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‘Poker Face’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending: The Murder In The Theatre

Good news, binge-watchers: “Poker Face” season 1, episode 6, is out now. The episode is dubbed “Exit Stage Death,” and it features fresh faces like Tim Meadows as Michael Graves. Ellen Barkin as Kathleen Townsend, Audrey Corsa as Rebecca, Jameela Jamil as Ava, Chris McKinney as Phil, William Hill as Sheriff Ed, and more The episode follows the story of Kathleen Townsend and her former paramour Michael Graves once again decides to share the stage, but this time to carry out something sinister.

Spoilers Ahead

Spooky And The Cop

Drama is an integral part of entertainment, but what if it becomes an instrument to take someone’s life? Michael used to be a nobody, and a couple of years ago, he was doing insurance commercials with talking bevers, but now everything has changed thanks to his new wife, who’s a self-made millionaire and runs a brokerage firm for women. One day, Kathleen Townsend, Michael’s mortal enemy, pays him a visit and practically begs him to play with him. Kathleen Townsend and Michael share a rough history, and now the former is here to make amends. Kathleen wants Michael to perform for just one night in front of her clients with very deep pockets. The play is dubbed “The Ghost of Pensacola,” a play Kathleen and Michael used to perform together as “Spooky & Cop.” In the end, Michael’s wife, Ava, succeeds in getting him to accept the role.

A Murder In The Theatre

Michael is furious after learning Kathleen is directing the play, but he can’t do anything as it’s under the contract he had signed without even giving it a thought. Kathleen believes that this one night has the potential to change her life forever and will put her in the limelight. However, Kathleen’s approach to directing the play is a bit more unconventional, often forcing her and Michael into a heated argument. Unfortunately, on the big night, Michael’s wife, Ava, is killed by a trap that was meant for her husband. Someone has messed with the bolts and pads, making Ava plummet to her death. Unfortunately for the killer, Charlie Cale was a part of the catering crew employed by the theatre and had a one-on-one with Kathleen when she called her to play “The Greatest Batch of Bullshit.” After the show’s success, Kathleen plans to use Michael’s grief to attract more fans and even convince him to hop on the bandwagon. In reality, Kathleen and Michael have planned to murder Ava, paving the way for the latter to receive all the riches from her inheritance. Unfortunately for them, Charlie, after going through Phil’s checklist, notices that Phil has ticked off every single one of the safety boxes, and if he had secured the flappy door, it means someone had unsecured it, proving that it is a pre-planned murder. However, at first, Charlie believed that someone was trying to kill Kathleen rather than suspecting her to be the killer. After going through last night’s footage, Cale notices some kind of smoke coming out under the pads. She was quick to figure it out after watching the burn on Michael’s palm where he had replaced the bolt with dry ice.

However, by seeing them in the same frame, Charlie managed to see through their lies, thanks to her lie-detecting talents, and realize that she was wrong about thinking that Michael was trying to kill Kathleen. In reality, the plan was to kill Ava, and both Michael and Kathleen were on it together. During a scene in the drama, Michael is futzing with the flapping door, whereas Kathleen is up there, messing with the lights. She even finds out that Rebecca knew the duo murdered Ava but has agreed to keep her lips sealed if Michael transfers a substantial sum to her bank account. Unfortunately for her, she’s the next target, as the duo had planned to take her out by mixing real peanuts in the bowl of fake food. With no choice left, Charlie crosses the sight line and stops Rebecca in time.

Charlie plants a microphone in Kathleen’s room to hear her boast about how she killed Ava and how she was planning to kill Rebecca. In reality, Kathleen and Michael are in love, and the latter has been planning to kill his wife for years to gobble up all her riches. And when Kathleen offered to take care of his little problem, Michael couldn’t turn it down. After Ava, Kathleen was planning to do anything in her power in order to kill Rebecca to protect her dirty secret. Kathleen notices the hidden microphone, but sadly it is too late, as everyone and the Sheriff have heard her blabber about her deeds. Michael panicked, but Kathleen, being a Broadway performer, decided to use it and give the audience a show that they would remember. Kathleen gives the performance of a lifetime and, towards the conclusion, plummets to her death after the dry ice holding the pads in place melts, giving her performance a smoky end.


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