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‘Hello Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 6: The Number Behind The Numbers

Episode 6 of “Hello Tomorrow” takes a ferry back to Jack’s past when he used to earn his bread with fair means. A couple of years ago, Jack was an honest salesman working for “Amazing Personal” but was taken off the rotation permanently by his boss Bill, shocking him as just the last month he crunched some serious numbers. But according to Bill and his machine, Jack will suffer huge losses this time next year. Jack tries to talk his way around, saying he has some big plans on the horizon and has spent 30 years knocking on people’s doors and selling things but was let go. The job was Jack’s everything; he dedicated decades of his life to it but was taken off the rotation just because some crappy machine said he wouldn’t be able to bring in profits. Unable to deal with the grief and sadness, Jack tries to kill himself by drowning but is saved by “Henry Mason.” Like Jack, Mason was also fired from his job for the destruction of property after he tore the roller arms of a robot to fetch Jack out of the water.

Spoilers Ahead

Finding A Way Out

Mason was the same person that drove to Mr. Walter’s spread in hopes of fetching a ride out of the Earth to his lunar condo. Jack pays a visit to Mason and offers to get him a good price if he wishes to sell his lunar condo, but he is turned down. Mason wishes to keep his condo because dreaming of it has been the one spot of grace in rough waters for him and his family. Jack convinces Walter to let Mason and his family stay for a little longer, promising to make it worth his while. Walter was Jack’s father’s friend and had known Jack since his early years of selling door-to-door products. Back at the office, everyone is back at work: Joey crunching numbers and selling condos like his father, Eddie scouring clients so he could earn a commission to pay the debt collector, and Shirley mixing vodka in her coffee to digest the fact that the company she’s working for is a sham. Jack orders Shirley to continue selling, as stopping will create widespread panic among his clients until he finds a way to get out of trouble. As per Shirley, they need to sell just 143 units to come up with enough money to pay back their clients. Shirley pitches that Jack sold Elle, the rich lady battling her eyes on yesterday’s party, his whole mess. Following that, Jack offers Joey a promotion, angering Herb.

A Web Of Scams

Lester meets Myrtle, apologizes for seizing the investigation prematurely, and informs her that Jack’s father owned an extensive extra-atmospheric launch facility, which was transferred to his associate Walter Greene, and the place is registered as “Brightside Corporation.” Myrtle realises that it’s all just a con and tries to forcefully get into the premises but is electrocuted. Back at the hotel room, Shirley offers Eddie a bag full of money, saying she flipped her unit on the moon for twice the price, promising Eddie that they can buy a condo twice its size anytime they want. But in reality, she doesn’t wish to break the bad news, as it will break Eddie’s heart. However, Eddie storms out of the room with the bag, condemning Shirley for finding a new way to get rid of him. Shirley tries to stop him, saying she loves him, but to no avail.

Joey Learns The Truth

On the other hand, Joey is away to see Barbara, Jack’s mother, to help her win her poker games, and he is shocked to see Mr. Manzell in the same institution, inquiring why he isn’t on the moon. Mr. Manzell was the face of every single Brightside advertisement and was, according to Jack, enjoying his morning tea and evening snacks sitting inside his lunar condo. But in reality, Manzell is just a worn-out old man, reliving his theatrical exploits every day. On the other hand, Jack reserves a table to meet the rich lady but is stopped at the door by Joey.

Joey informs Jack that he has seen Manzell and accuses Jack of robbing people of their hard-earned money. Like always, Jack tries to utilize his clever wit to torpedo himself out of the situation but is caught off guard. In Jack’s defense, he had tried to sell things the right way by going around hat-in-hand but was just laughed at and pushed around, but his next meeting with an investor will turn his whole con into a real deal. Jack promises Joey he will build every unit he has sold up until now, but he just needs some time and heavy investment. He suggests Joey keep his mouth shut as it will create a giant fiasco and asks to tag along for one big score; however, Joey has enough and leaves Jack, advising him to “Quit Dreaming.”


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