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‘Byomkesh’ Season 8: ‘Byomkesh O Pijrapol’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Byomkesh o Pijrapol” is a detective series based on the murders and mysteries of Rose Mansion. Byomkesh is the detective who has set out to solve the mysteries of Rose Mansion and its people. The story is set in the 1940s, after the Second World War, when India got its independence. The mood of the series is set by the conversation about the war-torn country, which was getting ready to celebrate its first democratic general election. Byomkesh Bakshi is a private investigator who is quite popular by his nickname ‘truth seeker’ and has been contacted by big people in order to solve mysteries, murders, etc. Nishanath Sen was one such client who had contacted Byomkesh Bakshi to solve mysteries in his colony in a village.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Byomkesh End Up Getting In Contact With Nishanath Sen?

In the series, the character who was the head of Rose Mansion, Mr. Nishanath Sen, was a retired judge by profession. But at present, he runs the Rose colony, his main business. Mr. Nishanath Sen was receiving old motor parts from an old car, which he found suspicious enough to consult with a detective, Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi. Nishanath Sen is a very interesting character who retired by giving someone named Lal Singh the death penalty, and after retirement, he starts to run a colony full of interesting people. Sen had his suspicions about getting the old motor parts and wanted the best detective to solve the case for him, thus the entry of Byomkesh. To understand the reason behind the cause, Nishanath Sen invited Byomkesh to visit his colony along with his assistant, Ajit.

What Was The Rose Colony? How Were The People Of Rose Colony?

Nishanath Sen’s colony was an interesting place, with people from all walks of life. Some had a past of doing criminal activities; some had no place to go; some were specially-abled, among others. The colony had people like Bijoy (Mr. Sen’s nephew), Rasik Lal, Muskil Miyan, Brajo Das, Nepal Gupta, Dr. Das, and Panugopal; all were the male members of the colony, and the women members of the colony were Mrs. Damayanti Sen (Sen’s wife), Mukul (the daughter of Nepal Gupta), Nojor Bibi (the wife of Mushkil Miyan), and Banalakshmi. All were the employees of Mr. Sen. Nepal Gupta is a chemistry professor who lost all his credibility because of an explosion in his chemistry lab. He was suspected of making a bomb in the lab and was convicted. Panugopal is deaf and mute. Rasik Lal was another specially-abled person who had gotten his hand cut in a cotton factory. Dr. Das had lost his license and had been living at the Rose Colony for about four years. Brajo Das was convicted of theft, and the judgment had been passed by Nishanath Sen himself, but once he got released, he went through a complete transition and converted himself to being a dedicated Vaishnab who doesn’t tell lies. Mrs. Damayanti’s history is unknown, and nobody questioned it because she is the wife of Mr. Sen. Byomkesh suspected there had to be some mystery as she was half the age of Mr. Sen. Banalakshmi had a dark past where she was cheated on by a man and then was found crying at a corner of a hotel in Hogg Market. Dr. Das had brought Bonolakshmi to the rose colony. All of these characters were under the employment of Sen, and they had been working in a safe environment, forgetting their toxic, dark past. Without Sen’s guidance and leadership, these people would not be living a life devoid of crime and punishment. It seemed that Nishanath Sen also had secrets that were not disclosed to Byomkesh when he contacted him, but Nepal Gupta threatened to tell all his secrets to everyone while Byomkesh was visiting the Rose mansion. Only Bijoy Sen, Sen’s nephew, seemed to have a clear past but was under Byomkesh’s suspicion while he was going through every member of the Rose Colony. Bijoy had been living with Sen since he was 10 years old when his parents died.

How Did Sen Die? Why Did Byomkesh Suspect Everyone?

