‘Plan B’ Recap: Episode 1: Was Philip Successful In Winning Back Evelyn?

How far would you go to have a second chance at your relationship? Would you make amends, counter less, listen more, or travel back in time to correct your wrongs? The latest series by Jean Francois Asselin and Jacques Drolet explores one such scenario, where the protagonist Philip (played by Patrick J. Adams), travels back in time to save his dying relationship. While drinking continuously and finding a way to win back his love, Patrick learns of “Plan B Agency,” which, unbeknownst to Philip, specialises in sending people back in time for a certain fee.

The series also features actors like Lorna Kidjo as Naomi, Karine Vanasse as Evelyn, Francois Arnaud as Patrick Landry, Domenic Di Rosa as Cedric, and more.

Spoilers Ahead

The Failing Relationship

Philip had met his wife Evelyn at his colleague Landry’s party. Philip is a brilliant and ambitious attorney on the route to becoming the youngest partner of his firm, whereas the latter is Landry’s sister and a musical genius who graduated with distinction in music. Philip knew they belonged together after their first glimpse at each other and even felt like he has known Evelyn his whole life. Evelyn warned Philip not to get attached as she was soon relocating to another city, but it was too late, as Philip had already fallen for Evelyn’s smile. A couple of years into the marriage, everything spirals out of control. Philip’s new firm was thrown into a pool of financial troubles; losing high-profile clients and employee termination had become commonplace. This likewise also affected Philip, who completely ignored his wife in order to fetch new clients, always turning Evelyn down whenever she asked him to spend time with her or join her parents for dinner. The couple couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to renovate their house, and Evelyn was conflicted about Philip’s decision to hire his brother, who’s a recovering alcoholic, because his leniency is delaying Evelyn’s renovation. Not just that, Evelyn often makes excuses to take the subway and not carpool with Philip to avoid the awkward silence on the route.

Evelyn has been planning to call things off, or at least take some time out to think about her future with Philip, but she decides to keep the secret to herself to not hinder Philip’s upcoming meeting with a potential high-profile client. If everything goes as planned and Philip’s firm manages to find common ground, the deal will pull his firm out of financial trouble. It will be a whole new ballgame after the deal, and the firm will be expanding by hiring three additional lawyers, a couple of interns, a receptionist, and paralegals. Evelyn also, as a favour, decides to help out Landry and Philip by joining as a temp, but she has been working sixty hours a week, leaving her with little to no time for herself, which likewise added to the pile of existing issues.

The Breakup

Evelyn and Philip had decided on a special colour for their new bedroom, but after seeing that Philip couldn’t even remember the colour, Evelyn lost all hope that their relationship was ever going to work. Evelyn is sick and tired of her opinion being counted for nothing, but for her boyfriend, it’s just meaningless fights over absurd details. Fortunately, Landry and Philip convince their potential client that his firm is well-equipped to handle their project and secure the deal. Philip drives back to his house with an expensive wine to take his wife out for dinner now that everything is settled, but he is shocked to see Evelyn sitting on the table with her bags packed. Evelyn informs Philip that their marriage isn’t working, and she desperately needs some time to figure out her future in the house. Philip leaves no stone unturned in trying to convince his wife that they can start afresh now that the firm is out of danger, but Evelyn has already made up her mind and left for her mother’s house. Philip follows her there but is not allowed inside. With Evelyn gone, Philip has lost all motivation to work; even the Keeys deal he had worked so hard for seems useless to him. In the ensuing days, we see Philip oscillating his hours between uncontrolled drinking and desperately waiting for his wife to return his calls.

The Plan B

A sage once remarked that in times of despair, people would cling to anything that seemed to provide even a glimmer of hope, even a flyer. Philip had come across a “Plan B” flyer offering a second chance to right their wrongs. In a moment of desperation, Philip dialled the number mentioned on the flyer and was asked to enter his credit card details. Philip complied with the request but ended the conversation believing it to be a prank when the caller asked him which years he was interested in visiting again. After gobbling on a couple more shots, Philips dials the number again, reveals that he wishes to make things right with Evelyn, and enters the date of the trip.

The next morning, Philip wakes up and is shocked to see that he has travelled two days back in time. Philip has been given a second chance at reviving his relationship, and he has no intention of letting it pass without making the most of it. He even pushed the renovator to speed things up and offered to replace his lazy brother with someone professional. Philip even stops Cedric from painting the bedroom steel green and advises him to go with Evelyn’s choice. Philip also learned that Evelyn might be pregnant after following her into the clinic. Evelyn had decided to keep this to herself, as she wasn’t sure about Philip. At the office, he even pulled the burden off Evelyn’s shoulder by offering to set up the interview meeting himself, realizing that her schedule is completely jam-packed. Philip’s newfound caring attitude is forcing Evelyn to rethink her decision to call off their relationship. Plus, seeing Philip sneak in to fix the paint and convince Evelyn to start practicing music again made Evelyn see her relationship with Philip in a new light. Plus, Philip showing up on her mother’s birthday made Evelyn realize that maybe her boyfriend has changed, and their relationship might work just fine.

‘Plan B’ Episode 1: Ending: Was Philip Successful In Winning Back Evelyn?

Unfortunately, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Unfortunately, in the midst of correcting his wrongs, Philip completely forgot about the presentation he was supposed to create to pitch a contract with Keeys, which Landry managed to secure by sleeping with one of their clients. Philips and Landry tried to talk their way in; however, it was in vain, as clients needed supporting documents to access their pitch. Fortunately, Landry again manages to secure another meeting with the Keeys. Plus, Landry was left with no money after being fired to pay the child support, and now he can’t see his daughter. A completely intoxicated man shows up at Philip’s home and threatens Cedric for firing him. Angered, Cedric decides to terminate the contract and asks the workers to pack up. This isn’t the only issue, as Philip receives a call from Landry chastising him for not showing up for the meeting an hour ago. Philip was cornered as he received a notification informing him that his trip had been completed, and he had woken up on May 20. Things quickly spiral out of control from there, making Evelyn barge out of the house in anger, as she has already asked Philip to take care of her brother. According to her, Philip’s habit of always bailing his brother out of trouble had made him irresponsible. The episode concludes with Philip’s promise that he’ll take care of everything.


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