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‘Kin’ Season 2, Episode 2: Recap & Ending: What Was Bren Kinsella Up To?

The second episode of ‘Kin’ was recently released, and the tension is palpable right now in the Kinsella family. In the previous episode, we saw how Amanda successfully cut a deal with Nuray Batuk and helped Michael get a safe passage. But at the ending of episode 1 introduced a new plot: the release of Bren Kinsella. We knew this would create problems for Amanda. So, what happens next? Let’s find out.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Kin’ Season 2 Episode 2: Story

The episode starts with the release of Bren Kinsella from jail. Viking is waiting outside the jail to pick him up. Right after that, he pays a visit to Ged Delaney, whom Bren thought was responsible for his sentence. Viking had asked Kem to hire someone to kill Ged Delaney. Everything had gone according to plan, and that night, Ged Delaney was murdered. No one in the family knew about this except for Bren and Viking. They did not even know that Bren had been granted parole and released from jail. Everything happened so fast, and Bren started to show his impact in town. Viking had also told him about Amanda’s plans to kill Viking. Bren created the Kinsella business, and now seeing a woman from the outside taking over the business he had created made him very irritated. He started off by separating Viking from the family, as he knew manipulating him was the easiest job. He knew that he needed the support of his family if he wanted to wage a war against Amanda. However, it wasn’t going to be easy, as Amanda had already done a lot to save the Kinsella family from grave situations. In this process, she had lost two of her children; one of them wasn’t even born.

Soon, everyone learned that Bren was out and that Michael did not want to pay a visit. For obvious reasons, Amanda also avoided meeting him. Michael had kept a hatred toward Bren for so long that he could not even stand the news that he was out of jail. We see the Kinsellas meeting with Bren and Viking in a pub, and there the situation gets tense right away. Jimmy came to hug his father, Bren, when he told him to grab Anthony, Jimmy’s younger son, from school. Jimmy tried to convince him that Anthony needed to finish his classes first, but Bren indirectly asked him to fulfill his will. Jimmy went out to grab Anthony, while Frank and Birdy saw the whole thing. Bren started asking them questions about Amanda. Frank, however, tried to say good things about her, but Birdy was too afraid to share her opinions about Amanda. Birdy is Bren’s sister, but we see the discomfort she feels when he puts his hands on her leg. We can learn more about their relationship later in the series. But, all in all, apart from Viking, no one in the family had any respect for Bren. They only feared him because of his ruthlessness. It is not long before we see Frank and Birdy form an alliance with Amanda to get rid of this troublemaker named Bren.

Meanwhile, Michael came to warn Amanda that since Bren was out, everything was going to change, starting with the killing of Ged Delaney. Ged was one of the top buyers of Kinsella, and Amanda needed his contacts to increase their sell volume so that she could gather more money to pay off Nuray’s debt of 90 million dollars. Since Ged is dead now, she required Frank’s help to widen their network. Ged’s death is more of a loss than a surprise to Amanda. She learned about this from Michael just after she found Bren sleeping in Jamie’s room. She was very angry about this whole situation and visited Birdy for consultation. Birdy strictly told her to be very careful about Bren because if he wants, he could harm her in every possible way. Frank had somehow believed that the future of the Kinsella family would be safe if Amanda stayed in command. Though he won’t agree to this in front of her, but deep inside, Frank is probably the only person who has the utmost respect for Amanda.

At the end of the episode, we see Amanda talking to Kem about Ged’s killing. Kem shared information about him being manipulated by Viking for some works. Amanda asked him to keep her posted about Viking’s doings. Meanwhile, Bren took Anthony to drive Viking’s car. There, he showed Anthony a photo of Jamie’s killer. Bren successfully planted the desire for revenge inside Anthony’s mind, and he even gave him a gun to shoot. It is only a matter of time before Amanda loses her patience and plans something vicious to eliminate Bren from this whole situation. Bren is also against the decision of paying the 90 million dollar debt. So, the duel is going to sustain throughout the season. Hopefully, we will see more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.


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