After visiting the Rose mansion and its people, Byomkesh gets a letter from Sen mentioning that there was no need for him to investigate the case any further, which seemed to be very odd, and the reason behind it wasn’t disclosed to Byomkesh. But we, the audience, knew the reason: it was a request from Mrs. Sen to withdraw the case from Byomkesh, but the reason was still unknown to everyone. The very next day, Sen died of a heart attack, and Byomkesh took charge of the investigation along with solving the mysteries of the Rose Mansion. Sen died a natural death, but Byomkesh was not convinced that it was a natural one and asked the police to do a post-mortem just to be sure about the cause of the death. The results showed that Sen died of a heart attack. But Byomkesh went on with his investigation and suspected everyone, particularly those who would be benefitted the most by Sen’s death.In the course of the investigation, everyone’s secret was coming out, and Rasik Lal escaped from Rose Colony, becoming the prime suspect. The next to escape was Braja Das, who never used to lie, thus complicating the investigation. As the narrative progresses, Panugopal gets murdered, as he might have witnessed the murder of Nishanath Sen. Byomkesh’s suspicion was the murderer might have caused a scene that led to Sen’s heart attack, and Panugopal witnessed that person and was removed from the way by the murderer to avoid getting caught. Gradually, with the course of events, we get to see that Nepal wanted Bijoy to marry his daughter Mukul, but Bijoy broke off that marriage when Banalakshmi came to the colony. Nepal Gupta did not like the way the colony was functioning and wanted to lead instead of Sen. Various people had various motives for Sen’s death, and everyone had something to gain from his death. Meanwhile, Dr. Das is seen to be visiting a different house, which Byomkesh finds out was under the name of Kalpana Das. Kalpana Das was the wife of Dr. Das, and when police raided the place, they found money, a typewriter, surgical instruments, and some other basic things like that.

The Great Reveal Of Events

Eventually, Byomkesh finds out from Brajo Das that Nishanath and Damayanti are not married. Damayanti was the wife of Lal Singh, whom Sen had sentenced to die in Bombay. Damayanti requested that Sen reduce Lal Singh’s punishment. But Lal Singh had appealed to a higher court, where he got life imprisonment for 14 years, while Damayanti stayed back with Nishanath Sen as his wife and started a new life at the colony. While in Bombay, Brajo Das was found guilty of the robbery of some important documents, and Sen wrote his verdict, too, and sent him to jail. Later, he came back to the colony after going through a full transition. As Byomkesh investigates, he finds out that Bijoy had been blackmailing Mrs. Sen in the name of Lal Singh and extracting money from her, and keeping it for Banalakshmi. The Rose Mansion had several love affairs, and Banalakshmi was associated with more than one. She had promised Rasik Lal that they would escape from the Rose Mansion together. Rasik Lal used to steal money and keep it at Bonolakhsmi’s. Bijoy was also infatuated with Banalakshmi, and he kept the money that he stole from Damayanti and kept it with Banalakshmi. Towards the end, it came to light that Banalakshmi had been involved in using the men of the Rose Colony to her advantage.

‘Byomkesh O Pijrapol’ Season 8: Ending

In the end, it is seen that Banalakshmi had a lot to do with the murders, killings, and thefts in the Rose mansion. She had captivated most men in the colony and utilized each of them for her own benefit. In the end, Byomkesh finally revealed all the mysteries, and we got to know that Dr. Das and Banalakshmi had been together since the beginning and that they had murdered Nishanath Sen. Dr. Das took the disguise of Lal Singh and frightened Sen, which caused the fatal heart attack. Banalakshmi was playing sitar instead of Dr. Das on the night of the murder so that he could have kept his alibi. Banalakshmi also killed Panugopal with one of Dr. Das’ surgical knives. Bonolakhsmi’s name was Kalpana Das, the wife of Dr. Das, and they both loved each other deeply. When Byomkesh confronted them about knowing their misdeeds and the murder could send them to life imprisonment or a death sentence, their decision after this shocked us. They both committed suicide together, as Banalakshmi did not want anyone to laugh at their punishment, so they decided to be together forever. This way, by committing suicide, they remain together, and nobody can gain anything from their deaths. It was a token of how deep their emotions were, and whatever crime they committed, they felt no remorse for it. They were selfish toward each other and did not want to be punished, so they chose their path. They had won, and Byomkesh had lost, as they could not get punished, and love had won over everything.


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