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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 7: Did Jack And Shirley Find Manzell?

Episode 7 of “Hello Tomorrow” opens up with Jack Billings pitching to buy multiple condos for his rich potential client, who was eyeing him for a while. Jack tries to talk her into the puddle, informing her that his company, Brightside Corporation, is at the point of breakneck growth and that putting money down during these times will double her investment. Jack has deduced that Elle is not in this for the money, as she’s way too stylish and sophisticated for someone who drools over numbers. Elle is already rich, and the possibility or opportunity to increase her net worth twofold doesn’t interest her very much. In reality, she’s not planning on investing money but rather getting away with something. Jack knew this, and thanks to his decades of experience, he knew how to perfectly exploit someone’s desire and weakness to his own benefit. Jack knows that selling a single condo to the chaps won’t get him anywhere; with Elle, it’s a whole different story. Now that Jack’s appetite has grown and he’s craving more, he asks Elle to pitch his idea to some of her wealthy friends, who are looking forward to invest on a larger scale. Jack wants to be in a business of belief and needs Elle on his client list to attract more wealthy and potential clients. Jack convinces Elle to sign the paper, and the latter promises to deliver the check by tomorrow.

Spoilers Ahead

Myrtle Plans And Jack’s Disaster

Myrtle and Lester have finally witnessed with their own eyes that the whole condo on the moon, with the private garden thing, is just a scam to swindle hard-working people of their money. Myrtle also breaks into Jack’s office and steals the dossier containing the names and details of everyone who has fallen victim to the scam. Myrtle wishes to reveal to every single person who has trusted Jack with his or her money for the prospect of a better future or profit that he is just a conman. Myrtle began making calls, informing them about the truth and shocking everyone who believed Jack was a good man. However, Lester wants to handle the matter with the proper procedure but is unable to do so because the evidence they have is stolen, which is not admissible.

Meanwhile, after cutting ties with his boss, Joey visits his mother in the hospital, apologizing for not coming to see her and for everything he has done to her and innocent people. Joey also learns from hospital staff that the bills are due and need to be paid immediately. On the other hand, Jack visits his mother in the retirement facility and scolds her for ruining whatever relationship he has established with Joey. Jack’s mother urges him to put everything behind him and tell Joey the truth. However, for Jack, it’s way too soon, as he first has plans to restart his father’s rocket business, and now he has enough money to make everything right. But Joey not talking to him is the least of his problems, as he learned that Manzell, the face of Brightside Corporation, is broken out again, which is clearly not good for business as Jack has advertised that Manzell is rejoicing on his lunar condo. Meanwhile, Manzell has gone berserk and is attacking friendly robots in the town, believing them to be the Gorgon scum he used to battle in his movies. The problems just kept piling up, as a man named Manzell had an arrest warrant out on him for disrupting the town’s peace and property.

Did Jack And Shirley Find Manzell?

Joey drives back to his office and requests that Shirley hand out his commission from last week to pay the hospital bills; he even asks Shirley to return the keys to his car. Joey continues to say that he’s done working for Jack and will never be back. However, Shirley urges him to consider his decision, as Jack is working tirelessly to make everything right. Unlike Shirley and Jack, Herb, oblivious to the entire truth, is quite happy after learning that Joey has decided to hang his cape. Joey goes to meet Mr. Hartoonian, his old boss, who is quite agitated to inform him that he has been getting calls all morning from his friends mocking him for saying he’s going to the moon. Joey reveals to his old boss that he’s quit his old job and requests to be taken back so he can pay for the hospital bills, but unfortunately, he is asked to leave the store. Joey had a good thing going on—a decent job and respectable relationships with his townspeople—but thanks to Jack, he is now left with nothing. But fortunately, Jack has already settled all the payments.

Meanwhile, Shirly meets with Jack and offers to help him find Manzell, who has been last seen on Route. Shirley also learns that instead of selling a couple of hundred units, Jack has struck a deal for 1000 units, and she scolds Jack for still hoping to make profits when they’re head-to-toe in trouble. Meanwhile, every single client they’ve dealt with has swarmed their office, looking for Jack, leaving Herb, the interim head of office, to fend for himself. However, some of the clients still believe that this is all a misunderstanding and that Jack will clear everything up. Unfortunately, a riot breaks out, forcing them to refund the amount that Betty found in Eddie’s room. In the final moments of the episode, Shirley is surprised to figure out that Jenkins was just a front and Jack was the mastermind of the plan; however, before she can say anything, Jack notices Manzell and urges her to hit the gas to catch Manzell, who has commandeered a tractor, believing it to be a space shuttle.


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