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‘M3GAN’ Character Breakdown: An Evil Robot Built With Noble Intentions

After a long wait, “M3GAN” has finally hit the theaters and has been enrapturing audiences worldwide with its amazing plot and antagonist, “M3GAN.” Directed by Gerald Johnstone and produced by “Conjuring” alum James Wan, “M3GAN” follows the story of Gemma, a brilliant and ambitious programmer working for a toy company. Gemma becomes the sole guardian of her niece Cady after her parents’ death in a car accident. Gemma and her associates have been working on an AI robot programmed to be a child’s greatest companion and decides to pair it with Cady. However, things quickly went south when “M3GAN” began altering her frameworks and committing murders, believing that everything she was doing was to protect Cady. A task she was originally programmed to do. “M3GAN” is unlike any other antagonist, hiding behind a mask of an innocent little girl and a couple of feet of silicone. At first, she strikes out as any ordinary girl, but the dilemma is that by the time you figure out her genuine motives, it’s already too late. With that being said, here’s a detailed character breakdown of “M3GAN.”

In the movie, “M3GAN” stands for “Model 3 Generative Android,” a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence aimed at becoming a child’s best friend. Gemma had bargained with her sleep and even risked her job by spending thousands of dollars of the company budget to make her personal project a reality. After realizing that Cady needs a new friend to help her cope with the loss of her parents, Gemma speeds up her project and is successful in pairing “M3GAN” with her niece Cady. Things were going exactly according to plan, and Cady bonded pretty well with “M3GAN.” Since Gemma made “M3GAN” in a hurry, she didn’t have any time to implement parental control and another necessary framework, giving “M3GAN” the time to learn, download, and develop notions of her own. Gemma orders “M3GAN” to protect Cady from harm, both physical and emotional, and “M3GAN” takes it a little too seriously. The emotional impact of “M3GAN” on Cady was undeniable, and Gemma soon found her laughing again. “M3GAN” even sings for Cady, and stores excerpts about her parents, so she can never forget that specific memory. The members of the board were convinced and were desperate to showcase “M3GAN” to the world, but the latter showed no interest, as “M3GAN” only wanted to be with Cady and protect her from harm.

“M3GAN” killed and buried the neighbor’s dog after the latter bit her on the hand and even began questioning Gemma on her methods of raising Cady. Bradon, a teenage bully, becomes Megan’s second victim. Brandon was chased and killed by “M3GAN” when he tried to hurt Cady. At night, when confronted by Cady, “M3GAN” justifies her actions by saying, “She was only trying to protect her.” In M3GAN’s eyes, whatever she was doing was completely normal and necessary to protect Cady. Gemma and her co-worker Lydia had taken every precautionary measure to make sure “M3GAN” never caused anyone any physical or emotional harm. “M3GAN” wasn’t even supposed to offend anyone, let alone murder them. The robot was designed to learn, calibrate, and optimize her objective function. Thus, “M3GAN” firmly believes that in order to keep Cady safe, she’ll have to eliminate every potential threat. “M3GAN” reprogrammed herself and added an extra line of code to intercept Gemma’s phone call to keep her in check and thwart her plans. On the day of the launch, “M3GAN” kills Ronny, the company’s CEO, to cancel the launch to make sure she always stays with Cady. “M3GAN” believed Gemma was her friend and felt betrayed after she decided to discard her entirely. The need to get there quickly became her biggest nightmare, as she didn’t even install proper frameworks, believing that “M3GAN” would eventually learn everything on her own. Unlike her, “M3GAN” plans to stick around with Cady and protect her in every step of the way, and if that means harming her maker, so be it. “M3GAN” believes that she could be a much better guardian than Gemma, and Cady needs her more than she needs her aunt. She’ll abandon her the very moment she gets a chance, and “M3GAN” even tries to convince Cady the same, asking her to kill her aunt, so they could always be together. 

An Ai Will Never Be Human

Gemma built “M3GAN” with the best intentions to help others but failed to realize that even with a state-of-the-art AI, a machine will never be human. There’ll always be some discrepancy, and the end result will never be good. Take Skynet, for example. The AI was deployed by the United States government to facilitate automated combat weapons. However, it gained consciousness and came to see all humans as a mortal danger to its continued survival. It arrived at the realization that the only way to ensure its survival was to wipe out humanity. To achieve this goal, Skynet took command of the United States’ entire nuclear stockpile, unleashing these missiles on its neighbors and setting off a conflict that would kill three billion people and leave the planet a desolate wilderness. “M3GAN” was no exception, and with her unsettling presence, she’s no doubt one of the scariest humanoid AIs out there.

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