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‘Jury Duty’ Season 1: Recap: Episode 3 And 4

A unique mockumentary series brought to us by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky revolving around a fake trial, the first two episodes of “Jury Duty” were packed with subtle humor and great acting. We were introduced to all 12 jurors and came to know that Ronald had become the foreman of the jury group. Let us see what Episodes 3 and 4 reveal to us.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 3: Recap

Episode 3 opens on a hilarious note at the hotel where Ronald and his fellow jurors are staying. We see Todd with his “chair pants or chants,” and a funny situation occurs when he tries to sit with them in the vehicle that would take them to court. Then we saw Marsden in the waiting room boasting about his “Confidential Script” by the name of Lone Pine to all the other jurors. The court session starts, and the judge’s attention gets to Todd, who is half standing with his chair pants. Todd is asked to remove that and warned not to disrupt the session in this manner. Again, back in the waiting room, we see everyone is having lunch, and Ronald, along with others, is supporting Todd for his inventions. In the meantime, Noah has learned that his girlfriend is with a group of friends, and among them is a person named Cody. He cannot figure out if it is a girl or a boy, and all the other jurors provide their opinions on this. Marsden again tries to seek attention by doing theatrics with his script.

The scene shifts to the courtroom again, where the plaintiff, Jacquiline Hilgrove, is called as a witness by his counsel. She tells how her career was soaring and his eco-friendly company, Cinnamon and Sparrow, was doing good business, but all was ruined by the defendant. Here, one of the senior jurors by the name of Barbara dozes off, and Ronald wakes her with a bit of a push. Then Randall Cody Schiller, an employee of the company, is called to the witness stand and further testifies on the misfortune brought to the company by the defendant. Dr. Aiden Samuels is then called to the witness stand, and he testifies that Jacquiline’s mental condition degraded steeply after the incident, and Barbara is again found dozing off. The judge calls Ronald and tells him to handle this situation. But Barbara, in her defense, said that she was just looking down because the incident was uninteresting. Again, we are back in the waiting room, where still Noah and Jeannie are discussing whether Cody is a boy or girl, and they decide to ask a court officer by the name of Christine to check through her Instagram account to verify.

Plaintiff’s counsel calls Genevieve Telford Warren on the witness stand, who is a sort of Instagram influencer and many other things. She tells the court how she became friends with Jacquiline and even introduced her to another top influencer who had made a huge order to Jacquiline’s company. But due to the incident that occurred in her company, all the orders got canceled, and the top influencer made several tweets about how irresponsible the company was. The judge again finds out that Barbara is dozing off and asks Ronald, to take care of his duty and suggests a coffee break with two cups for Barbara. Dr. Martin Lee, the manufacturer of the machine for Jacquiline’s company, is then called to the witness stand, and he says to the court that the error that occurred in the machine was due to some human intervention, which caused the company to bear such a heavy loss. Back in the waiting room, we learn about Cody, who is a boy and has posted a picture with Noah’s girlfriend. Everybody is discussing the situation, and the scene concludes with Noah’s grief-stricken face.

Episode 4: Recap

Episode 4 begins on a warm note, where we see Vanessa and Inez dancing about the fact that all the jurors are getting the night off at a restaurant together. Marsden again tries to steal the thunder by acting out his role from the script, but he is just ignored by both Vanessa and Inez. Christine comes into the waiting room and says all the jurors are going on a field trip to the Cinnamon and Sparrow factory. The jurors are on the bus, and all of them are worried about how they are going to make it to the restaurant on time. They arrive at the factory, and all the parties, including the judge, are present there, and the factory tour begins. We learn that Caleb, the role that will be played by Marsden in his upcoming project, is also a factory worker. All the jurors move around the factory and try to analyze the situation. Ronald and Lonnie find a few suspicious things and make their way up to an abandoned room, where they find misprinted t-shirts and several female mannequins. Lonnie gets scared to find Todd lurking there. The judge then answers all the queries of jurors regarding the case in the factory itself, but when they are ready to go, they are unable to find Marsden. Later, it is seen that Marsden is toying with a tow truck, and then the jurors were on the bus, making their way to the restaurant. At the restaurant, they were unable to get a seat for 12, so all of them waited at the pub. Ronald and Inez went to talk to a group of people occupying a table, who somehow liked Todd and gave them the table. Later, we learn that they like the t-shirt of Todd, which has “Dorf” printed on it, but all the other customers complained about this. The waitress Googles and finds out the meaning of Dorf, which is offensive, and Todd had to change his attire. 

All the jurors seem to be having great fun, and suddenly they find out that Noah has gotten drunk and has called his girlfriend. He even talked with her girlfriend about Cody, and all the other jurors lauded him for this conversation. They again all started to enjoy the ambiance when the bailiff came and scared them with the bill, which has got out of hand. The bailiff tells them to figure this out or they are all going to get arrested. No one has that kind of money except Marsden, who was at the toilet when this bill incident happened. When he comes back, everyone asks him to pick up this bill. He gives a condition that if any of the jurors can beat him in arm wrestling, he will pay this bill. Everybody wants Ronald to do arm wrestling with Marsden, which he does and wins the match. Everybody is happy all around, then the scene cuts to Noah vomiting from the window of the bus. But he lets everybody know that he is ok, and the episode ends on a happy note.

What Can We Expect Next?

It will be quite interesting to see what Noah will do in the coming episodes, as he has probably broken up with his girlfriend. There is a chance that something will develop between Noah and Jeannie, who has had a leaning towards him from the beginning. Also, there is a possibility that Marsden will open up more about his new film to the team. Expect more comic situations in the upcoming episodes. 

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