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Best Smartwatch Apps For Android That You Should Know

Smartphones’ introduction and rapid development has already made the world faster and easier in almost every aspect of life. From booking a cab to finding a route, everything can be done via smartphones. But what if you could control those things with the flick of your wrist? Yes, it is possible, as smartwatches with Android OS do have access to Google Play, so getting apps on the watch is something that is attainable. If you are someone who owns a smartwatch with Android OS and is reading this article, then it can be extremely insightful.


As the proverb goes, “Health is wealth,”  and this proverb has become more plausible after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want a health guide to assist you in this journey, Lifesum is the ideal one. It is actually more than a health guide and also helps to maintain wellness habits effectively. The app comes with effective features like a water tracker, calorie counter, barcode scanner, food diary, macro tracker, and many more. Different diet plans, like the Clean Eating Diet, Keto Diet, Scandinavian Diet, and High Protein Diet, among many others, are offered, and you also get tips on how to set your diet for gaining or losing weight with Lifesum. You also get options for intermittent fasting and meal plans with a complete grocery list, along with the freedom of customization. The app also synchronizes seamlessly and allows for the import and export of data with your exercise apps to understand the needs of your body. With more than 50 million downloads, Lifesum can help you lead a good life.

Infinity Loop

There are some addictive games around the world that provide a bit of peace of mind when you play them; Infinity Loop is such a game. Though the available space on the smartwatch’s screen is minimal, you can still enjoy this game due to its simple and clean interface, and it is also suited for small screens. The Infinity Loop is a puzzle game that is based on the method of tapping puzzle pieces and helping to form a pattern by rotating them. While creating this intricate pattern, the game would also help to enhance your logical skills, which is an added advantage. The game also offers a dark mode and a zen mode where soothing sounds are played to calm your mind. Reinstalling the game is difficult because it does not support cloud saving and you lose all of your progress. For killing a bit of time and releasing stress, this is a great app you should have on your watch.


Bored with the installed watch faces on your device? Check out the TIMEFLIK app, which offers more than 1 million watch faces made by global designers and already has 5 million+ downloads. Customize the watch face on your own with free templates for the weather, battery, subdials, hands, and much more. The app even offers a watch strap subscription, with which you can match your watch strap with the watch face, which is really cool. If you opt for the in-app purchase, you can enjoy an ad-free experience and unlimited access to premium designs every day. Note carefully that this app is not compatible with certain brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Garmin, Fitbit, and a handful of others.


The days of writing things down on paper and making a grocery list are long gone. Make your shopping list via the Bring! app, which you can get on your Android watch for free. The app offers easy-to-understand icons from its library, and you can use your smartwatch’s voice transcription feature to add or delete items from the list. You can also save recipes and loyalty cards and share any list with your friends and family via mail, social media, and SMS. Using the app’s quantity calculator, you can find out how many ingredients you need to buy, and you can also import recipes from the internet. The app allows you to choose light or dark mode, and you can also list the items in a sorted manner according to the aisle number in your supermarket for more efficiency. The only drawback of this app is its inability to scan and add items via a barcode reader and the unavailability of specific brands.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep tracking is a feature that is only available in a handful of watches, and they too are either very costly, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, or are unable to calculate and provide the right data. Sleep Cycle is a great app that uses AI and helps you get a detailed analysis of the type of sleep you are getting. To help you start your day naturally, the app only gives you a gentle wake-up call when you are in a light sleep. You also get stories, soothing sounds, and relaxation guides from the app, which helps you sleep better.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate your car when you visit an office or shopping mall with underground parking. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to get to your car. To avoid such hassles, you can surely check out the ParKing app. With a single click, the simple app will show you your current location and your car’s parked location. It also comes with an automatic parking option and parking history to show where you have previously parked. If your parking space has a time limit, you can use the parking reminder feature to avoid paying any fees. The app can also determine if your car is parked underground or indoors and provide several navigation options. To use this app, your car must have Bluetooth connectivity, and the interface may cause issues in some devices; these are the only drawbacks of this app. 


Is it your daily struggle to get proper access to public transportation? If you want to change this scenario, get hold of the Citymapper, which comes with tons of information on public transport. The app will not only help you find the best transportation options around you, like buses, ferries, cars, trains, or scooters but will also show you the best route you should take to reach your destination quickly. To avoid confusion, the app provides three map views and also displays no parking spots. For convenience, the app has partnered with brands like Uber, Spin, Citi Bike, CaBi, and GREENbike, among others. With its real-time tracker, you can even beat rush hour on buses, ferries, or trains. You can also personalize your routes and get daily updates via a notification on your watch with Citymapper. Though a pool of cities is available for this app, just check to make sure your city is on the list or not.


Considered to be one of the best meditation apps on the market, Calm can help you reduce anxiety, sleep better, and manage stress from your wearable. Take help from seasoned experts to get meditation into your daily routine and experience the calmness it offers. Topics like breaking habits, calming anxiety, deep sleep, and many more are offered by the Calm app. If you have trouble sleeping or are suffering from insomnia, this app has plenty of stories for kids and adults and soothing music to lull you to the deep sleep necessary for sustenance. Track your mental health and emotion levels with Mindful Minutes and Daily Streaks, and opt for the 7–21-day mindfulness program to levitate yourself. With over 100 million users globally, Calm is even suggested by therapists, psychologists, and mental health experts.

Wear Casts

If you are a podcast lover, then Wear Casts is the app for you. You can either stream or download the podcasts on your smartphone and then transfer them to your smartwatch to enjoy phone-free listening to podcasts. If you want to directly stream podcasts from your watch, you can check out the Navcasts app, which is only available for in-app purchases. Using wireless earbuds, you can connect with your smartwatch, which will have the Wear Casts app, and listen to the desired podcasts while you are relaxing, commuting, or on a walk. Wear Casts also helps to save battery life on your phone, which can be used for other purposes as it does not require a constant Bluetooth connection. One thing to keep in mind is that the app requires Android 8 or higher. 

Water Drink Reminder

Are you someone who forgets to drink the right amount of water every day? Install the Water Drink Reminder app to always stay properly hydrated. With more than 100 million downloads, this app was the Best Self Improvement and Top Trending app on Google in 2016. It works in a simple manner; you just need to enter your current weight and tell the app when you drink a cup of water for the first time after installing the app on your smartwatch. The app will automatically tell you when you should take your next cup and will calculate the amount of water you need for the day. The app’s data can be synced with Google Fit, and for the user’s understanding, it also provides data in logs and graphs.


From leading a healthy lifestyle to choosing the right transportation option, installing any of these 10 apps will make your life a bit easier. There are numerous other apps available on the market, but these 10 are the top of the lot.  All of them can be downloaded for free, so you can try them right away!

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