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Upcoming Video Games From Xbox Game Studios In 2023 And Beyond

Games are the fuel for a gamer’s fire. No matter what day, month, or year it is, and no matter how huge their backlog happens to be, gamers are always looking towards the future and wanting to know what’s coming next. Let’s take a look at all the games from Xbox Game Studios that have been confirmed so far to be in development and are going to arrive on the Xbox Series X|S consoles. This list only focuses on the first-party titles that Microsoft is producing for its flagship consoles. Games from Bethesda Softworks will also be included here as they are now a part of Microsoft, and it doesn’t really matter if all of their games will be exclusive to the Xbox Platform or not. I won’t be including games from Activision Blizzard, as that deal has not gone through yet. Let’s check out what the future of Xbox holds.


Obsidian Entertainment has been firing on all cylinders since it was acquired by Microsoft. Fresh off the heels of the success of their new IP “Outer Worlds,” they released “Grounded” on early access, which has now gotten its 1.0 release, and the more recent “Pentiment.” While both of these games are bangers in their own right, a teaser for what’s next was shown as well. “Avowed” is their next full-blown RPG set in the “Pillars of Eternity” universe. Not much is known about the game itself other than the fact that it’ll have magic, first-person gameplay, combat, and a rich story full of choices and consequences. If we are lucky, we’ll see something related to “Avowed” in 2023 and perhaps even a release date. Until then, we wait patiently; Obsidian never misses the mark anyway.

Outer Worlds 2

Next up on the list is yet another game from Obsidian. “Outer Worlds 2” is the sequel to 2019’s smash hit RPG “Outer Worlds.” The problem with this entry is that we don’t know much about it. In fact, we probably know nothing about this game. Why? Because in the words of the developers in the game’s reveal trailer itself, “we have nothing to show except the logo.” It’s safe to assume this game is a way off, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate a bit. Judging by the first game, it’s safe to assume that this one will also share both first- and third-person perspectives. Perhaps it will expand more on Halcyon or take us to a different part of the colony in this world run by corporations. And hey! Since its next gen only, maybe we’ll even have some space exploration this time around. Hopefully, we’ll learn about all of that soon enough because we can hardly wait for another “Fallout in Space” kind of game!


From one talented studio to the next, “Everwild” is Rare’s next project. Anyone who plays “Sea of Thieves” will tell you how great that game is, and we have no doubts about that either. Rare’s history speaks for itself when it comes to the games they make and how long they’ve been making them. “Everwild,” on the other hand, is shrouded in a bit of mystery. It looks like a third-person open-world game with co-op where you run around the world, befriending and helping creatures. I say that with a bit of uncertainty because, according to a rumor, Rare is revamping the game completely, and that’s why we haven’t heard much about it. That doesn’t matter, though, because from what they’ve shown, I am already sold. A stylized world with incredible visuals and breathtakingly beautiful creatures? I’d take a game that is less about violence in the sea of shooters anytime, please! We should hopefully hear about “Everwild” in 2023 and, finally, understand for ourselves what this game actually is.


Who here hasn’t played some “Forza Horizon”? Come on! It’s only the best arcade racing series of the last decade. While developer Playground Games has mastered the art of racing, they seem to be taking on a new challenge this time. An open-world, third-person RPG that is full of humor and choices that really pack a punch. That’s “Fable.” Microsoft’s long-dormant IP is finally getting some love. And I think Playground is the perfect studio to tackle this challenge. They craft beautiful, vast worlds that are rich in detail and have made games that have always been rock solid on the technical side of things as well. We’ll have to see it to believe it when the time comes, but according to the words of the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty himself, the game is impressive and is in the right hands! So, here’s hoping that we hear more about “Fable” soon enough and that the revival of this beloved IP spawns multiple games after this one.

Forza Motorsport

Speaking of “Forza Horizon,” we cannot forget about the studio that started it all. Turn 10 entered the fray back in 2005 with “Forza Motorsport,” and with each subsequent entry, they improved and added to their love for cars. Not long after, “Forza Motorsport” became one of the most popular racing IPs and perhaps the best racing simulator game in the market. While not as happy-go-lucky and cheerful as the Horizon series, Motorsport focuses on track racing and hardcore racing simulation. And let me tell you, these games are brilliant. Just brilliant. “Forza Motorsport” (technically Forza Motorsport 8) will arrive on Xbox Series and PCs in the first half of 2023 and will bring with it changes like dynamic time of day, weather, and temperature that affect grip, fuel management, a new and enhanced damage model, real-time raytracing on track, a huge list of cars, and much, much more! Racing will get a whole new meaning when this game arrives next year.


