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‘Plan B’ Recap: Episode 2 – How Does Miranda’s Return Affect Phil And Evelyn’s Lives?

Episode 2 of “Plan B” opens up with Philip reminiscing about the good times he shared with his lover Evelyn: walking barefoot on beaches, enjoying cocktails, biking across town, and sharing intimate moments under the sheets. Philip really loves Evelyn and genuinely believes that his life would be a complete and utter mess without her, as she’s the only one that can motivate him to take a stride forward. When Philip met Evelyn, she was planning to move to Prague, whereas the former was just about to go into partnership with her brother in opening a new firm. Fortunately, they felt a connection and decided to give each other a try. Evelyn wasn’t someone who’d wish that her significant other would drop all his worldly chores and get down on his knees to express his undying love, but she was someone who would expect that her lover would provide her with the attention and the time she deserved. And this is where Philip failed, as the more embroiled he got in his career, the farther he drifted away from Evelyn. But this time, he’s prepared not to make the same mistake.

Philip gives Evelyn her old cello, which she had sold a couple of years ago. Philip had managed to track the shop and make the store runner an offer for the cello, which he couldn’t refuse. Philip also made strides toward helping his brother Andy by getting him a job in a local store, thanks to the lawsuit he’d won for the store owner. Moreover, he also pays a visit to Andy’s wife, Miriam, and tries to convince her to give Andy a second chance because he’s a changed man and was willing to increase the child support so Miriam and his daughter are well taken care of. Andy was a drug addict, skipping weekly child support payments, but thanks to Philip, he’s now more focused than he ever was.

Not just that, Philip also managed to strike a deal with his high-profile clients by making the most of the second meeting. The only catch is that Philip’s firm was advised to hire an A-list attorney exclusively for this project. Evelyn warns Philip that she won’t be taking on Keeys as a client, as she already has too much on her plate, but she was politely asked by Phillip to just train the attorney he’ll be hiring for Keeys’ job. Philip even offers to let her take the rest of the day off, go back home, and practise her music. Philip is doing his best not to sabotage his career or upset Evelyn by balancing his personal and professional commitments.

Spoilers Ahead

A Blast From The Past

Landry and Philip pay a visit to Miranda Delano, one of the city’s most feared and ambitious attorneys, who surprisingly shares a history with Philip. In reality, Philip beat Miranda in a lawsuit, giving her the very rare taste of losing a case. However, Miranda isn’t someone to hold grudges over the past and agrees to join Philip’s firm. While Philip claims to be overjoyed to have Miranda on board, his emotions tell an entirely different story.

Moreover, Philip tried to convince Landry to interview other attorneys on the list, saying she’ll have the upper hand in negotiations and will squeeze them to suit her conditions. Philip and Landry drove to an old farm to have an audience with a couple of holdouts who’d been refusing to sell their lands to the Keeys, delaying their mining project significantly. Landry manages to convince one of them to agree to a deal, convincing them that the selling price of their land will set them up for life. Mirada shows up at the office and informs Evelyn that she will be leading the new project, angering Evelyn. Phillip’s sweaty face and hesitation in hiring Miranda suggest that he and Miranda have had more than just a professional rivalry and may even have had some kind of personal history together. Philip pulls out his phone and dials the number of the Plan B agency to make another trip back to the past to stop the hiring of Mirana Delano. Unfortunately, his request was denied due to insufficient funds in his account. The accounting department turned down Philip’s loan request since he had previously used more than $10,000 of the company’s money to pay for home renovations.

‘Plan B’ Episode 2: Ending: How Does Miranda’s Return Affect Phil And Evelyn’s Lives?

Philip’s issues extend much beyond monetary ones, as he is thrown into a heated discussion with Evelyn about hiring Miranda. Philip used to have a crush on Miranda, and the fact that he chose to keep Miranda’s hiring news a secret from Evelyn added problems to their already-struggling relationship. Philip chastises Evelyn for not caring about their relationship. Even though Evelyn gave up her career to assist Philip at work, he gave her the cold shoulder by claiming her career wouldn’t even have made a difference in their lives.

Desperate to make things right, Philip drives to Miranda’s home and informs her that he’s rescinding the job offer. Philip meets Landry to break the big news and is shocked to learn that he is using others to secure the contract. In reality, the new receptionist he had hired is the daughter of the landowner, whom Landry has been trying so hard to convince. Landry also loses his cool when he learns that Philip has revoked Miranda’s employment just because of Evelyn’s jealousy. According to him, he has sacrificed so much for this contract. In reality, Landry was cheating on his husband with one of the Keeys’ representatives to get his company out of the financial ditch.

Back at home, Philip informs Evelyn that he has taken care of Miranda and that she won’t be working for Philip and Landry anymore. Although Miranda cheated on Philip throughout their relationship, he opted to forgive her because he believed he would never find another woman as beautiful and successful as Miranda. Philip opened up his heart to Evelyn and even offered to take some time off and unwind on a nice vacation. On the beach, Philip gets on his knees to propose to Evelyn but is surprised to the core when he learns that the woman he has been spoiling his nights for has cheated on him with someone else. With these new revelations, he felt like his whole world has collapsed on him. In Evelyn’s defense, she was angry with Philip when she found his texts with Miranda, and when someone showed her the attention and care she had been craving all along, she couldn’t help herself.


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