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‘Perfect Match’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending: Is The Mis-Match Game Still Metamorphosing?

The popular dating show “Perfect Match” premiered two new episodes on Netflix on February 28. For some people, the show is just a prizefight—take Will Richardson, for example—but some are there to find the true love of their lives. Episode 9 is followed by the making of new connections between old cast members, which will strengthen the existing connections. This episode is a catalyst to the grand finale, filled with tears, love, potential, and drama. The 8th episode was polished without any eliminations. Chloe and Mitchell won a private date and also received control over the boardroom. The last night before any flip-flop, the house is having some real fun in the pool. From stripping to skinny dipping, Damian, Dom, Kariselle, and most of them jump inside the water, and this is probably one of the most refreshing moments before anything goes wrong.

Spoilers Ahead

Whatever Happen In The Pool Stays There

The most luxurious villa offers warm decor alongside a private pool against the backdrop of mesmerizing views of the night sky. Damian shares his ‘Magic Mark’ past with everyone and flaunts his firm body. In the last episode, Ines turns down Bartise to be with Damian. They are both inside the water, making out and enjoying each other’s company. Francesca Farago, who ditched Damian for Abbey in the last episode, is green-eyed to see Ines and Damian together. Damian tries to make Francesca jealous as he is still hung up on her.

Francesca passionately plants a kiss on Kariselle, making Abbey angry. She was pretty serious with Francesca, as it was her first relationship with a woman, but Francesca took it for granted. Mitchell also joins the pool party, whereas Chloe is talking with Georgia. Chloe always wants a long-lasting, healthy relationship over casual flings, but Mitchell is not ready for any commitments. Francesca gets back to Abbey, who is sitting on the couch all by herself. Abbey admits that she didn’t like Francesca making out with Kariselle. But for Francesca, it is not that big of a deal; it is just a kiss, with nothing romantic in between. Does the night end with a lot of internal wars between Abbey and Francesca, the same-sex couple who are almost on the verge of getting separated over a kiss?

Dates Before The Final Call

Before the finale begins, this is going to be the most strategic decision inside the boardroom. Chloe and Mitchell are thrilled to get inside and take power into their hands. The screen pops up with familiar faces who have already been in the house before. Diamond Jack (from “Love Is Blind’), who is currently matched up with Will, needs to explore more; that is what Chloe thinks. Diamond is just inside the house without even knowing most of the guys or their intentions; thus, she deserves a date with Bartise, who had left the show earlier after failing to find a good match. Chloe realized that Mitchell was not the right match for her. She puts herself on a date with Shayne, the guy whom she gave a red light a few days ago. But she still holds a deep, turbulent frequency for Shannon, and it’s the right time to give it one more shot. Knowing about Diamond’s date, Will is not at all bothered, as he is the most competitive man in this show and can figure something out for himself.

Bartise is glad to be back to find a new match. Diamond and Bartise had a good time getting to know each other through conversations and modeling crafts. But the best thing is when you see Shayne and Chloe together, hugging and squeezing as if they have known each other for years. Shayne is shocked but flooded with emotions to get Chloe back in his arms. While stirring things up, Shayne and Chloe play with the cute little monkey Keisha, who is named Sho-ee (Shayne + Chloe) by the couple. Chloe guarantees Shayne that he is not her second pick; she simply needs to verify the leftovers with Mitchell. Finally, something positive in the show portrays that they both are designed to be together, and it is genuine, or is it?

Call It A Three-Ring Circus?

Back to the villa: now there are a total of thirteen people, and three of them have to depart by night. Francesca and Damian exchange a come-hither look at each other for the whole day, while it is evident to Ines Tazi that she is just an option to others. Ines has always made it clear that she is right here not to secure a position but to search for a compatible match for herself, and it has been a rollercoaster ride for her since day one! Whereas Mitchell tells Dom that he is going to pair up with Georgia.

Coming back to Abbey, she is sure that Francesca is dumping her over Damian. But Abbey is a bubbly girl with fragile emotions, and she cannot help it. Bartise and Diamond join the cast at the tiki bar while Shayne and Chloe play a prank on the house members. From Georgia’s side, it is a big ‘no’ to Mitchell, as she is mentally committed to Dom. Coming to Abbey, she pairs up with Bartise, which is quite unpredictable and stupid as both of them share a similar taste. While Ines is all dried up, she talks to Damian about good and bad love. According to her, good love always helps a person grow, but Damian is carried away by Francesca, which is a sign of bad love, and Damiang is attracted to that. Ines, the most sensible woman in the show, is making her way out of the villa.

Everyone stops her from leaving, but eventually, staying back is not going to fulfill her purpose and dreams. She is not carrying any grudges; rather, her bag is overfilled with the adventure, exploration, and happiness she collected in these past few days. Ines was undoubtedly too elegant for the dating show. Will tries to approach Francesca, and the lady also seems interested in the blonde. But Francesca is one of the complicated characters who is disoriented in her own world. She gives a positive hint to Will but eventually matches up with Damian.

Will, the smartest guy, leaves the show knowing that it is just not his platform to find a good match. On the other hand, Diamond doesn’t want to fritter away her time, and she also quits. Mitchell could not find a match for the night; thus, he pulled himself out of the show. Kariselle and Joey are the deep-rooted couple until now who might have a chance to win the trophy. But Francesca is a fully messed up, cunning woman who would do anything to save her own position in the show, just like breaking up with Abbey and calling it ‘a waste of time’ to hold the hands of Damian. The spin-off show is going to have more perplexing dynamics between the couples. For now, Abbey and Bartise seem to be the most unstable couple, while others have already been hooked up with each other for longer periods of time. The series may help them find a match for sure, but we really do not know how to call it a ‘perfect’ match until we tuck into the concluding episode!


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