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‘Twisted Sister’ Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Twisted Sister” is the latest movie starring Mena Suvari as Emily, Joy Nash as Lily, Mark Famiglietti as Kyle, Darren Dupree Washington as Marty, Enya Flack as Cassie, Lila Karp Ziring as Nina, and more. The movie follows the story of Emily, a successful businesswoman whose already decaying relationship is thrown into chaos after a woman shows up at her door, claiming to be her estranged sister. 

Spoilers Ahead

The Couple’s Therapy And A Long-Lost Sister

At the outset of the movie, the audience sees Emily and Kyle attending couples therapy and speaking their respective minds. Emily had an uneven childhood and was always doing what was expected of her. Emily’s world shrank to only her husband and her child when she got married and became pregnant, and after her parent’s demise, the weight of the family business fell on her shoulders. Emily was expected to run the entire business alone while simultaneously taking care of her kid. Emily was happy in her own small world; she adored being a wife and a mother, and the idea of running a successful business always excited her, but she always had the feeling that something was missing from her world. Moreover, Kyle’s secrets only added to the problems, making Emily feel cheated. Kyle, on the other hand, had always felt that he wasn’t good for his wife and just wanted things to revert back to normal. However, things grow shakier as Emily makes major company decisions and also decides on a babysitter for her daughter without discussing them with Kyle.

The babysitter, Lily, dropped a bombshell on Kyle and Emily, revealing that she’s related to Emily. Lily informs her that she’s her older sister but is asked to leave by Kyle. Lily exits the house but leaves her contact information on Emily’s desk in case she wishes to learn more. Emily desperately tries to wrap her head around the fact and eventually gives Lily a call and convinces her to take a DNA test. Lily revealed that she spent her entire childhood in a boarding school after her parents sent her away, and she never saw them again. Lily goes to check the contents of her parent’s storage unit to salvage any information associated with her but is attacked by a masked stranger.

The Way Into The Family

Kyle is hesitant to believe Lily’s boarding school story and also learns from the DNA test that Lily is not in any way related to her. Kyle convinces Emily that Lily is just trying to swindle her by playing with her emotions. However, in reality, Kyle had forged fake documents to convince Emily that Lily wasn’t her sister. Maybe Kyle felt threatened because Emily was so adamant about bringing a stranger into her life when their entire relationship was falling apart. Emily helped Lily get back on her feet, offered her a part-time job in her company, and even invited her to stay at her house. Soon, Lily became a star employee and even landed Emily’s company a major client. Lily has started to put down roots in Emily’s home and is even giving her kid a steady diet of nonsense about the nature of her parent’s relationship. Lily even convinced Nina that her grandparents weren’t nice people and had abandoned her when she needed them the most. On the other hand, Emily was electrocuted while enjoying her wine in her hot tub. Lily convinces her to take the day off and rest, but being an avid workaholic, Emily chooses to do otherwise. Emily and Kyle’s relationship deteriorated over time to the point where Emily no longer wanted to be in the same room with Kyle. Lily revealed to Emily that the reason she was sent to boarding school was that she had unintentionally hurt her mother. Years ago, there was an event to which Lily and her parents were supposed to go. Lily disagreed and pushed her mother on the slippery icy steps just as her father was pulling around to pick them up. Lily’s mother fell in front of the car and was paralyzed. Lily’s mother always blamed her for her condition and didn’t even come to say goodbye when Lily was being sent to boarding school. Lily also mentioned that she had tried to visit Emily and her parents on her graduation day but eventually chickened out, seeing how happy they were without her.

‘Twisted Sister’ Ending Explained – What Was Lily’s Real Intention?

Emily finds out that someone is stealing money from two of her bank accounts. Since a significant chunk of money is missing from her business account as well, Emily believes that someone has forged her signature to approve the withdrawals. Emily visits Marty in his cabin and requests his help to get ahead of the matter. She also learns that Lily has been approving client proposals without even discussing them with her. Not just that, Emily’s best friend and operations manager, Cassie, was also attacked and pushed down the stairs. Emily visits Cassie in the emergency room, deciding to cancel the anniversary event; the latter convinces her to go forward with the plan as she has been planning the event for months. During the party, Marty reveals that he has found several discrepancies while going through the company’s account. Emily immediately suspects it is Kyle, as, in the past, Kyle has withdrawn a large amount of money from her account for investing but lost everything. However, Kyle is adamant that he’s innocent and tries to convince his wife that someone is framing him. He also asks Emily whether she’s going to ask her newfound sister the same question, as everything started to go downhill after her arrival in Emily’s life. Unfortunately, Emily is attacked again and is pushed into the pier after Kyle leaves. Emily believes that Kyle is behind all this, as he was the one who had also visited his parent’s locker and is stealing from her again. Emily also learns from the investigative officer probing Cassie’s accident that the night Cassie was attacked, Kyle’s keycard was the last one to swipe in and out. In his defence, Kyle mentioned that his card was stolen a couple of days ago. Also, Emily was informed by Cassie that Kyle has also been visiting a divorce lawyer. Lily convinces Emily to change the locks to safeguard herself and her family.

Kyle arrives at Emily’s house and desperately tries to convince her that Lily has been lying to her all along. After continuing to bang on the door, Kyle manages to catch Lily’s attention and reveals that he had dated Lily in the past but decided to keep this a secret, fearing that if the truth gets out, it will ruin their relationship. Kuyle continued that he had hired a private investigator to follow Lily, who got access to Lily’s juvenile record, which revealed that she was sent away for smothering their baby brother. Unfortunately, before Emily can call the police, Lily threatens her with a pistol and reveals her true intentions. In reality, Lily always hated Emily and blamed her for the days when she was forced to beg on the streets for food while Emily was enjoying the leisure of life, living in her gigantic house. Now Lily wants everything Emily has: her money, her company, her daughter Nina, everything. Fortunately, before she can pull the trigger, Lily is attacked by Kyle and is arrested after cops arrive on the scene. The cops also searched Lily’s room and found a bag filled with money, revealing that she was the one who had forged Emily’s signature. The movie concludes with the couple deciding to end their relationship and choosing to separate and remain good friends.


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