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Best Smartwatches Under 10,000 That You Can Buy On Holi 2023

Everyone does not have the ability to buy an Apple Watch Series 8 or a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 for their everyday usage. The accurate features that are provided by these premium watches are truly amazing, but the amount required for them is quite steep. Users who are on a budget and can only spend a certain amount of capital are forced to look for other options. In this article, we will provide you with the names of 8 watches that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Honor Magic Watch 2

The Honor Magic Watch 2 is a little older than the others on the list, but it is still a viable option at ₹8,999. This watch is more of a fitness-centric smartwatch with a plethora of features. A variety of activity modes are available, and it even provides post-exercise feedback, which is advantageous. The music handling, notification management, and GPS tracking appeared to be a little sluggish, but the software experience was satisfactory. The 455 mAh battery performs excellently and can last around two weeks with a single charge. The build quality is superb, with a ceramic back on a stainless steel frame, and the 1.39 in OLED display is sleek. Bluetooth calling and 50 m of water resistance, along with the 41 g of weight, make the device an overall success. If you are looking for a decent fitness-oriented smartwatch and do not want to spend a good amount of money on it, the Honor Magic Watch 2 is a good choice.

Amazfit GTR 2

The Amazfit GTR 2 comes with very limited features when considering the price tag of ₹7,999 but is a value-for-money smartwatch. Weighing around 31 g, the bright 1.39 in AMOLED screen and the polished design are absolutely spot-on. The 417 mAh battery can provide around 14 days of life with a single charge, and the watch provides 4 GB of music storage for offline playing. The speaker and the built-in mic work decently when used for voice commands or for Bluetooth calling. Scratch resistance and 50 m water resistance provide durability to the watch, and the UI is also extremely responsive. Sensors like an accelerometer, heart rate, air pressure, and ambient light, among many others are present and work accurately. The only drawback is the companion Zepp app, which is a bit chaotic when compared with other companion apps.

Mi Watch Revolve Active

Due to intense competition, Xiaomi has been unable to capture the Indian wearable market, as it has done with smartphones. The Mi Watch Revolve Active tries to cater to the audience with a variety of features but falls short of accuracy and is a bit imbalanced. Like when measuring SpO2, tracking it provides accurate results, but when used for heart rate measurement during workouts, the analytics seem like guesswork. The watch’s 32 g weight is advantageous because it keeps the watch from being bulky on the wrist, and the 1.39-inch AMOLED display is crisp and clear. The software experience is not laggy, and the implementation of Alexa support is really helpful. Though the company claims that the watch has 14 days of battery life, you can only squeeze out around 10 days from the 420 mAh battery. If the absence of a calling feature, notification management, and slow charging is not your concern, then the Mi Watch Revolve Active at ₹5,494 can be taken into consideration. 

Realme Watch 3 Pro

Released along with the Realme GT Neo 3T, the Realme Watch 3 Pro dawns a premium look with a plastic frame and a plastic back. The 1.78 in AMOLED display that supports 500 nits of brightness is vibrant and sharp. The watch weighs only 40.7 g and feels good on the wrist, but the glossy finish makes it a fingerprint magnet. Be it on Android or iOS, the Realme Link app synchronizes with the watch seamlessly and offers a variety of watch faces. Health tracking is standard, but the absence of an ambient light sensor is a bit shocking. Equipped with GPS and Bluetooth 5.3, the calling option using Bluetooth is really clear and loud. On a single full charge, the 345 mAh battery provides around 10 days of use. If a premium design and Bluetooth calling are your main criteria, then you can surely go for the ₹4,999 Realme Watch 3 Pro.

OnePlus Nord Watch

With the introduction of the Buds Pro 2, the OnePlus Pad, and the OnePlus Nord Watch, it is evident that OnePlus, like other premium brands, is trying to create its own digital ecosystem. The OnePlus Nord Watch has a simple design with a gorgeous 1.7 in AMOLED display. The watch comes with a whopping 500 nits of brightness, a 60 Hz refresh rate, and a 70.7% screen-to-body ratio. With the silicon straps on the OnePlus Nord Watch weighs 52.4 g and sits comfortably on the wrist and also holds IP68 protection. The health tracking features in the N Health app provide pretty accurate analysis, and the watch has more than 100 sports modes. Unable to call using Bluetooth and quick replies along with the unavailability of face customization, are the drawbacks of this watch. Priced at ₹4,499, the OnePlus Nord Watch’s 230 mAh battery is even pretty standard and can provide 10 days of backup with 30 days of standby time. 

Fastrack Reflex Hello

Fastrack, a sub-brand of Titan, is well known for its analog watches, but it is slowly entering the market for smartwatches too. The Fastrack Reflex Hello is the only smartwatch on this list that offers you the ability to play games on your smartwatch, which is kind of cool. The watch weighs 143 g and has a 1.69 TFT display, both of which are adequate. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the watch has only 5 days of battery life on a single charge, which is a bit less when compared to other watches on this list. Built with polycarbonate materials, and having an IP68 rating, the Fastrack Reflex Hello is durable. The 350 nits of brightness at this price seems quite a deal, along with the presence of several other features like AI voice, Bluetooth calling, a period tracker, a sleep monitor, and a BP monitor, among many others. The watch offers more than 50 sports modes, and the software experience is decent too. If you want a reputed, trusted brand with overall decent performance, the ₹3,995 Fastrack Reflex Hello should suit your needs.

Noise ColorFit Pro 4

Noise is offering an immense amount of features at a competitive price, which makes it a great budget smartwatch. The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 is priced at ₹2,999 and offers Bluetooth calling features along with 100 sports modes and several health tracking features, which is really surprising. But keep in mind that the health tracking features are not always accurate, and Bluetooth calling is decent for short conversations. The 1.72 in TFT display is pretty neat and vibrant, with a whopping 60 Hz refresh rate and 500 nits of brightness. The digital crown is not for show, and you can do a range of things with it, from adjusting volumes to changing watch faces. The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 provides more than 150 watch faces and comes with a variety of strap colors, like Deep Wine, Midnight Blue, Mint Green, and many more. The 290 mAh battery, with typical usage, can give you 7 days of battery life, which seems decent. If you want a budget watch with a variety of features, then the Noise ColorFit Pro 4 is a great fit.

Fire-Boltt Dynamite

The Fire-Boltt Dynamite, which costs ₹2,499, has quick charging! If you charge it for 10 minutes, you can use the watch for 24 hours. It can last between 8 and 10 days on a full charge. The watch comes with an IP68 rating and can be used while swimming or doing other water activities. The Fire-Boltt Dynamite offers a variety of watch faces, 123 sports modes, and standard health tracking features. Smart notifications, Bluetooth calling, and contact synchronization are also offered at this price. The UI is laggy, the touch response is a bit slow, which is understandable, and the fitness tracking analytics are not always accurate. The 1.81 HD display is quite something at this price. The Fire-Boltt Dynamite is a great choice for users who are on a strict budget and want a good, big display with BT calling and smooth notification management.


It is very difficult to narrow down a handful of watches in the budget segment as there are plenty of options. So, when shopping for a budget smartwatch, the first question you should ask is, “What will be the reasons for me to use this smartwatch?” This will help you decide and narrow down your options. In this article, we attempted to cover smartwatches in each price range under ₹10,000 and provided you with a list of devices that have received positive feedback and have been steadily purchased across the country. Check them out during the festival of Holi, when they will be sold at a discount so that you can purchase them for an even lower price.

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