While not a first-party game on its own, “Contraband” is being developed by Avalanche Studios in partnership with Xbox Game Studios. Like their previous games, “Just Cause” and “Mad World,” “Contraband” brings with them giant open-world and third-person gameplay. However, co-op is also something that’ll be a part of the package this time around. We have no gameplay and no release date, but just a small teaser. However, I think it’s safe to assume by the name of the game that it’ll focus on co-op heists and transporting illegal goods across borders, yes? It’s been a couple of years since this game was announced, with no news that followed, so I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll see or learn more about it in 2023. Whatever we learn, and whenever this comes out, I know for a fact that I am already sold on it because I am a sucker for open-world action-adventure games and would love to add one more to my list of completions!

Perfect Dark

Another dormant IP is being resurrected, and this time by a completely new studio. The Initiative is a brand-new Microsoft Studio that has shipped nothing so far and has been working on Rare’s beloved first-person shooter “Perfect Dark.” They are not alone on this journey, however, as Crystal Dynamics seem to have also joined in assisting the development of this quadruple A title. It’ll be in first person, as much has been confirmed, and the main protagonist from the previous two games, Joanna Dark, will be returning to take the lead once more. Everything else, though? A mystery yet again. We’ll have to wait and see how this one pan out in due time, but hey! This could be well worth the wait, don’t you think?

Hellblade 2 Senua’s Saga

Senua’s journey across the first “Hellblade” left a mark on just about everyone who played it. Not only was it because of the stellar performance by actress Melina Juergens but also because of how masterfully developer Ninja Theory crafted this world inspired by Norse myth. The good news is that Senua is returning with “Hellblade 2,” and this time, she looks to be ready for an all-out war. Photorealistic environments, facial capture technology that captures every last detail, and, of course, binaural audio is all going to elevate this experience and take it to new heights. We have already seen a bit of gameplay, and the devs have shared the technological stuff powering the game, so we know what we can expect from it, and let me tell you, all of it looks as breathtaking as it is intriguing. Since this game was announced alongside the Xbox Series X two years ago, I think it’s safe to assume that we might see it in the fall of 2023. We’ll find out about that soon enough, as this game is looking and shaping up to be something special.

State Of Decay 3

Undead Labs announced that they are working on spreading another infestation across the world with the newest entry in their series, “State of Decay 3.” Again, like a lot of games on this list, the details are quite scarce on this one, but judging by the teaser, the setting this time around seems to focus more on winter with snow-covered frontiers. And this was the crazy part, in the trailer, there was a zombie deer eating a dead wolf! Talk about turning the tables! So, we can expect zombie animals alongside regular zombies to make our lives even more of a living hell when this game comes around. No further details were given, but we can expect the nerve-racking permadeath survival gameplay in a zombie-infested world, I am sure, and if rumors are to be believed, we can also expect online and co-op play, which will be a first for the series. Hopefully, we will find out more about “State of Decay 3” soon and get our hands on it!


This entry is perhaps my personal favorite of them all. Why? Arkane Studios. Simple. I live and breathe the games Arkane makes. Whether it’s “Dishonored,” “Prey,” or “Death loop,” all of these games hold a special place in my heart with their smart gameplay design and unrivaled freedom of choice. Arkane has never made a bad game, and they never will, in my opinion. With “Redfall,” they are taking their immersive-sim expertise and putting it in an actual open world. The town of Redfall, Massachusetts. It’s a first-person, four-player co-op shooter with vampires! And while that did give the impression of a more “Left 4 Dead” kind of experience, in the beginning, it couldn’t be further apart from that. You will get to play as Jacob, Layla, Devinder, and Remi, each with their own sets of abilities. The game will feature a proper narrative, an open world to explore, and mysteries to discover. I personally cannot wait for this one when it arrives in 2023.


1000 planets to explore. That’s what Todd Howard is promising. Doesn’t that sound interesting on its own? “Starfield” is the first new IP by Bethesda Games in over 20 years. Masters of RPGs with their critically and commercially acclaimed “Elder Scrolls” and “Fallout” series, this time, they are taking us to space. Hundreds of years into humanity’s future. While a game set in fiction, “Starfield” aims to be grounded in reality instead of fully embracing the sci-fi side. You can play in first- or third person, and you are part of this group called Constellations, one of the last remaining factions in space, which is on a mission to “discover what’s out there.” The journey will be yours to decide, with full dialogue choices, character traits, a proper skill tree, companions, and factions to contend with. Every place from the surface of a planet to the depths of space will be explorable; you’ll even get to customize and make your own ship from the ground up! You could even establish bases on planets and hire people to run them for you. Earth and our solar system will also be a part of this journey, and while it’s unclear what the limitations will be, “Starfield” is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and anticipated titles come 2023.

