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‘Blood’ Ending, Explained: How Far You’d Go To Save The Ones You Love?

How far would you go to protect your children? Would you sell your soul and compromise your morality to save your child’s life? The latest movie, “Blood,” directed by Brad Anderson, and written by Will Honley, explores one such scenario. The movie follows the story of Jess, who is forced to shatter her moral values after coming across a problem she can’t deal with. The movie features the likes of Michelle Monaghan as Jess, Skeet Ulrich as Patrick, Finally, Wojtak as Owen, Skylar Morgan as Tyler, Danika Fredrick as Shelly, and more. Here’s a detailed recap of the 2023 movie, “Blood.”

Spoilers Ahead

The Case Of A Strange Bite

Jess, along with her son Owen and daughter, has just moved into her new house following a heartbreaking divorce after she caught her husband having an affair with another woman. Jess couldn’t allow herself to keep her prior home after the divorce since Patrick’s parents bought that house for them when they were happily married. Jess was a drug addict and used to divide her hours between her work at the hospital and Adderall. And now her husband’s lawyers are digging up her past to transfer Owens’ and Tyler’s custody, as, according to him, he took care of the kids while Jess slept off her drug addiction, the fact that he cheated on his wife with the nanny shouldn’t rob it away. 

Unfortunately, Jess is again put to the test when her son Owen, is bitten by their family dog, Pippin, whom Patrick brought from them. The bite was severe, prompting Owen to lose a tonne of blood. Owen was taken to the hospital and, after stabilizing, was moved to a private room. Patrick again blamed Jess for Owen’s condition, alleging that she’s still consuming drugs and is unable to take care of her children. However, Jess had far bigger issues to deal with as Owen’s health kept deteriorating. Jess soon learns that the infection has made Owen develop a craving for blood, but on the bright side has healed his wounds and wiped the virus off his body. 

How Far You’d Go To Save The Ones You Love

Unfortunately, Owen’s blood pressure keeps dropping, and to save her son’s life, Jess feeds him the one thing he really desires, “blood.” Jess brings Owen home, believing she could better take care of Owen at home and also figure out how to battle this newfound issue. Meanwhile, Owen is having a hard time controlling his cravings, forcing Jess to steal blood from the hospital. Jess also tried Owen feeding animal blood after the hospital had put in a new protocol for security, but Owen suffered a stroke. Jess realises that the only way to save Owen’s life is to feed him human blood. For the sake of her ailing kid, Jane began to sacrifice her ethics and convictions by committing murder in order to get plasma. She started by abducting one of her patients, Helen, who had been in and out of the hospital after being diagnosed with cancer twice. Jess has been keeping Helen alive and feeding her blood to Owen. Time progresses, and Tyler learns about Helen but has no choice but to keep her lips sealed to make sure Owens lives. Unfortunately for Jess, Helen somehow manages to break out of the house but is tracked down and killed by Owen, leaving Jess with no choice but to start feeding him again with her own blood. Jess learns that Owen’s illness is, in a way, connected to the mysterious tree in the swamp. Jess’ health was also deteriorating, making everyone think that she was using drugs again. Tyler brings Owen to the tree and plans to burn it down to kill whatever is controlling or changing him, but she is attacked. Jess intervenes and saves Tyler but has to drown Owen in the swamp after finally realizing that she lost her son on the day of the bite and there was something, or someone else, controlling Owen’s body. 

The Aftermath 

Owen’s death was ruled as an accident, making the DA not pursue any kind of criminal investigation against Jess, but Patrick has decided to move forward with the custody battle on the grounds of negligence. Patrick even alleges that Jess is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, a condition where a parent purposely keeps a child sick or malnourished. The verdict came in Patrick’s favor, and he was given the sole custody of Tyler, deeming Jess to be a potential danger to her. Fortunately, she was allowed to challenge the verdict in six months if she was mentally fit and completed her counseling. Jess realizes that she has to live with what she did, and the movie concludes with her walking toward the swamp and burning down the tree. But that’s certainly not the end of the story, as, in the post-credit scene, we see Jess looking at something or someone in the distance with a blank expression on her face.


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