescribable. So, we might never understand what the Nick family has been going through for almost three decades.

In this particular episode, we learn how difficult it is for the victim’s family and how frustrating it is for the officers who want to bring justice to the family. At the same time, we shall meet a potential criminal who was ruled out by some divine intervention. Also, we meet another victim’s family and know how incredibly vulnerable these families are. Here is everything you must know about the second episode of the Hulu Original mini-doc series “Still Missing Morgan.”

In cases like Morgan’s, it is very difficult not to lose hope. As the days pass, there is a chance that people will forget and move on with their lives. Colleen was so afraid of this fact that she tried everything in her power to ensure that her daughter would show up. She even tried Ancestry DNA, just to register herself on the system, if any day or someday Morgan tried to look herself up. Unfortunately, nothing fruitful came out of it. She knew she would always fight for her daughter, but she was a human herself. There is a limit to what she can do after failing for so long. But the determination of a mother is like a mountain. You simply can’t move it. Collen is the personification of a mountain.

It is difficult to explain how nightmarishly tough it is to watch days turn into years without having any leads whatsoever, along with the pain of losing a child. There are a few pains that you just cannot share with everyone because others can’t fathom what goes on inside your heart. Colleen Nick found the foundation of Patty Wetterling, another victim who is going through similar pain. Patty had lost her child, Jacob, under mysterious circumstances. However, Patty knew what had happened, for Jacob had been abducted by a man with a gun. He was, too, with two other friends, a ten and an eleven-year-old boy. Jacob had gone missing six years before, and there were no traces of him or his abductor. Collen and Patty became friends instantly because they both shared similar grief.

Both Collen and Patty knew how they were feeling. If one described something, the other knew exactly what the person was feeling inside. It is a weird thing about grief—you find people you least expect to and then connect like never before. Both families received support and cooperation from the police, neighbors, and strangers alike, but both mothers could really feel how desperate and lonely they were inside.

Tireless And Timeless Hunt

The detectives were constantly in search of any clue or any lead that would help in finding the whereabouts of Morgan. The detective came across all the potential people that could possess threats who lived closer to the area of crime. Also, a special agent of the FBI, Rob Allen, was reassigned to work on Morgan’s case along with the Alma Police Department. They searched every area where they suspected for any clues or if Morgan’s remains could be found. There was a special K-9 team trained to find out about the dead remains that were ages old. They, too, could not provide any satisfactory leads. It was difficult and saddening for the investigators to try out each day and fail. However, their determination kept them going even when every path seemed to be vacant before them.

Charles Ray Vine – Why Is He Important?

Charles Ray Vines, or Charlie Vines, who was infamous as the “River Valley Killer,” preyed on women between the ages of 11 and 93. This vile man was moving into the area at the time of Morgan’s disappearance. Charlie Vine openly admitted that he attacked the victims and that his purpose was mostly sexual. He has been booked for several cases. He admitted to four, but the investigating officers were sure this serial killer’s list was long. The investigating officers wanted to talk to him about Morgan, for they believed that if his victim could be an eleven-year-old, he could just go after a six-year-old as well. However, unfortunately, one week before he was to be interviewed, the investigative officers learned that they would no longer be able to question him. He was diagnosed with cancer, and things were not looking good for him. So, we would never know if he at all knew anything about Morgan. The police, however, with their trained K-9, searched and dug areas around his house, but nothing fruitful ever came out.

The episode ends with the shocking revelation that after 27 years, Jacob’s disappearance case was finally to be solved, and the man involved will speak. A little ray of hope penetrates, as you might think something regarding Morgan will be out soon. But will it, or shall we never find out what happened on the sinister night of June 9, 1995?


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