Minecraft Legends

“Minecraft Legends” is the next new game developer Mojang is working on. It is Minecraft through and through in its visual and art style, much like “Minecraft Dungeons,” but this is a strategy game! I’ll be honest here and say that I am not much into “Minecraft” or strategy games in general, so I don’t know what to say about this one. You can check out the trailer and decide for yourself if these games are up your alley; until then, “Minecraft Legends” is set to arrive in 2023.

GhostWire Tokyo

One of the last entries on this list will be “Ghostwire Tokyo,” the newest game by Tango Gameworks. A lot is known about this game; why? Well, because it already came out in March 2022. The game is a one-year exclusive to the Playstation 5, as that deal was made before the Microsoft purchase of Zenimax. Based on what we saw with “Death Loop” ‘s release, it’s safe to assume that this game will also land on Xbox pretty much as soon as the exclusivity period ends. “Ghostwire Tokyo” is a first-person, open-world, horror-esque game that is set in Tokyo, Japan. It’s pretty visually appealing and has some interesting and well-thought-out design and gameplay mechanics to back it up, and it should be out on Xbox in March 2023. That was a lot of games, yes? But wait! There’s more! The reason I am putting a gap between the ones above and the ones below is that while a lot of the games mentioned above are scarce in detail, they at least have a proper announcement and some information backing them up. The ones below are, at best, just namedrops, with next to no information available about them. Let’s blaze past them super quickly!

The Elder Scrolls 6

A short teaser with the name and logo for the game was all that was announced about four years ago, and Bethesda did tell us that this is a ways off. The next entry in the “Elder Scrolls” series is sure to draw attention when it finally decides to arrive.

Fallout 5

If “Elder Scrolls 6” seems vague to you, this is even vaguer. In a recent interview, Todd Howard just subtly mentioned that “Fallout 5” is in the works and will arrive sometime after “The Elder Scrolls 6,” which we already don’t know much about. So, the waiting game we shall play.

Indiana Jones

Machine Games announced that they are partnering up with Lucasfilm to work on an “Indiana Jones” game, with Todd Howard himself leading the project. What kind of game will it be? We don’t know. When will it arrive? We don’t know. And while I am eagerly waiting for this one, Machine games, can you please tell us that you are also working on “Wolfenstein 3”? Please?

Untitled Kojima Productions Game

The man, the myth, the legend, Hideo Kojima himself, is working on a game for Xbox. Officially, nothing is known about the game, and Kojima-san himself mentioned that it’s something completely new and never seen before, so we’ll have to wait. However, if some leaks are to be believed, then this game is going to be called “Overdose” and will be a horror experience that will be interesting and welcoming to see, considering we were robbed of “Silent Hills.”

Untitled Game by Compulsion

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is known about this project by Compulsion Games on an official level other than the words “we are working on something very special.” Through the grapevines, we got to know that it’ll be a third-person, story-driven, dark fantasy game that goes by the name of “Project Midnight.” It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out if it’s true.

Untitled Game by InXile

Similar to Compulsion games, the next game from InXile is shrouded in mystery, with not a single iota of news or detail on an official level. However, secret sources are telling us that it’ll be a first-person RPG. So, we are waiting for an official announcement.

Project Dragon

The last few games, though scarce in details, are at least officially being developed. “Project Dragon” is solely based on leaks and is allegedly being made by developer IO Interactive, the guys behind the critically acclaimed and beloved “Hitman” series. It is a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy world full of dragons and will feature some MMO elements. Take everything said here with a grain of salt, but you have to admit, the idea sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Gears 6

Finally, we have “Gears 6.” The next entry in Microsoft’s flagship series. “Gears” and “Halo” are what define Xbox for a lot of people, and while developers The Coalition have officially come out and said that they are working on it using Unreal Engine 5, we know nothing beyond that. It’s going to look incredibly pretty, that’s for sure, and I am assuming it will conclude Kait’s story with it as well. Either way, I am waiting eagerly to get an announcement and play the game as quickly as I can get my hands on it. “Gears 5” ruled!

Final Words

Lots and lots of games are coming from Xbox Game Studios, no? Well, these are the ones we officially know about. We have no idea what else Microsoft is secretly cooking or what kind of deals they are striking with other publishers. And when the Activision Blizzard deal goes through? Oh boy! This list is going to get doubled, if not tripled, in size. The future of Xbox looks incredibly bright, and I myself cannot wait to get my hands on a lot of these games. And the best part? All these games mentioned will release day and date on Xbox and PC Game Pass! Isn’t that crazy? I hope you are looking forward to some, if not all, of these games coming out too.

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