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‘Batman: The Doom That Come To Gotham’ Characters, Explained

“Batman: The Doom That Comes to Gotham” is the latest DC animated movie directed by Christopher Berkley and Sam Liu. Even though the narrative takes place outside the events of the traditional DC Universe, the movie harbors the same characters with a pinch of salt. Here’s the detailed character guide for the major characters of “Batman: The Doom That Comes To Gotham.”

Spoilers Ahead

Bruce Wayne And Batman

Doesn’t matter whether it’s Elseworlds, Earth-1, or the New 52, Batman alias Bruce Wayne is Earth’s most determined and formidable protector. Ward of wealthy businessman Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne was forced to wear the mantle of the Dark Knight after his parents’ deaths. For his insignia, Batman settled on a bat since it is a beast that comes out when dusk has fallen, and strikes fear in the minds of villains and lawbreakers.

Perhaps more significantly, The Dark Knight interpreted the bat as a metaphor to represent his own metamorphosis. Bruce Wayne went from being a rich womanizer to becoming a fearsome vigilante in much the same way that a bat transforms from an inoffensive species into a terrifying killer. Using the bat as his emblem helped him accept his new identity while also inspiring dread in his foes.

Jason Blood And Atrigan

When everything else failed, the magician called upon the devil Etrigan to secure victory. He now shares a body with the person with whom he formed a link, Jason Blood. Reciting the spell causes Blood to change into Etrigan, a hellish beast with incredible power, agility, and stamina. The scorching breath of Etrigan is legendary, as is his penchant for rhymes. In the movie, Jason warns Bruce that his return to Gotham has caused quite a stir and gives the advice to follow three things: seek spirits, perish to become himself and burn Gotham to the ground until it’s saved. Etrigan’s dichotomous personality is one of the most intriguing features of his personality. His look, language, and actions all represent his split nature as a devil and a mortal. He’s as cool, composed, and cerebral as Jason Blood yet as violent, impetuous, and vicious as his hellish counterpart.


Talia Al Ghul is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and the only surviving adherent of the Cut of Ghul. While the crooks of Gotham dread the Dark Knight, Talia has no such qualms, as her 812 years on the Earth have made her well acquainted with Djinn, monsters, and caped crusaders. Talia is after the Testament of Ghul and has killed Langstorm in search of it so she can bring her father back from the dead. In pursuit of this, she has also struck a deal with an ancient Djinn to fetch a demon that could take his place in the bottle, so he could roam free. In return, Daitya is to scorch the cursed ground with his hellfire to bring forth Ra’s Al Ghul.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the most formidable foes in and beyond the DC universe. The Leader of the Cult of Ghul, Ra’s, firmly believes that Gotham is doomed and wishes to give the city purpose and honor the damnation that bore it. Ra’s is a dark priest who has lived for many ages and has seen the rise and fall of empires. In 2000 BC, Ra’s necromantic arts wested sinister secrets from the dead and made him the master of dark magic. Ra’s one true desire is to serve his master, Iog Sotha, and to bring his dark outer god into Gotham.

Thomas Wayne

In the Elseworlds saga, Thomas Wyane was born in the 15th century and was one of the few colonists to venture out to seek a new world. He and many of his fellow colleagues found a settlement that would one day mature into Gotham. But the ensuing years were unforgiving, and the winter was slowly swallowing their lives one by one. Until Oswald Cobblepot discovered an ancient book, Thomas and three others read from it in moments of desperation. The book made them prosper beyond their dreams and made them immortal, but little did they know their citation had awakened Iog Sotha. This is what drew Langestorm to kill himself, Cobblepot to the end of the world, and Henry Queen to kill Thomas and Martha.

Oliver Queen

In the movie, Oliver Queen is one of Gotham’s richest and most influential people and harbors a vile secret. His father, Henry Queen, has lived for centuries and has made a pact with the devil. The desire for eternal life drove him mad, and by the end, there was no vile deed Henry would refuse, including the murder of Bruce’s parents. Oliver then vowed to undo his sins and was prepared to face the impending doom to save Gotham. He has spent years collecting holy weapons like sacred arrows, which are soaked in the blood of Saint Sabastian himself. And now the sins of the father are to be heaped upon the son, on both Oliver and Bruce. 

Harvey Dent 

Harvey Dent used to be Gotham’s mayor and the key to bringing forth Ion Sotha. Dent is portrayed as a man with strong moral convictions and an unwavering dedication in doing what is right in the courtroom. His strong ethical compass and the need to rid the community of criminals drive him. Unfortunately, Harvey was transformed into a two-faced monster by Poison Ivy’s toxins. Harvey’s despair and loss of faith would open a portal into Iog Sotha, prompting the ancient evil to break free.


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