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‘The Snow Girl’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

If you have noticed one thing about the Spanish series, it would be the extremely organized puzzling plot; thus, they never stop searching. Netflix contains some really good Spanish thrillers like “High Seas,” “The Five Juanas,” “Cable Girls,” “Who Killed Sara,” and so on. “The Snow Girl” showed up in the bookstore in 2020, written by none other than the seasoned author Javier Castillo. What makes the writer different from others is his writing style, which is erratic, and the readers starting out may feel intimidated since they never know whether they are in the past or in the present. But once you are familiar enough with all the characters, you will get to know the bolts from the blue and the intentions behind such an intriguing plot.

‘The Snow Girl’ Plot

Javier Castillo’s earlier publications, like “The day that sanity was lost” and “The day that love was lost,” pushed him to popularity. “The Snow Girl” is his fourth novel, which started to construct its visual representation under Netflix. The Spanish hosted a grand parade called the “Thanksgiving Day Parade” to welcome the Kings of the Orient, which gives the city a magical and fanciful outlook with lots of gifts. On such a day in Malaga, 2010—call it the most wonderful time of the year with a festive mood—the Martin family is faced with a sobering reality when their young daughter Amaya Martin disappears among the crowd. In the teaser, a little child in a yellow raincoat is shown crying through the drone footage of a parade. Inspector Millán (Aixa Villagrán), in charge of the investigation, may be tempted to quit looking for Amaya. The unpredictable plot will be keenly observed by Miren (Milena Smit), a young journalist who is adamantly resolved to move forward with her search even though doing so may let old evils back in. With time, people started to believe that the girl no longer existed in the world. With the assistance of her journalist friend Eduardo, Miren is devoted to locating Amaya taking the help of a few clues and with the goal of reconciling the family. Sometimes, while looking for anything, we might reach the point where we encounter something we were not even looking for. What if, in search of Amaya, Miren also starts recalling her past that she wishes she hadn’t looked back on? Like any other parents, Martin’s family questions the authority about the disappearance, as shown in the teaser, like how long it would take to find her out or why they were forced to endure such a horrific loss. But with problems comes a solution; all it needs is a little more willpower and faith. The hint of the VHS tape and the room could be helpful to Miren. The inspection of the kid is held amidst the constant cries of a woman’s voice, “Amaya!” with a dogged reminder of the clock ticking in the backdrop throughout the teaser. Hope is the only thing Miren is clinging to, so she whispers that someone has to continue searching for Amaya.

‘The Snow Girl’ Cast

“The Snow Girl” series is an adaptation of the novel “La Chica de Nieve” by Javier Castillo. The best-selling book has now been considered to make a screenplay of it by David Ulloa & Laura Alvea. Jess Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig have revised the script alongside Castillo. The cinematography has been done under the Spanish talent David Omedes. He is quite popular for his creations like “Shacky Carmine” (1999), “Salvador (Puig Antich)” (2006), and “The Frost” (2009). Milena Smit, from the Netflix crime thriller “The Girl in the Mirror,” will play the character of Mirren. The female protagonist received her acting training from the most renowned Hollywood coaches, Bernardo Hiller and Cristina Rota. Smit’s international recognition has been aided by her appearances in movies like “Cross the Line,” “Parallel Mothers,” “Tin & Tina,” and “Libelulas.” Jose Coronado, a significant hero in the world of contemporary masterpieces, will join the cast of “The Snow Girl.” He flourished in his acting skills on the big screen through “What About Love,” “No Rest for the Wicked,” “The Body,” “The Vault,” and several others. Aixa Villagran, well known for his debut in “Vida Perfecta,” “Crazy About Her,” and “Los Hombres de Paco,” will play the role of Inspector Millan in this series. The cast also includes Tristan Ulla, Cristian Lopez, Loreto Mauleon, Cecilia Freire, Julian Villagran, Loreto Mauleon, Raul Prieto, Alejandro Vergara, Mario del Cubo, and Amanda Santos. The executive producer’s team comprises Cristina Sutherland, Jose Antonio Félez, and Alberto Félez in collaboration with Atpica Films.

Release Date

From January 27, 2023, the eagerly anticipated show “The Snow Girl” will be available on Netflix. It will have six consecutive episodes with striking titles. David Ulloa directed four episodes whereas Laura Alvea had worked upon two episodes in the first season. There is no information on whether it will be continued in the second season or not. The suspense thriller had been sold like hotcakes, and now a real-life version of “The Snow Girl” is in the making – just a matter of time to finally unfold the mystery on your own!

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