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‘Children Of Sin’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Children of Sin” is the latest movie directed by Christopher Wesley Moore, and features the likes of Blake Wing as Daniel, Keni Bounds as Tammy, Jeff Buchwald as Robbie, Lewis Hines as Jackson, Meredith Mohler as Emma, Jo-Abb Robbins as Mary Esther, Christopher Wesley Moore as Hank, and more. The film’s plot revolves around Jackson and Emma, two siblings who were sent to Abraham’s House in search of salvation. But as they explore more, they find a deadly reality that threatens their own survival hidden under the guise of this peaceful home. The stress rises as the youngsters learn that they may not get out alive.

Spoilers Ahead

The Solution To Salvation

The film kicks off with a tumultuous household, complete with a discordant family that bickers incessantly over every trivial matter. The clan consists of Emma, a 16-year-old teenager, her brother Jackson, and their mother’s soon-to-be husband, the authoritarian Robbie, who’s set to tie the knot with their divorced mother in merely a week. Despite the nuptials being right around the corner, Robbie’s already in full-on stepfather mode, exerting his influence over Emma and Jackson’s every move, even going as far as dictating whom they can and can’t fraternize with. Emma, on many occasions, has tried to get her mother to convince her to break off from her boyfriend, but it was to no avail. Emma’s mother, Tammy, discovers that her daughter is with a child, and unfortunately, the news is met with a barrage of harsh criticism and disapproval from her own mother and her soon-to-be stepfather. The house’s peace shatters into a million pieces when he stumbles upon Jackson in his room, watching gay porn. The revelation is like a thunderbolt, catching Robbie off guard and leaving him at a loss for words. Robbie, a deeply religious man, finds himself at a crossroads when he confronts Jackson about his sexuality. Robbie implores Jackson to adhere to the teachings of his faith, warning him that the path he’s chosen will lead him to eternal damnation. In a short time, the youngsters would be awoken in the middle of the night and sent to Abraham House. Robbie has convinced Tammy that sending their kids to the Abraham House is the only way to save their kids from hell’s fire. 

Life At Abraham House

As the duo enters the Abraham House, they’re met with the imposing presence of Mary Aster, a woman who holds the fate of their souls in her hands. With a steely gaze and an unwavering voice, Mary Aster lays down the law, warning them that their behavior from this moment on will determine their destiny, not only in this life but in the afterlife as well. Emma also encounters Rebecca, who has been living in the Abraham House since she was three years old, in the wake of her parent’s demise. Meanwhile, Hank was being manipulated into believing that his acting upon his homosexual urges is because he longs for a father figure in his life. Since losing his father at a young age, Jackson has been yearning for a father figure to fill the void in his life. Underlying his every move is a need for the fatherly guidance and affection he never had; maybe that’s why he’s determined to comply with every single one of Robbie’s commands. Hank and his group of friends are determined to mold Jackson into their ideal image of masculinity, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to rewire him. However, we learn that Hank is also a homosexual whose thoughts keep drifting to the tall, young gardener. Unfortunately, Hank was caught and was given a good beating for his sins.  On the other hand, Mary is also revealed to be holding a young girl captive in the attic, subjecting her to a twisted and terrifying game of death in forgiveness. When the girl refuses to ask for forgiveness for a crime she did not commit, Mary kills her, revealing her true colors.  Emma grows increasingly anxious as she waits for her mother’s call, her mind racing with terrifying possibilities of what could have happened. The situation takes a far darker turn when Esther dresses the girls up and makes them have sexual encounters with the boys. Fortunately, Hank intervenes and saves Jackson from a lifetime of embarrassment. Hank’s eyes are finally opening to the reality of Aster’s twisted machinations as she continues to justify her horrific acts of harassment and murder with the guise of religious devotion. Hank is having second doubts and is planning to flee to Chicago with Mason, his boyfriend. Jackson, on the other hand, still believes that Esther is helping him. 

‘Children Of Sin’ Ending 

The tension in the Abraham House reaches a boiling point as Rebecca, one of the trapped girls, becomes suspicious of Esther’s actions and attempts to take matters into her own hands. However, her attempt at rebellion is met with a brutal and merciless end at the hands of Esther. As Emma asks about Rebecca’s whereabouts, she’s met with a strange response. As the night draws to a close, Esther’s thirst for blood reaches new heights, and her murderous rampage continues without mercy. Christina and Hank became her latest victim when they were caught fleeing the house. If this wasn’t enough, Esther also fed Christina to Jackson and Emma at breakfast. After a fierce struggle, Jackson and Emma managed to subdue Esther, but their relief was short-lived when she suddenly sprang back to life and resumed her pursuit of the terrified siblings.  The siblings fought back with all their might, determined to protect themselves, and managed to put an end to Esther’s pathetic life. The duo quickly made their way to Esther’s car and managed to escape the nightmare that they had been trapped in. However, it’s at their house where the real twist is revealed. It seems Tammy had been aware of the sinister secrets of Abraham House all along and had sent her kids away to secure her place in heaven. In reality, her newfound love, Robbie, has convinced her that it’s the only way to wash away her sins. Robbie and Tammy decided to carry out what Esther failed to do and attack Jackson and Emma, but in the end, the tables were turned, and it was Robbie and Tammy who met their tragic fate, as Jackson and Emma emerged victorious. The siblings were left shaken but also relieved to have escaped the clutches of the Abraham House and the twisted individuals who dwelled within it.


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